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Monday, August 8, 2011


These TPers in Wisconsin on Sunday were happy to hear the news and even happier to hear that S&P blames them for the debacle.

Do we need anymore evidence of their lunacy? 

I've read rightwing blogs that blame Mr. Obama for the Tea Baggers' financial jihad.  That's to be expected from people who are too stupid to understand that the GOP just cut off their noses to spite America's face.

If it weren't hurting Americans, I'd be laughing the loudest at their complete lack of self-awareness and the damage they've inflicted on themselves.

h/t Crooks & Liars

Politicususa has an article on how the Tea Party's hatred of President Obama has driven the GOP to humiliate America.

And this is the sort of idiocy we find on rightwing blogs.  Poor things.  Too immersed in their ignorance to understand how stupid this makes them looki:

LOL! h/t to Southern Beale:


Rational Nation USA said...

Indeed. Is it not time conservative and liberal politicians begin working on solutions based on shared values while quietly ironing out their differences?

"Seek first to understand, and then seek to be understood."

Something both sides, if they are honest with themselves will recognize as sound advice.

Or perhaps I remain unrealistic...

Just sayin...

Infidel753 said...

Until the Republican political establishment can stand up to the nihilistic ignorantsia who cheer for the economic harm their stupidity has done to their own country, they are unlikely to be serious partners with whom the Democrats can find any common ground.

The country will remain almost ungovernable until either the Republicans lose their House majority or the teabaggers lose their influence over the Republicans.

We have probably never before had a crisis for which the blame rested so totally on one side as it did in this case. Millions of people who were not paying close attention and reflexively adopt a pox-on-both-your-houses stance toward any crisis they can't be bothered to understand in detail, may not grasp that, but it's the truth.

Eventually the markets will realize that the debt deal actually means very little, except that it has freed up Obama and the Democrats to focus on the country's real problem -- jobs.

Dave Miller said...

Sorry RN, the conservative side has no one interested in, or able to do what you propose.

Is that not the approach Obama tried? Understand, give a little, move towards your adversary?

And each time he did, the GOP moved further away.

Our problems now started with Bush wiping out budgetary surplus. Obama added to that, but he was even willing to deal on Medicare and Social Security to right the ship.

The GOP refused.

This is, IMHO, all on them for inaction and refusal to understand and seek a shared solution, something Obama clearly wanted.

Too bad the GOP was more interested in firing up the idiot extremists of the party.

Norbrook said...

I think it's becoming increasingly clear to the American public just how dangerous the Tea Party take over of the Republican Party is.

If there's one thing the S&P downgrade (rightly or wrongly) and the free-fall of the markets is demonstrating, it's that all the warnings about a default were absolutely correct. As bad as this appears to the average person, the realization is that if Congress hadn't passed it, it would have been much, much worse.

Now, the job we have is to tie that general poor opinion of Republicans to specific Republicans in 2012.

There are a lot of freshman members who rode in on the Tea Party line, as well as a number of others who hopped on the bandwagon. Which gives us the best line of attack in the next election.

I'm not too worried at the moment about President Obama's polling. It's not that I'm not keeping an eye on it, it's just not something I'm panicking over. After all, the campaign isn't yet started, and a year plus is a very long time when it comes to public opinion polls.

Octopus said...

What makes this current political climate so disturbing is that it has devolved into a contest where one political party seeks nothing less than the total annihilation of the other party. Current legislative attempts to bust unions and change voter registration laws represent direct existential assaults against a major political party; not just an assault against the Democrats but against the concept of democracy itself.

There cannot be a true democracy without a viable two-party system. When one party seeks to cripple the loyal opposition beyond viability, then what you have left is essentially a form of proto-fascism … bought and paid for by the beneficiaries of the Citizens United decision that gives the GOP unlimited access to corporate cash. Union busting represents not only an assault against the right to peaceful assembly; but an assault against the Democrats and democracy itself.

With no balance of power between wage earners versus employers, what will be left is a powerless and impoverished middle class … and a very different country than the one we have known.

Are you still counting on having Medicare and Social Security in retirement? I wouldn’t bet on it given the current political situation.

Anonymous said...

the gang of thugs in the TP set fire to our house then blamed the president because he was living in it?

contemptuous morons.