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Saturday, August 20, 2016



Fact Checker Trump’s false claim that undocumented immigrants collect Social Security benefits 
By Michelle Ye Hee Lee August 20 at 3:00 AM 

Donald Trump's newest political ad attacking Hillary Clinton: 

In Hillary Clinton’s America, “illegal immigrants … collecting Social Security benefits, skipping the line.” –voice-over in a Donald Trump campaign ad, Aug. 19, 2016 

"The Donald Trump campaign released its first political ad of the general election, focused on immigration. It begins with a hypothetical situation of what immigration would look like under Democrat Hillary Clinton’s America. 

People who obtain lawful status under DACA need to work for at least 10 years, pay taxes and reach retirement age before they are eligible to receive Social Security benefits."

Trump has already earned 41 Four-Pinocchio ratings. 

Washington Post Fact Checkers:  "We would have liked to see the nominee finally stick closer to the facts in his first general-election ad. Unfortunately, this ad is — to borrow a line from its script — 'more of the same.'

The broad assertion in this ad is just not supported by facts, and thus earns Four Pinocchios.


Norman said...

Hallelujah, stop the Democrats from dividing this country into pieces. I'm white with the A Mexican daughter and black grandchildren I'm tired of being picked on that because I'm white I'm prejudiced or racist. Not true we all want the same thing freedom job love it's about time we get it

Dave Miller said...

No matter what Trump says, there are lots of willing vessels waiting to be filled.

Just take a look at conspiracy central where the latest is whether HRC and her minions are involved in the death of WikiLeaks Juliun Assange's lawyer.

Do they wake in the morning looking for new "evidence" of their distorted world view, or is it all subject to interpretation?

Trump and the extreme conservatives in the US are made for each other.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... please define the mainstream media for me. The extremists, who use terms like enemedia, lamestream media, etc. state that they distrust anything put out by the MSM.

If that is true, and it seems to be, then where exactly are they getting their news from?

You see, they've set up a system where the fact checkers, mostly from the MSM, are not be trusted either.

So while you and I see 86348 falsehoods from The Donald, they see none, because all of those supposedly truthful factcheckers, as reps of the MSM, are not to be trusted.

I just wonder what media does not fall under the MSM rubrick?

Local blogs by people with whom they agree? Anecdotal word on the street? Rabid talk radio? The dark recesses of their own conspiratorial minds? Or do they see what a majority of Americans like and believe and then just go opposite of that?

There must be some key to understanding how their ideas are formed. False facts, untrue posts, plagiarism, false names, and made up theories are their stock in trade. What is the use of fact checking their candidates?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Just Wondering, I did put up one of your comments, but the second one calling me a name caused me to delete the first one. You don't get to comment here and insult me.

Norman, you seem like a nice person. But I'm afraid you're complaining to the wrong blog. No one here calls you a racist, and you've got it all wrong about who's dividing this country. Have you not been paying attention?

Did you not hear Donald Trump insult Senator McCain, a POW? Did you not hear Donald Trump insult Megyn Kelly for asking him a legitimate question? Did you not hear Donald Trump insult an American judge with a Mexican heritage calling him names? Did you not see and hear Donald Trump make fun of a disabled journalist? Did you not hear Donald Trump say he'd close down mosques and stop Muslims from entering the country, both of which are anti-American?

That litany of insults and divisiveness is coming from the Republican nominee, not Hillary Clinton. She's not insulting you, the Democrats aren't insulting Mexicans and African-Americans. If the Democrats were, why would those two groups of Americans support the Democratic Party? The insulter and divider? That would be Donald Trump.

You are either willfully blind to his disgusting insults to almost every demographic in this country, or you refuse to see what is in front of your nose.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, the extremist Tea Party Republicans know that Trump isn't going to be president and Hillary will, so they've pulled out all the dirty tricks available, hoping people will believe their lies and distortions.

It's too late. Trump has been defined as a thin-skinned bullying fraud who hasn't the temperament to lead this country. No sane person would trust him as president. Plus there's the fact that he's a bullshitter.

I read the piece by Fareed Zakaria that tell the difference between a pathological liar and a bullshitter, and Trump is most definitely the latter. A liar must have some knowledge of the subject that he or she is lying about; Trump has demonstrated he knows nothing about foreign or domestic issues and is a complete dunce on what the Constitution is about.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, re your second comment. I read an article by a thoughtful conservative who tried to understand Trump's popularity with the base of the GOP. (I can't remember who wrote it or I'd link to it.) Essentially he said that since the ascendency of rabid hate radio, the internet, and FAUX NOOZ, conservatives have been fed nothing but a diet of hatred and distrust of government -- actually Ronald Reagan contributed to this with his famous "government can't solve problems; government IS the problem" schtick.

The GOPers have also made a career of trying to delegitimize Democratic presidents. Look at what they said and did when Mr Obama was elected twice! Remember when GWB was given the presidency by the SCOTUS, even though Al Gore won the popular vote? And the shenanigans of the recount in Florida, where JEB! was the governor? The Dems were angry, but they accepted the SCOTUS's ruling and actually supported GWBush when we were attacked in 2001.

The modern GOP has propagandized a huge section of this country to not trust the government or the media -- except FAUX NOOZ and outlets like Breitbart, Info Wars, and World Net Daily. It's so much easier to dismiss information you disagree with than to read and understand what's happening.

I've been reading for years on far right blogs that this country's in decline, everything about government stinks, everyone's a crook, and everyone lies to them about everything. It's pure cynicism and defeatism because they're unhappy with the direction in which the country is heading: Acceptance of diversity, gay marriage, women's rights, social justice.

I understand that conservatism serves an important brake on any headlong change. Some changes need to come about when the general population is ready to accept them. This happened with accepting a bi-racial man as POTUS, accepting equality of marriage, universal health care, the coming loss of dominance by our white male population in politics and everywhere else, and many other progressive changes. P

I remember reading on man's comment on one of the regular far right blogs where he admitted "We lost." That's how they look at progress, as losing. And I guess in a way it is losing, but we all lose a way of life as we get older and the newer, younger generations take over and when technology and other forces make that progress happen.

They see it as losing instead of progressing, just as, I'm sure, the colonists who supported English rule saw themselves as "losing" when the old regime gave way to a democratic republic.

The inability to accept and adjust to change will defeat people all the time, and it will keep them prisoners of their fear of going forward.

Rational Nation USA said...

Trump has gotten SO BAD with his untruths I've stopped wasting my time trying to keep up with them. Trump has lied his entire life and as everyone knows leopards don't change their spots.

FAUX News has become a platform from which commentators like Hannity, O'Reilly, Ingram, Judge Judy et all work overtime trying to legitimize Trump. Unfortunately there are millions of views that consider FAUX a credible "news" organization.

I saw on CNN today (while at the gym) someone floated the idea maybe Trump really doesn't want the White House, he might actually be looking for Trump Tee Vee. Quite plausible methinks.

Ducky's here said...

Off topic but a good look at Rethug policy

"Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world, study finds"

Texass, keeping poor women in their place. I'm surprised the "liberal media" has passed on this story.

Dave Miller said...

Les... you could be correct. With Trump and his people saying the only way he can lose is through cheating, they are laying the groundwork to delegitimize the election.

Once that is done, it is only a short leap to the idea of a permanent new "news" station designed to bring the true loyal Americans the real news. That way they can watch GTN all day long and only hear the false facts they believe in... GOP TASS Network. All headed by Race, er, Steve Bannon and The Donald.

It'll be yuge!

Ducky's here said...

Dave, I think it is probable that the "campaign" accepts that he will lose and is positioning to create a media empire. That theory is getting some traction especially with Breitfart and Ailes coming on board.

Rush is getting old and losing audience. Time to rebrand.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, that report was revolting. The family values conservatives in Texas are doing their best to kill childbearing women with their cuts to needed clinics that can intervene in pregnancy complications.

We can see again that when it comes to caring about fetuses and mothers, the Texas conservatives are all hat and no cattle.

For the greatest country in the world and the greatest state, according to Texans themselves, this is a disaster!