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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Kids Are All Right, Part II.

My niece, Talia, who is twenty-something, has had gorgeous, long glorious tresses ever since I can remember.

The following photos show her voluntarily cutting those beautiful locks for a wonderful cause.

Here is Talia in her own words, followed by the photos that document her gift.

"My bucket list is a long one, gotta start somewhere.   Just a teensy gesture toward a wig for a child who needs one."

She's one of the reasons I'm optimistic about the future and our young people.

And yes, those photos perfectly reveal her personality, puckish, joyful, vivacious, and generous  She's one of the funniest people I know. And yes, she really is that beautiful.

Talia of the golden tresses.  They'll grow back again.  
I promise!  You are a special person.


FreeThinke said...

A beautiful gesture from a beautiful child!

It has often been said that sacrifice is good for the soul -- or for building character, if you prefer.

I wholeheartedly agree -- especially if the sacrifice one makes is temporary and from an abundantly renewable resource.

Permanently diminishing or damaging oneself or one's prospects is another matter. The stakes would have to be enormously high for me to regard that as anything but a foolish, possibly tragic, error.

Sue said...

Beautiful young woman and beautiful story!

Love her short do!!