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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Luke and Steve

A few weeks ago a new commenter, who goes by the name of "Luke," came to Progressive Eruptions, started arguing, left toxic comments, and claimed all sorts of injustices being done to him by P.E. and by other bloggers. "Luke" also claimed he was new to blogging, and then went on to attack other bloggers where he left comments. I was very suspicious of this "Luke," since he appeared to know an awful lot about my blog, Rational Nation's blog, and the blog run by Pamela Hart.

Well my suspicions were well founded. This "Luke" character's been around for a a while, at least since 2013, and he's been a troll on many other blogs, as well as here at P.E. in the past, under a different name, "Steve."

Check it out below and link to the name "Steve":

Sleeping With The Devil 8/2013


  1. Misspellings and grammar errors are RN's MO, and you are right, those kind of personal habits are hard to hide. Ask Shaw, she might know. This is all part of RN's tactics, also the unmistakeable MO of RN. TAO once stated that JMJ is RN's alter ego. Created to bash liberals. Funny how JMJ is the only liberal RN allows unfettered comment privileges on his site LINK.

  1. Listen to this psycho. He is truly the scum bag your readers and you have been describing for a long time now. He's convinced I'm some nemesis of his from long ago. I believe he made the same accusation to some guy who posted as TOM, not to mention all his deluded allegations about anons. I now have no doubt he is playing multiple characters on your blog and other blogs, including Shaw's. His paranoid, egotistical personality fits perfectly with a person who feels superior to others, thus the bigotry. LINK

  • Fine, like Shaw I will leave you to RN as your only commenter as you seem to believe only he has anything worth while to say sine he has a profile, as sick as that profile is, you seem to love him, to point of publishing his sick, insulting crap. Of course turning your blog to crap like Shaw has turned her blog to crap by allowing RN to take over her comment section. Good luck, you will need it since you cannot tell the difference between good and bad.  LINK


    Jubilation T. Cornpone said...


    I love the smell of Tea Party butthurt in the afternoon. The Hillary haters are inconsolable over the FBI's findings and the fact that Hillary won't be indicted.


    Suck it up Tea party tools.

    Paula said...

    Steve/Luke are just stupid trolls. Don't waste your time on the assh*les. But it's good to know who the assh*les are.

    Les Carpenter said...

    Could be Steve/Luke is related to TOM. TOM has went berserk over at Who's Your Daddy Filth Terminal. One can only feel pity for these very sick souls.

    Call Me Hank said...

    rE: Hillary not being indicted: I enjoy the wingnut whining. Music to my ears! And their tears taste SO sweet!

    Les Carpenter said...

    Lisa must have experienced a rebirth. She has scrubbed TOM's last seven filth laden and lying comments (save one) that he posted over at WYD after you published this post.

    Perhaps there is yet hope for Lisa?

    Paul said...

    Thanks, now I know who stole my ID two weeks ago.

    Shaw Kenawe said...

    No, sorry "Luke," no one can steal your Blogger ID number. When you link to "Steve's" name you get to "Luke."

    Shaw Kenawe said...

    Les, that blog is a real pig stye. And Lisa owns it.

    Sleuth said...

    So we have Steve who is Luke.

    But Luke claims Steve stole his blog.

    A long time ago there was a blogger Time. His real name was Jerry McCarthy. Time started out very polite and contributed with intelligent comments. Then poof he began insulting and name-calling everyone.

    Time disappeared and along came TOM. TOM also started out polite and contributed to the blog posts with intelligence. Then poof he turned nasty with name-calling and accusing everyone of attacking and hacking his blog, being liars and having numerous blogger ids.

    Luke has been acting the same as Time, TOM and Steve. And it is ironic Luke's blog id is jermac1955 (Jer Mac = Jerry McCarthy). Of course everyone has attacked his blog (but I see no comments) hacked it and every blogger is a liar with gobs of blogger ids.

    Projection much?

    Shaw Kenawe said...

    Whoever these characters are, one thing we know for sure: They are sick, sick, sick.

    Flying Junior said...

    Hey Sleuth,

    How come you don't allow commenting on your blog? How fun is that?

    I was going to comment on one of the earliest IDs of Anita. I seem to recall a blogger named "Anita Sees it Right," on blogspot from Long Island. Maybe a good eight years ago or so. She posted a photo, possibly a self-portrait, as her avatar. She was seriously pretty and quite young.


    Shaw Kenawe said...

    FJ, just a heads-up: the sock puppets on the Who's Your Daddy blog constantly change their profiles and IDs. A lot of them take photos of people off the internet and use them as their avatars. And they're sloppy about it. There's a sock puppet who goes by the name of "Ali Baba," who was once "My Thoughts." "My Thoughts" took a photo of David Frum's wife off the internet and used it as "her" avatar. Now "My Thoughts" has changed to "Ali Baba," and "he" was too sloppy to amend "his" profile and "Ali's" profile says HE is a SHE. I don't know what the purpose is for doing this, but there it is.

    "Anita Says It Right" is a sock puppet who's been several other commenters, and SHE is definitely NOT a real SHE.

    Sleuth said...

    FJ, I shut down comments because Luke has been leaving disgusting comments and I just wanted a break.

    I will reopen the comment section sometime today.

    Thanks for reading. I think it is important to expose these fake bloggers who plagiarize.

    Flying Junior said...

    Hey Sleuth,

    I don't blame you for not allowing comments. But I went ahead and found my five-year-old comment from CynthiaSeesItRight for your further elucidation. I thought it was a pretty cute blog post wherein I transcribed the Ballad of the Boston Tea Party by Oliver Wendell Holmes for the benefit of Sarah Palin. It was not complete shit. There was a member of my family who lived in Wasilla years ago and hosted Sarah for a tea party. (Coincidence?) Also, my in-laws met Sarah's parents at an airport in Alaska. I really was trying to send out the love. Sadly, Sarah never read my post as so many worthy efforts are lost to all time.

    I was pretty disappointed to find out that that wasn't really Cynthia's portrait. I felt better just knowing that there was a girl out in NY that fucking pretty.