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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Breaking News...

Donald Trump Quits TV Show, Forms Exploratory Committee To See If There's Anything Interesting In The Space Between His Ears.


Infidel753 said...

If I'm President.....
.....the world won't laugh at me

Yes it will, tribble-head, yes it will.

At least under President Trump we wouldn't need to worry about Senator Cotton, since the man who in an earlier candidacy gave a speech addressing the nation of China as "you motherfuckers" would offer no diplomatic initiatives to disrupt.

Comedians would be ecstatic, especially British ones ("trump" in British slang means "fart").

Luckily his chance of becoming President or even getting the Stupid Party nomination is roughly equal to the probability of Satan commuting to work on a snowmobile tomorrow, since as a statesman he makes Michele Bachmann look like, well, Hillary Clinton.

I hope he makes a real go of it, though. It will be entertaining to watch that brontosaurus-sized ego floundering in the tar pits.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well maybe we need someone who can trim the fat. So far we haven't been very successful as we head down the road towards insolvency and that is not a laughing matter.
Unicorns really don't fart glitter

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Unicorns really don't fart glitter."

Well maybe The Donald thinks he does. Infidel753 informs us that "trump" in Brit-talk means "fart." Maybe Mr. Purdy Mouth is running because he thinks all that he "trumps" IS glitter?

Rational Nation USA said...

"Unicorns really don't fart glitter."

Now that IS funny Anonymous.

Jerry Critter said...

If Trump is president, maybe the world will not laugh at him, but they sure as hell will laugh at us!

Sue said...

Trump is a clown and one of the Baggers hopes to take the White House. Whatever happened to Trump's people who were finding out amazing things about Obama in Hawaii and the birth certificate? And why do the Baggers keep sucking up to morons like Trump?

Jerry Critter said...

Why do the Baggers keep sucking up to morons like Trump? Because no one else will pay any attention to them.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Love the hairdo!

Ducky's here said...

All that money and he can't afford a decent hairpiece.

He does help emphasize the absurdity of the Repub primary.
I think Mike Huckleberry made some idiotic announcement recently. Hard to keep up with it all.