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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Night Cartoon

This is how extremists on the Right want to deal with American Muslims and Muslims in general: 

Religious Right Calls for Deportation, Sterilization and Holy War on Muslims

Larry Klayman, fresh from demanding a holy war against President Obama, is demanding a “holy war” against Islam. Klayman also wants an end to immigration of Muslims and, and oh by the way, American Muslims must be deported because “they have no business in our land.” 

",,,Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission (CADC) calling for a holy war. As the SPLC notes, a Sept. 4 blog post on the group’s site is almost certainly written by Cass, who says Christians must fight back with “overwhelming Christian just war.” The title of the post say it all: “I’m Islamophobic. Are You?” Cass warns that “every true follower of Mohammed wants to…subjugate and murder you. They believe they have been given a mandate by Allah (Satan) to dominate the world.” 

And here's one of the Right's "heroes" talking about what he wants done with the Muslims:

Allen West On Ottawa Attack: "Shut Down" Mosques Of Perpetrators And Deport The Imams

Here are some statements made by West:

"Islam is a totalitarian theocratic political ideology, it is not a religion. It has not been a religion since 622 AD, and we need to have individuals stand up and say that." 

"He [has] attacked Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), who is Muslim, as representing "the antithesis of the principles upon which this country was established." 

 The former Florida congressman has similarly claimed that "Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamist" and "I don't understand where this president's loyalties lie, and I have to ask the question, whose side is he on?" 

RNC Member Promotes White Supremacist Magazine, Says Muslims Are 'Not To Be Tolerated' 

And this is what those reactionary pundits, pols, clergy, and bloggers look like when they discuss Muslims:

This is how sane people react to their unhinged rantings:

No one I know makes excuses for the wanton commission of murder of innocents by the criminals who use religion as an excuse to do so.  But blaming all Muslims for the crimes of those criminals is as stupid as blaming all Christians for the terrorist acts committed by the Christians who formed the Ku Klux Klan and carried out those murderous terrorist acts as recently as the 1980s.  

Everything the reactionary right suggests, everything they believe will solve the jihadist problem is so anti-liberty, anti-Constitutional, anti-American that one wonders what country these people grew up in. Their ideas of deporting Americans , shutting down their places of worship, and refusing entry to immigrants are the ideas of unhinged reactionaries.  But as I've said many times, let them deal with their fears and ignorance through harangues and bloviations on blogs.  I suppose it's better for them than eating paste and sticking forks in their eyes.

More discussion from Digby:

 "...this violence does not actually represent an existential threat to our way of life any more than the much more dramatic events of 9/11 did and those who are losing their grip over it are irrational. The threat to our way of life comes in the reaction and I'm sorry to say that it's these critics who are facilitators in that project. 

That is, in fact, whole the point of terrorism and why it's so frustrating to see people who allegedly care about our way of life falling into the trap head first. 

 After all, we have mass killing in this country all the time and we manage to keep calm and carry on. 


Ducky's here said...

I notice that even a conservative blog was brought up short by the fact that a Muslim employee of the kosher market managed to hide several people including an infant and possibly saved lives.

I don't think he's been posting allegiance to ISIS on social media and I think the question is what are the legal procedures when someone does. How to identify the truly dangerous.

I wish there were a way to inform Allen West that Keith Ellison earned reelection (unlike West) and he is a much better representative of Democracy than the man who was drummed out of the service for compromising an intelligence asset.

Let the voice of reason be heard.

Infidel753 said...

Larry Klayman is both a barbarian and a flake, as Reagan so famously said about Qaddhafi. He remains a scary character (Green Eagle blog has been following his activities closely for months at least).

I yield to no one in my revulsion toward the Islamic religion, but this rhetoric is horrifying. An individual, in most cases, is much more than merely their religion. This habit of treating millions of people as a faceless mass and calling for collective punishment is a disgrace to the values of the secular West, and has to stop. By that logic, we should have punished all teabaggers after those gangs of lawless armed thugs threatened BLM officials during the Cliven Bundy incident.

It can't be said enough: In the Middle East itself, the atrocities of the jihadists and Islamic theocrats have mobilized millions of Muslims against the violent extremists, even putting their lives on the line in Iraq to fight those extremists in cooperation with the US. To revert to the discredited Huntingdon clash-of-civilizations world-view and indiscriminately treat all Muslims as the enemy would be the most disastrous move we could possibly make on the world stage right now.

These people are utterly, blindly ignorant. We are very lucky that they aren't the ones actually deciding policy in Washington.

Jerry Critter said...

How "Christian" of them. Jesus must be rolling over in his grave.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

One cannot defeat extremism by wantonly and gratuitously stereotyping every person of the Islamic faith, which feeds into a vicious cycle recriminations and revenge. Most reasonable people feel justifiable indignation over the violence in Paris; but gratuitous, stereotypical attacks on all persons of the Islamic faith makes Josh-by-Gosh and the Cringe Fringe appear no better than a garden-variety terrorist. How quickly Josh - so in love with his own reflections and fulminations - ignores the following:

The massacre of schoolchildren in Peshawar by Taliban militants – an example of Muslim-on-Muslim violence;

The beheadings of Shia and Sunnis Moslems in Iraq and the Kurdish struggle against the Islamic State;

The Muslim police officer in Paris who was murdered by the same criminals who attacked Charlie Hebdo;

The Muslim hero who saved Jewish shoppers in the attack at Porte de Vincennes;

The press photos of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Abu Abbas in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.

The narrative of Josh and the Cringe Fringe is highly selective and subjective. Opening a door to one form of bigotry opens a door to all forms of hatred; yet Josh and the Cringe Fringe are too deaf, dumb and bind to understand the implications of their drivel.

Josh said...

If I have another Christian tell me that Christianity is morally superior to Islam, I'm going to blow a gasket.

It's very hard to convince someone bathed in the magical wine that Christianity's only saving grace in history is that we eventually forged governments that did not require citizens to worship.

Even that hasn't been fully realized in America. Many states still have it in their constitutions that atheists are not full citizens, and religion has seeped into government in many scary capacities.

I don't think Islam--not "Muslims" necessarily, because apparently I have to uber qualify this, but Islam--is anything any western nation would do well to openly invite, but deportation and fighting god V god is a bit silly.

But that's in general. To Octopus specifically: How wag-worthy of you and the noble finger to completely misrepresent every single thing I've said.

What is my narrative? Am I against Muslims? Odd that you can respond to me in discussion A by quoting something I said in discussion B, but utterly ignore instances where I say it's not about Muslims but rather about Islamic societies.

Nobody is at risk as much as Muslims! Good Muslims are the ones being oppressed tenfold by radical Islam.

The "Cringe Fringe," of which I'm apparently a part. I guess it's a place the supposed intolerant are stacked en masse by the tolerant? lol

I fully expect my stance to be given to me on an open forum. Such is the way it works. But at least keep someone in context. If you're gonna be a tool, be a useful one. You're that Allen wrench that fits nothing in the home. Useless, rusty, but one can't bring oneself to toss it out quite yet.

Anonymous said...

"One cannot defeat extremism by wantonly and gratuitously stereotyping every person of the Islamic faith..."

Some people, and we know who they are, just don't have the intellectual capacity to understand that basic truth, because their intelligence is rivaled only by a set of garden tools.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Let the voice of reason be heard."

Don't expect that at the Smut Hut.