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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thanks, Obama.


Rational Nation USA said...

Congrats to Obama for being in office to oversee this naturally occurring market adjustment period.

Hopefully it will be a prolonged period such as seen during Reagan and Clinton.

The market plays no favorites. It's all about the bottom line and even BHO instinctively knows this.

And so... the invisible powers from behind the curtain will continue to pull the economic strings and crony capitalism (an oxymoron), pull peddling, and special interests will continue to thrive.

Hoping the market stays strong and yields 4% to 5% consistently for 20 years straight and us oldsters will be all set.

Now, if only the politicians and government officials would get serious about balancing our budgets, reducing our national dept, encouraging, through government policies and tax structures, a real incentive for manufacturing and business expansion that would good paying jobs, and a return to the days when every hour you worked over 40 could go directly to your future.

Ah, it's good being 62 or older today cause none of that is going to happen and the younger generation is going to get SCREWED big time.

Don't say you weren't warned.

Jerry Critter said...

Hard to argue with the numbers!

skudrunner said...

This administration has been very good for large corporations and for increasing the fortune of the rich.

Hard to say it has been as favorable to small business, the middle class and the minority youth who have an unemployment rate close to 40%.

Anonymous said...

That didn't take long...skudrunning down his leg jumps in, whining and spreading his doom and gloom...without giving any of the credit for the unemployment numbers to the TeaPublicans who said no to everything POTUS proposed.

Infidel753 said...

to oversee this naturally occurring market adjustment period.

There's no reason to think the recovery would have happened at all if the economically-illiterate conservatives who caused the problems in the first place had remained in power.

if only the politicians and government officials would get serious about balancing our budgets, reducing our national dept,

Any really major cuts in government spending would reduce aggregate demand and tip the country back into recession. Every serious economist knows this.

The dramatic decrease in the deficit since 2009 -- for which deficit hawks give Obama no credit -- is actually an example of misplaced priorities. Obsessing over deficit-cutting at a time of persistent high unemployment is like obsessing over cutting water usage when your house is on fire.

If deficits need to be reduced, let's do it at the expense of those most, not least, able to afford it. I'll settle for getting the tax rates on top income levels back up as high as they were under Reagan.

Love the Fugelsang quote.

okjimm said...

I rather enjoyed the quote about the TeaParty, a swell bunch.
And, here and now, I must say that most TeaPartiers are Republicans, but not all Republicans are TeaPartiers.

"`Do you mean that you think you can find out the answer to it?' said the March Hare.

`Exactly so,' said Alice.

`Then you should say what you mean,' the March Hare went on.

`I do,' Alice hastily replied; `at least--at least I mean what I say--that's the same thing, you know.'

`Not the same thing a bit!' said the Hatter. `You might just as well say that "I see what I eat" is the same thing as "I eat what I see"!'

`You might just as well say,' added the March Hare, `that "I like what I get" is the same thing as "I get what I like"!'

`You might just as well say,' added the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep, `that "I breathe when I sleep" is the same thing as "I sleep when I breathe"!' "

So frequently do the TeaPartiers amuse with their colorful wit, their wise pronounciations; Like Sharon Angle, who is a TeaPartier, but ran as a Republican....

"They [Republicans] say, 'You're too conservative.' Was Thomas Jefferson too conservative? I'm tired of some people calling me wacky." --Sharron Angle, March 21, 2010

...but of course, she isn't wacky....she knows what she is talking about....

"We needed to have the press be our friend ... We wanted them to ask the questions we want to answer so that they report the news the way we want it to be reported." —Nevada GOP Senate nominee and Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle, during an interview with Fox News

so...some TeaPartiers are not Nazis, but Republicans...some Republicans are not TeaPartiers nor Nazis, some Nazis are TeaPartiers, but not Republicans.... I guess it all makes sense....if you are a BeerPartier. Say, has Putin invaded Alaska yet? Sarah Palin says it's likely.

Rational Nation USA said...

Infidel, except GWB started the process to correct the mess he himself got strarted.

There, fixed it for ya.

Rational Nation USA said...

BTW Infidel, does the president really have that much control over economic activity? Or does the big bad Koch brothers and other movers and shakers ultimately determine things? I've often heard it is so.

On a different note.. Were can I sign up to become a BeerParty member okjimm?

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, you and I know that if the stock market were tanking, the howler monkeys in the media would be blaming it on Obummer because the "markets" feel insecure while he's America's leader.


Here are some FALSE (via PolitiFACT) statements about Obamacare and small businesses:

"A company with 20 employees could go out of business because of health care law requirements to buy insurance." --Fla. Gov. Rick Scott FALSE

"Ninety percent of the people who work in this country work for companies under 100 people, maybe even less than that." FALSE

"Sixty-two percent of small businesses over the last five years went under because they couldn't pay their health care bills." --Bill Pascrell FALSE

"Small businesses that have "$250,000 in gross sales for the business. They're the ones that are looking at massive tax increases." --Michele Bachmann FALSE

The new health care law crushes small businesses "with billions in penalties." US Chamber of Commerce FALSE

You obviously get your "information" from these folks.

Infidel753: "I'll settle for getting the tax rates on top income levels back up as high as they were under Reagan."

Psst, Infidel753, don't say that too loudly around the Reagan worshippers.

okjimm, why is a raven like a writing desk?

okjimm said...

A Raven is Like a Writing Desk because....both are inedible. And, of course, both need feathers (pens) to be of much use.

Carroll once answered, 'Because it can produce a few notes, tho they are very flat; and it is never put with the wrong end in front!'

"In 1976 Carroll admirer Denis Crutch pointed out that in the 1896 preface quoted above, the author had originally written: "It is nevar put with the wrong end in front." Nevar of course is raven spelled backward."

...the real answer is much more obvious.....see, it's like this....

You can lead a man to water, but then he will want a boat...and a six pack..and will spend all day fishing and come home and cook those fish and leave a big mess in the kitchen that he will not clean up. So it is always best to lead a man to a lawnmower...he will not mow the lawn, but at least he will not make a mess in the kitchen. Life is simple, after a few beers.

Speaking which..
RN Beer Party meets at 434 N Main,3:30 pm most mondays,except for the first monday after the blu Moon in a month starting with the letter 'C',Beautiful Downtown Abbey, WI..54901. Books are optional, thirst is required.

Shaw Kenawe said...

okjimm, thank you for that most enlightening answer.

How about this by the Dormouse:

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!
How I wonder what you're at!
Up above the world you fly,
Like a tea tray in the sky.

Note to okjimm:

When I was a lass, our drama club put on "The Mad Tea Party," for a New England high school regional drama competition. I played the part of Alice, and our presentation won first place!

okjimm said... college we did a Reader' Theatre on the Forensic circuit. Someone got sick and at at the last moment, at the U of S. Dakota, I was pressed into the role of the Mad Hatter. four years later this girl gets into my Taxi and says, "You were the Mad Hatter"...and that is how I met my ex-wife. You just can;'t make this shit up, huh????

Shaw Kenawe said...

okjimm, next time we're together, we can do the Mad Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland!

I just knew we had a lot in common, y'know, besides the political stuff.

How could Alice NOT get it with the Mad Hatter?!

okjimm said...

oh, gees, that gig was SOOOOOO much fun...I think I majored in fun in college. The Debate/forensic circuit was a to go to all the HOT colleges in the Midwest...UW-Eau Claire, Central Michigan, Mankato State,Winona State,UW Superior...whoa...I also was lucky to do Captain Jack Boyle in 'Juno and the Paycock' at the college theatre...that was REALLY was when I discovered that beer and whiskey DO mix, just not very well.

hey, love your blog.
do you do FB?

Shaw Kenawe said...

yes. email me:

shawkenawe (at)

I'm traveling tomorrow, but will check into my email.

Duckys here said...

But RN, we hear the right constantly blaming Obama for the state of the economy.
Now if the government just sits back and waits for "market adjustments" the fringe right really can't blame him.

Of course business is in business to accumulate das kapital and they are certainly doing that now. They are taxed on those profits, sometimes.
If they aren't using the profits at this time to hire why would they use them after taxes are lowered?

Why would kapital give two warm farts in hell about workers futures?

Rational Nation USA said...

Ducky, just what the hell is wrong with capital and making money?

As to why businesses SHOULD care about workers and their futures? It is in their best long term rational interest to do so.

Now if you're taking about the few who have mega money they didn't earn but inherited and simply have their money managers investing their money to make more money then yeah, maybe your right.

As to taxes, businesses should pay an equitable tax on their net after legitimate business expenses expenses have been met. Loopholes and lobbyists need to go.

But hey, if it were easy you and I could make billions telling the nation how to straighten things out.