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Friday, June 27, 2014

Army Clears Bergdahl of Any Misconduct During Captivity

Remember how the conservative bloggers, pundits, and FAUX NOOZ exploded with accusations, invective, and lies before the military even began an investigation?  And remember how the ninnyhammers on those blogs maligned Bergdahl and his family?

Yeah. Ninnyhammers: That's a really good description of those who rushed to judgment before knowing any facts.

Will they apologize for their vile and hateful accusations?

From The Wire:

As the Army continues to investigate whether Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is guilty of deserting his unit, this afternoon they said there is no reason to believe that Bergdahl engaged in any misconduct during his five years in captivity.

In fact, that's all that the Army said:

" We have no reason to believe that he engaged in any misconduct."

We will wait for the results of the army's investigation on the various other charges that were brought against Bergdahl.


Dervish Sanders said...

But Conservatives have already determined that Bergdahl is guilty and that Obama is a Muslim-sympathizing traitor who should be impeached over this swap! This "clearing" is obviously a cover up. The House Republicans will have to conduct a few investigations.

skudrunner said...

A rush to judgement on all sides. The ruling cleared him of misconduct not of desertion. Regardless, it will go away unless the fabulous five engage in attacking the US then the landscape will change. By that time obama will be out and warren in.

Dave Miller said...

To be fair, I don't recall seeing anyone serious questioning his conduct in captivity.

His leaving his post, whether to watch a sunset and being inadvertently captured, or deserting, is another matter.

What does not seem in dispute is that at the very least, he went AWOL.

But... that does not mean we should not have worked to get him back.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Actually, Dave, the extremist conservative bloggers and commenters wrote that Bergdahl was a "POS," and all manner of other slurs. They determined he is a traitor and that Mr. Obama should NOT have brought him home.

There was no "rush to judgement" from the liberals, skud. We agreed with the military and the CiC that no soldier, no matter what, is left behind. Only the extremist know-nothings howled about that time-honored military tradition.

Yes, D.S., now that the army has determined Bergdahl did nothing wrong while in captivity, the extremists on the right will scream for IMPEACHMENT, because this is OBVIOUSLY A COVER-UP! BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! BENBERDAHL!

Rational Nation USA said...

Benghazi sure gets a lot of play.

I agree with Dave, going AWOL is another matter. A serious matter as well.

Perfectly content to let the military brass and internal system sort it out and make a determination.

On a positive note the USA soccer team is alive, is playing great soccer, and we should all be pulling for them to defeat Belguim.

Duckys here said...

No skud, it wasn't "from all sides". It was from the right.
Shaw is correct, the attitude on the left was that he had not received a hearing and judgement should be withheld.

Now I suggest you study up on the supposed IRS scandal because that's the only one that hasn't completely played out though it's close.

Remember Benghazi

Shaw Kenawe said...


On a positive note the USA soccer team is alive, is playing great soccer, and we should all be pulling for them to defeat

But...but...The Coulter said soccer is the sport of choice of degenerate nations! And we all know how insightful that attention-seeking unfortunate waste of education is.

Anonymous said...

And who is the Army's Commander in Chief?

Rational Nation USA said...

I didn't know that Miss Ann said that, BUT, the fact that it was her that did does not surprise me .

Didn't she date Sir Sean at one time? Too bad they didn't connect, they would have made the perfect couple.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Oh Anonymous, you're so cute!

yeah. The POTUS personally told the military in charge of Bergdahl to clear him of all misconduct while in captivity!

For a paranoid tin foiler, you're very funny.

Do you also realize that you're in danger of being taken aboard the alien space ship parked in your driveway?

Dervish Sanders said...

Re Skud's comment. The "fabulous 5" are being held in Qatar for one year before being allowed to travel (Sources outline conditions on Taliban leaders' release ). We're pulling out of Afghanistan. They won't be able to attack us because we won't be there any longer.

As for Elizabeth Warren being president... she isn't even running. I would, however, be incredibly jazzed in regards to a Warren presidency. I hope that Skud prediction comes true!

FYI, Skud's "fab five" reference seems to be not his own invention (as I originally assumed) but a Republican talking point... Mark Kirk (R-IL) refers to the 5 Taliban using this "colorful" phrase in the article I linked to earlier in this comment.

Dave Miller said...

Hey Shaw... probably my last note before I head south for almost 8 weeks...

Camps, agricultural demonstrations, job training classes, lessons about living about Jesus, water wells, and personal responsible... in short, all of the usual liberal claptrap... [he says sarcastically]

I have seen a lot of TP paranoia about Bergdahl going AWOL and "deserting" but I separated that from his behavior once he had been captured. I guess I missed, thankfully, that line of criticism.

Skud, would you define the rush to judgement you mention from the left regarding Bergdahl?

Anon... really? You are as off track as the lefties were who claimed President Bush got up every morning happy more American soldiers were dying.

It is people like you, who for some reason choose to remain anonymous rather than stand up for their words and comments, that are hurting America...

Now go join the rest of your anonymous trolls and bring your filth to my blog about helping others...

okjimm said...

oooofffffffffffttt....the whole Berdal thing is cheap crackers. It should be handled by the proper authority. That's it. Nothing else

Course...the World Cup is a conspiracy to distract the nation from Obama misdeeds. Fox says so

FreeThinke said...


I'm a libertarian, which puts me about as far to the right as anyone could get, and I posted the following observation on these pages several weeks ago soon after the Bergdahl brouhaha began:

Good points on both sides about the handling or possible mishandlong of Sgt. Bergdahl's return, but overemphasis of any bit of evidence primarily to score points for a particular "side" results in distortion of the truth, which does no lasting good. When both sides do it, both are equally wrong.

Even if Sgt. Bergdahl really is guilty of desertion and possibly treason, it has been extremely unwise and distasteful -- not to say impolitic -- for Conservative elements to jump on this and beat it to death right now.

I published that statement here first, then repeated it at several conservative blogs where I felt a lo of hotheaded, irresponsible remarks were being passed. I even went so far as to say the fervid eagerness to condemn Private Bergdahl was assuming the characteristics of a typical lynch mob.

I remind you of this, because I don't like being lumped in with a bunch of Yahoos and ululating savages either in your minds or anyone else's.

As I've said so often since 911, the extremes of left and right meet back-ro-back on a circle. Either that or they produce a Rorschach pattern. In other words they mirror and mimic one another with chilling clarity and precision.

It is the ferocious eagerness to vilify, condemn and punish that unites Left and Right.

Dave Miller said...

Free... I have indeed seen your posts to this regard on other sites... how were they received?

Anonymous said...

Seems hypocritical to take tax deductible money from the rich to help people in a foreign country and then complain we do not support our poor