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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Thoughts


J.B.M. said...

My hope - voted for Democrats for decades most of which time was spent being angry at the party for cowardice and political incompetence so this is only hope -- is that the Democratic strategy -please God let there be a strategy - is multi-stage:

1. Present positive patriotic uplifting value at the convention (so far so good);

2. Define Trump as unsuitable, unfit and incapable of being President (beyond our wildest dreams - HRC just needs to quote him correctly and the take downs write themselves);

3. Get as many Republicans to bail on him as possible (nice progress so far);

4. As the absurdity of Trump presidency sinks into the electorate's psyche (the media will soon be covering his campaign more like an ongoing natural disaster brimming with fear and wonderment) bring in high powered surrogates to tie Republicans in Congress to Trump quoting their support for him and/or their cowardly refusals to repudiate birther accusations when Trump made them (Obama will explain all that pretty well in entertaining fashion one thinks); and

5. Let America see HRC as a President versus Trump trying to play that role (the debates will be big and I don't see how biggest, hugest Donald can play the low expectations game).

Rinse repeat 4.&5 never ever letting the public forget which party is in control of the branch of government with approval ratings on par with roaches and STDs.

Kasich is starting his 2020 campaign already - the Democrats need to start 2018 by defining the GOP for this election September 2016 - remind America why it's like this.

Bluebull said...

There will, sadly, always be some so stupid that they'll vote for the Republiscumbag no matter what. They've been trained by the right wing bubble to respond mindlessly. Luckily, that generation is on the downhill and the demographics of our nation are favorable for finally bringing us out of the darkness brought about by right wing idiots for the past 40 years and into a new, progressive future.

I report the facts said...

Doctor Martin Luthur King’s Niece Endorses DONALD TRUMP – “I Fully Agree with So Many Things That He’s Saying”

Shaw Kenawe said...

I report the facts, she must be one of the three African-Americans who supports Trump. Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

e is the AP report that during all the months as Secretary of State, AP reporters 154 Clinton Foundation donors had meetings or phone calls with Secretary Clinton. No policy outcomes were reported, and out of likely tends of thousands of people having meetings or phone calls with Secretary Clinton. The report mainly notes that one of the donors was a Nobel Laureate, and so a scandal is inferred.

The AP’s big exposé on Hillary meeting with Clinton Foundation donors is a mess

So unlike politics as usual, the activist Clintons directed financial resources to the assistance of millions. That seems to upset Conservative Commentators(?), mostly making no comment(?)--calling for a "Special Prosecutor" to likely harass over 1000 Charitable Organizations(?). The matter has likely been brushed aside. Donald Trump, even, is a Clinton Foundation donor.

There are probably donors to lots of organizations, who had meetings with all kinds of people--the only outcome being a charitable contribution.

That is what happens, in fact, at charitable organizations. Now there is evidence that the Clinton Foundation was cleanly on board with that

Rational Nation USA said...

Read somewhere that estimated AA support @ 1%.

Who knows? Maybe it is three.

Flying Junior said...

It's three people. Not three %.

Rational Nation USA said...

I realize that. :-)

Sarcasm fer sure it was.

Trump Supporter said...

I am solidly behind Donald Trump. And I am going to vote for Donald Trump. But I am in no way going to tell a pollster about my preferences. I suggest that I am not alone in this perception. I would wager that something akin to 'The Bradley (or Wilder) Effect is in play here. This 'effect' was seen in the 1982 polls in Los Angeles, when African American Democrat Tom Bradley was way ahead in the polls leading up to California gubernatorial election day, and then lost to a white George Duekmejian despite lopsided polls to the contrary.

The mainstream media are carrying the water for Hillary Clinton in a big way this election cycle. They will support any and all means to discredit Donald Trump, to include violence. I am of the opinion that Donald Trump has way more support than polls suggest.

We'll see how this works on on election day, won't we?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dear Delusional "Trump Supporter,"

Your candidate is losing because he's a deeply flawed human being; he has no understanding about foreign or domestic issues; he's shown himself to be vulgar, mean-spirited, a bullshitter, and above all else, an unapologetic racist.

You and your fellow Trump supporters refuse to see what an abhorrent man he is and how he is everything the GOP base hates in a politician and human being. But because he has a temporary "R" after his name, all of his hideous flaws are acceptable. YOu've decided to project everything evil onto Hillary Clinton, while ignoring the creep you blindly support.

No. The polls aren't wrong. Trump may have the base, people like you, solidly behind him, but the rest of America is not dwelling in fantasy land. You Goopers said the same thing 4 years ago about Romney (a saint compared with the repulsive Trump), and you and the rest of the Gooper base were gobsmacked when Mr. Obama won by a very healthy margin.

Continue to delude yourself into thinking there're millions of silent Trump supporters out there that the pollsters don't know about, and you'll be double, triple, and quadruple gobsmacked on election night.

Anonymous said...

Does the Trump Support get the facts that Trump has insulted huge numbers of people he needs to win the election? People like women, latinos, AFrican-Americans? What planet does T.S. live on? there's no way any politician can win a presidentiaal election if he has insulted and put off all those people.