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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Britain Rolls UP the Red Carpet and Burns It for President Spanky's Visit

Seen outside a shop in London:

"The Brits are showing their disdain for Cadet Bone Spurs." (This never happened when President Obama visited the British.)

James Davies, a citizen of Bristol, England

"I live in Bristol in the South West of England. Nowhere near where Trump is visiting, nowhere near the US, but thousands upon thousands marched today to show their feelings. The same will happen up and down the Uk for the next three days. 

Proud of my city. Proud of my country. 

Hatred and intolerance will never, ever win. 

 America, you are not alone."

Also seen in London today:

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Trump shooting off his lying maw again, saying exactly the opposite of what is true.

"Pres. Trump has just landed in the UK where he’ll face multiple mass protests, including a women’s march and a ‘Together Against Trump’ rally. ‘I think they like me a lot in the UK,’ Trump said Thursday, but he’s almost entirely avoiding London. After he meets with Prime Minister Theresa May, he heads to a Trump golf property in Scotland."

Trump will spend four days in the UK from Thursday, where he will meet with Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Theresa May. Although he will visit the US ambassador's residence, he is largely avoiding central London, where the largest protests are expected Friday.

Trump is forced to stay out of London because of the massive protests planned against him. He is detested by the Brits, and the Scots detest him even more.

Reminder:  This never happened when we had a real American president representing us -- Barack Obama.


Anonymous said...

How embarrassing for America. Your president is a buffoon.

Infidel753 said...

Yes! Go Brits go! I love that the guy from Bristol ended with "America, you are not alone." Even over there they know Trump is a big of a pain in the ass to normal Americans as he is to people in other countries.

He'll regret going to Scotland. The Scottish knack for insulting nicknames is unparalleled, and far outshines his own feeble efforts. Immortal epithets like "ferret-wearing shitgibbon" came from Scots on Twitter.

Vladimir Putain said...

Obama used to kiss NATOs ass

Trump kicked NATO in the ass