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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Trump Cultists -- Eat your hearts and lungs out!

USA Today:

HIlarious! President Porn Star Shagger got a lower percentage than Bill Clinton!

One of the reasons so many Americans say President Obama was the best president in their lifetimes is below. There were no scandals (controversies, yes), no criminal investigations, or criminal indictments during Mr. Obama's two terms in office. 

President Spanky hasn't been in office two YEARS yet and look below to understand the depth of his administration's criminality.


Lady Pinkbottom said...

Oh dear. Yes. Regarding Mr. Obama's popularity with the American people: My first inclination was to like him. Such a family man, for one thing. Unlike the libertine currently representing the Republican Party in the White House. We conservative, religious Republicans put a great deal of value on family and people who respect family values. Mr. Obama is a faithful, loving husband. Trump, on the other hand, is not averse to putting his johnson into anything he can get his little hands on, willing or not. Sniff, sniff.

skudrunner said...

I am sure Obama was a swell guy and of course the world and the American people liked him. He didn't object to anything the other world leaders wanted and was happy to pay more then the US share. He didn't care if the plan had any merit like the Paris hustle just so long as they thought he was a great guy. He is now liked by the American people because he didn't have controversies that have stuck to him. When you don't do anything it is tough to be controversial. He was superb at deflecting and diverting any action except attack the middle class and pander to billionaires. DACA, Immigration reform, clean up lobbyists, close GITMO, create Affordable healthcare for all. He did none of these yet he is still wonderful.

He was so well liked and respected that his candidate got shellacked by a yellow haired non-politician. You feel the republicans will lose in 2020 which may happen but with trump not running it will be a horse race and the biggest ass will win.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: "When you don't do anything it is tough to be controversial."

Your willful ignorance is appalling. For the first time in America's history, President Obama passed a universal health care plan without the help of the GOP. To quote V.P. Biden, that was a big effing deal. All Trump has done is undo the work his predecessor did, what has President Porn Star Shagger done to lift up Americans? Put babies in detention camps. What a legacy that will be. President Obama signed the Paris Climate Accords and the Iran deal. He got stuff done.

Trump UNdoes stuff. He makes a fool of himself on the world's stage. He alienates our allies and kisses our enemies' asses, like the groveling sycophant that he is. Our closest ally, Great Britain, hates his guts. The only people who like him are totalitarian strongmen who are the enemies of liberal democracies. Good job.

North Korea made a fool of him. There is no denuclearization, no return of Korean War military remains -- #45 bragged about accomplishing this. He used dead U.S. military to inflate his non-accomplishments. None of what he said was going to happen with NoKo has happened. His dog and pony show in Singapore was a YUUUUUUGE Nothingburger. Nothing has come of it. Trump is a bag of fetid air who produces nothing and trashes anything that is good.

And his "Christian" cultists think the guy who shagged a porn star AND a Playboy bunny after his 3rd wife gave birth to his 5th child is just fabulous! They say it doesn't matter that he's a moral pig because he gets things done! What has he done? Oh, wait. He and his people are in jail, indicted, and under criminal investigation. So there's that.

Don't mention Barack Obama's name in the same sentence with #45. Trump is garbage who will be thrown on the trash heap of history along with his crime syndicate family.

That you don't see this and continue to trash someone like Barack Obama, a dignified, gentleman, and wonderful faithful husband and loving father says more about you than it does him.

R.D. said...

To your resident troll, skidrunner:

Obama was a swell guy, and the world did like him some even loved him. Never did he receive the contempt and hatred that Trump receives as he visits our allies. That's because Obama, with his faults, was always a decent human being who never embarrassed America.

KanaW said...

The difficulty is that Trump and his acolytes all believe that any time you make a "deal", it means that you've lost something. The only time you don't "lose" is when you receive utter capitulation from the other side.

It's dangerous in business, since sooner or later you run out of people to deal with, and it's even more dangerous in government and foreign relations, because it will even more rapidly blow up in your face.

skudrunner said...

"For the first time in America's history, President Obama passed a universal health care plan without the help of the GOP."
Are you referring to the affordable healthcare which had to force people to take and then only 30% of those qualified took because it was UN-affordable. The majority of those qualified would rather pay the penalty than pay for the insurance. Or are you referring to the one that caused premiums to rise for 300 million people, wait that was the same healthcare.

I will agree that trump is a jerk and an embarrassment and maybe not a good family man like his predecessor but neither was WJC. You make the claim NKO is not going to happen, tariff equalization is not going to happen, wages are not going to rise and unemployment is not at a historic low for minorities. I do believe relations with other countries have suffered under Trump. I also believe everyone should pay their Fair share, isn't that a belief of yours at least when bilking the "rich" so why does that not apply to other countries.