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Tuesday, December 17, 2019


So literally attempting to kill every member of an ethnic group is not genocide in Trump's view - of course not - Trump has businesses in Turkey!

There's a certain far right blogger who has Armenian heritage, and she's a big Trump supporter. I wonder how fabulous she feels about her hero announcing this lie and slander against the Armenian people.

My father's first business partner was Armenian, and as a child we had many happy Sunday dinners with his family. Growing up in the Boston area, I've met and been friends with many Americans of Armenian descent. Every one of them big-hearted, family-oriented, decent human beings.

My neighborhood has a memorial to the Armenian massacres, which I often visit on my way home from Downtown Crossing. It's a beautiful, serene sculpture garden that gives everyone who stops and reflects a chance to remember those Armenians who suffered and died in the genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire (present day Turkey).

It's not a secret that Trump and his family have huge business investments in Turkey, and it's not difficult to link Trump's shameful betrayal of the Armenian people and their descendants here in America to those lucrative businesses.

Every time I think Trump cannot sink deeper into the world's sewers of power, he proves to me and the world that there is no bottom to his treachery.

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Trump sided with Turkey and blocked Congress' bipartisan effort to recognize the Armenian genocide

Trump refuses to back recognition of Armenian genocide after Erdogan threat    Bipartisan Senate resolution passed in defiance of US president

For those of you who are not knowledgeable about the Armenian genocide.  


Arthur Harutyun said...

There is nothing Trump can do to make his fans say anything against him, even betray people who were nearly wiped out so that the Turkish strongman, Erdogan will continue to let Trump make money in his country. To hell with anyone who gets in Trump's way of making money.

That lady of the blog will continue to kiss Trump's ass. Believe me!

Anonymous said...

I hear Trump's supporters talking violence. Maybe even civil war.

No surprise. Great folks those trumpy sheeple.

Dave Miller said...

As for the genocide issue... there is no doubt it was genocide. I don't think anyone, even Pres Trump, does not believe that to be true.

However, if a head of state openly acknowledges that fact, International Law then comes into play as far as requiring action for reparations and dealing with the perpetrators of the genocidal attack.

It's the reason American presidents and administrations have resisted this call for years for not just Armenia, but other such atrocities as well.

Is it a good call? I'm not sure, but it is not outside of US/Presidential norms.

Shaw Kenawe said...

This is a more in-depth analysis of why America's POTUS avoids recognizing the Armenian genocide.

The main reason is geopolitics.

anymouse said...

As always, the orange blob and the Republiscumbags put money above humanity and decency. Typical of them, actually.

skudrunner said...

So trump is suppose to acknowledge something that happened in 1915 during the ottoman empire. Did the swell guy call it genocide, no and he had eight years. Did bush or clinton, no again but now trump is being castigated for no. You people are really reaching.