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Sunday, August 7, 2011


The usual deluded rightwing bloggers are pretending that the current debacle--America losing its triple A rating--is President Obama's fault.  But those are nothing more than transparent lies they're posting on their blogs, backed up by absolutely NO evidence. 

The American people have decided that Mr. Obama is to be trusted with the economy, and NOT the GOP.  The American people have also unequivocally decided that the Tea Party is a destructive element of the GOP.  We on the left knew this, and predicted that their slash and burn method of governance would take this country to new levels of despair.  And we were right.

A commenter over at conservative pundit, David Frum's blog, had this to say:

"Granted, it is our right to “throw the bums out” in a democracy, but I’m not sure what we’ve really accomplished in recent years with this approach. The past three Congressional elections have seen 69, 29, and 37 seats change hands. Compare that to the preceding five (1996-2004): only 7, 10, 6, 5, and 11 seats changed hands in those years.

The fact that each successive election seems to produce a landslide victory for one of the two parties says something very unflattering about the state of our political system. We’re not a group of concerned citizens voting with our heads and our hearts; we’re more like an angry mob with pitchforks and flames laying waste to whatever is right in front of us, tarring and feathering today the person who was leading us yesterday.

I think what’s most telling is that even a Fox News Poll conducted last week showed that more of the responders blamed Congressional Republicans for the debt issue than President Obama.

Of course, though, every poll that gives a result you don’t like is simply biased….."


kuri3460 is correct.  The extremist rightwing bloggers have put blinders on and refuse to face the facts.  That doesn't change the truth.  It only makes them feel secure in their ignorance.


"A record 82 percent of Americans now disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job — the most since The Times first began asking the question in 1977

More than four out of five people surveyed said that the recent debt-ceiling debate was more about gaining political advantage than about doing what is best for the country.

Nearly three-quarters said that the debate had harmed the image of the United States in the world.

The Republicans compromised too little, a majority of those polled said. All told, 72 percent disapproved of the way Republicans in Congress handled the negotiations

The public’s opinion of the Tea Party movement has soured in the wake of the debt-ceiling debate.

The Tea Party is now viewed unfavorably by 40 percent of the public and favorably by just 20 percent, according to the poll. In mid-April 29 percent of those polled viewed the movement unfavorably, while 26 percent viewed it favorably. And 43 percent of Americans now think the Tea Party has too much influence on the Republican Party, up from 27 percent in mid-April.

The poll found that Mr. Obama was emerging from the crisis less bruised than the Republicans in Congress.

Americans said that they trusted Mr. Obama to make the right decisions about the economy more than the Republicans in Congress, by 47 percent to 33 percent."

I think all the reports of President Obama’s political death are a bit premature. Pay no attention to the dissemblers on the right who are trying to put the blame for the Tea Party's calamitous behavior on everyone else but the toxic Tea Party.  Happily, the American people are not so easily duped.




Jerry Critter said...

Let's hope the disapproval translates to the voting booth.

Sue said...

My thoughts exactly Jerry!! ya know alot of liberals say do not watch Fox, but I like to when something as important as this S&P decision because we must point out the lies and rightwing stupidity. The right fears liberals so much they must lie to make themselves feel better...

Infidel753 said...

The anti-teabagger shift would have been even greater if more people had been paying close attention to the debt-ceiling fight (according to one survey I saw, three quarters of the public was paying almost no attention to it). But between the Ryan plan and this, the Republicans have crafted themselves a track record as ugly and burdensome as Marley's chains, and the Democrats now have more than a year to drape it over them at every opportunity.

Obama is a very smart guy and is usually thinking at least a couple of moves further ahead than everyone else. Never forget that.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry, we have to continue to keep the fact that the TPs brinksmanship caused the downgrade to the US's credit rating, and not let the extremists on the right shift the blame.

Sue, I admire your courage. After reading about how FAUX NOOZ characterized Mr. Obama's birthday celebration, I wouldn't watch that snake pit of a cable station if it were the only one on teevee.

Infidel753, I agree with you on that. The pundits rarely get anything right and are usually way behind what the American people are thinking.

Leslie Parsley said...

I just wish these seditionist tea baggers would fade into the sunset for the sake of the country.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Steve Benen of The Washington Monthly explains how pundits and more than a few lefties underestimate and denigrate Mr. Obama:

"Here are [Mr. Obama's] political accomplishments: defeating the most heavily favored party machine in decades (the Clintons) while actually bringing his biggest rival into his cabinet, where she has performed extraordinarily well; helping to cement the GOP's broad identity as extremists opposed to compromise; entrenching black and Hispanic loyalty to his party; retaining solid favorables and not-too-shabby approval ratings during the worst recession since the 1930s. 44 percent of the country still (rightly) blame Bush for this mess, only 15 percent blame Obama.

On policy: ending the US torture regime; prevention of a second Great Depression; enacting universal healthcare; taking the first serious steps toward reining in healthcare costs; two new female Supreme Court Justices; ending the gay ban in the military; ending the Iraq war; justifying his Afghan Surge by killing bin Laden and now disentangling with face saved; firming up alliances with India, Indonesia and Japan as counter-weights to China; bailing out the banks and auto companies without massive losses (and surging GM profits); advancing (slowly) balanced debt reduction without drastic cuts during the recession; and financial re-regulation.

Yes, there have been failures. The election of Scott Brown; the 2010 mid-terms; the surrender to Netanyahu and AIPAC; the botched and ill-conceived war in Libya; the failure to embrace Bowles Simpson up-front; the collapse of cap and trade (maybe not such a bad thing anyway). But notice what hasn't happened. Where are all the scandals promised by Michelle Malkin? Where are his Katrinas and Monicas?

When I read commentaries expounding on the notion that this man is competely out of his depth, I just have to scratch my head. Given his inheritance, this has been the most substantive first term since Ronald Reagan's. And given Obama's long-game mentality, that is setting us up for a hell of a second one."

Thayer Nutz said...

The goopers blame president obama for the downgrading of the US's credit rating?

They really are nuts.

S&P specifically named the GOP's unwillingness to compromise and raise revenues as the reason for the downgrade.

Are those people really that stupid?

Oh, wait...

Tim said...

Shaw I need no urging to hate the Teabaggers, but if Obama doesn't get a handle on things soon we are not going to have a country left to fight over. He has got to do something to turn this unemployment situation around, and FAST. Only a fool fights in a burning house. The time for compromise is over. They are out to murder us, and it's time to hit back big at these lunatics. Surely there are executive orders and other mechanisms available to Obama to thwart the plans of the Teabaggers, no?