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Thursday, March 26, 2015

TED CRUZ and OBAMACARE: He Loves Me Not, He LOVES ME!!!!

Ted and Obamacare sitting in a tree --  K.I.S.S.I.N.G.!

Hello fellow Americans.  The TeaPublicans' bestest Obamacare hater, who promised to repeal every single word of the law when he's preznit, has announced that he will be putting himself and his family on OBAMACARE!

When we say certain members of the Tea Party are a bit "off," that's not an attack, it's the truth.  Cruz has spent his brief political career bashing all things Obamacare (and, of course, reading Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham).  He's promised to kill Obamacare and throw millions and millions and millions of Americans off of their insurance policies because this Canadian born son of an American mother and Cuban father says Obamacare is a failure and needs to be cancelled.  He also says climate change/global warming is a lie, and that the Earth is not getting warmer.

"Off" may not be the best word to describe this "brilliant" Harvard/Princeton educated senator.  Perhaps pandering to the rubes with a side of bat-shyte crazy is better?

"Unlike Cruz, we were not Ivy League educated, not even at any of those crappy safety ivies, so maybe we have no idea what we’re talking about, but it seems that a man who’s willing to bravely shut down the government and pass love notes in the hallway to Iran should have the courage of his convictions and refuse to make use of that sweet taxpayer-subsidized health care he hates so much." --Kaili Joy Gray

Ms. Gray, Tailgunner Ted has the courage of his ambitions, which is more powerful and in his circles, more moral, than having the courage of his convictions.  Whatever tricks and slights-of-hand he can produce to advance his whacky agenda will work fine with his Tea Party drones, because FREEDOM!  

Go Ted!  Get your Obamacare while it's hot!

We are definitely amused.  Please pass the popcorn.

Ted Cruz Wants You To Believe He’s Legally Required To Sign Up For Obamacare. He’s Not.

"The Affordable Care Act does not compel members of Congress to enroll in DC’s health care exchange; it simply cuts off the government contribution to their insurance plans if they buy their policies elsewhere. “The final rule extends a Government contribution towards health benefits plans for Members of Congress and designated congressional staff so long as the health benefits plans are purchased via the appropriate SHOP as determined by the Director,” a summary of the final rule says. “Nothing in the final rule or the law prevents a Member of Congress or designated congressional staff from declining a Government contribution for him or herself by choosing a different option for their health insurance coverage.” 

In other words, Cruz “could purchase coverage in the outside market but would get no subsidy from the FEHBP program,” Tim Jost clarified for ThinkProgress, referring to the acronym for the federal health care program. “It seems like the primary other option he would have is to take advantage of COBRA through his wife, though he’d be forgoing the employer contribution. He could also buy non-group coverage,” 

Larry Levitt, Senior Vice President at the Kaiser Family Foundation, said. Cruz could also potentially purchased insurance through his presidential campaign’s presumptive health care insurance. In those instances, however, he would have had to give up his employer’s contribution and likely pay more for insurance than he is now being charged under Obamacare."

"Let me clarify: By 'standing for principle' and 'repeal every word,' I meant, 'waste time and money on dozens of meaningless votes and rail against it at every opportunity until I was faced with the prospect of paying for health insurance out of my own pocket.'"


The Surfer Dude said...

Ted chose Obamacare over all the other choices? Makes sense if you understand the mind of a wingnut.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. The "brilliant" Harvard student sounds like a babbling jerk. You can lead a jerk to a good edjucashun, but you can't get him to think. Cruz may be the best of the clown car, but that's not saying much.

Free Twinkies said...

" President Obama signed an executive order making Cruz ineligible for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

“Clearly, the hardship of receiving Obamacare was causing Ted a great deal of pain,” the President said. “This should take care of that.”.

The executive order that makes Cruz the only American expressly forbidden from signing up for Obamacare, was an extraordinary measure, but added, “I felt it was a necessary humanitarian gesture to protect Ted from the law he hates.”.

Even as he signed the order, the President said that he was “torn” about barring Cruz from coverage, stating,”He’s definitely someone who would benefit from seeing a doctor.”.

President Obama - you are magnificent, brilliant and taking care of business. Cruz, you are in way, WAY over your head....yet very entertaining!

Ducky's here said...

He's buying insurance from the exchange because he was covered by his wife's insurance and she lost coverage when she took a leave of absence form Goldman Sachs. That's his story.

Now, members of the Senate aren't eligible for insurance through their job?
This makes no sense to me. Unless he has a preexisting condition and is getting a good deal through the exchange.

JDM said...

Ya know, Ted, you can call up most any insurance company at all and they'll be glad to sell you some completely non-subsidized insurance. Probably won't cover any per existing conditions no matter how much it costs, but that's what you want... well, say you want for others.

Of course, the concept of insurance is based on subsidy; those who end up not needing as much pay for those who do. It's downright communistic: literally, "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." So you could go with the only non-communistic form of health care funding, your family's fat paychecks. (Oops, that's from the goverment too.)

Henry Walrus said...

Clearly Ted Cruz is a very smart, very well educated maniac.