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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here's another piece of racist dreck that's going around the net and ending up in conservative inboxes:

Click on image to enlarge.

The creeps who sent this around think they're harming President Obama when, in fact, these disgusting emails reinforce what Americans already know:  The GOP has a problem with racist pigs.

h/t JohnC


Gordon Scott said...

It doesn't seem racist to me. Looks like a pretty accurate description of the vice-president's comments over the months.

Are you sure you're not seeing things that don't exist, like Henry Louis Gates, Jr.?

Capt. Fogg said...

Gates doesn't exist? No, "halfblack" isn't intended to make a joke about Obama's family, is it, so you won't mind if I call your comment halfassed, will you?

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Shaw, this is a copy/paste of a comment under Squid’s post that I would like to share with your readers:

In my view, it is a serious mistake to be dismissive of these malcontents and misfits. This year alone – the shooting incident at the Unitarian Church, the murder of an abortion doctor in Kansas, an attack upon police officers in Pittsburg, the killing of a Holocaust Museum Guard, gun-toting hooligans showing up at town hall meetings.

Those so-called “miserable lackeys” (…) are not children left unattended by Mr. Rogers whose absence causes them to turn pint-sized “Lord of the Flies.”

When one merely dismisses malcontents and misfits, one fails to hold them accountable for the domestic terrorism that their reckless rhetoric helps set off.

When the magnitude of public dissembling is so enormous, those who wield “The Big Lies” are basically saying: “I am no longer a participant in the democratic process.” That is when the death of discourse turns into an invitation to violence, and it should be emphasized that eliminationism is the signature trait of fascism

The link back to Squid’s original post here.

Gordon Scott said...

Does Shaw have a list of conservatives who provide her with updates on their mail queues? Would she like conservatives to do so?

I mean, it's not in my inbox. Perhaps the only creeps sending it around are, you know, progressive creeps.

Capt. Fogg re: Gate's existence
Touche'. Shoulda worded that a little bit better.

Anonymous said...
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The J Mopper said...

Gordon wrote: "Perhaps the only creeps sending it around are, you know, progressive creeps."

Yes, Gordon...that's EXACTLY right. The progressives create all these hate-mails and then blame the conservatives.

No one is accusing you of sending these and I'm sure there are some progressives who send some bad things but I'd bet a majority of the hate-mail originates from conservatives...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Shaw, I originally posted my response here, but after thinking about it, I moved my comment to my own blog. With all the bickering back and forth lately with some of the posters here, I just didn't feel it was the appropriate place to put it, so I moved the discussion over there.

Anymore, I just don't have the patience to have to keep defending myself time and again. I'm feeling burnt out, because for every step forward you seem to take two steps back. There is little rational discussion anymore, because radicals cannot open their minds to something different, no matter what side of the fence they are on.

Compromise, open mindedness, and respect are becoming things that are seen less and less these days.

Pamela Zydel said...

Personally, I didn’t find it funny until the end when the duck asked, “Who the hell voted for these morons?” I’ve been asking myself THAT question of just about ALL our reps lately!

As far as the cartoon goes…I think people need to lighten up about jokes and cartoons, unless they are vulgar, racist or attack the children of the politicians. This cartoon, as far as I’m concerned, does none of the above.

It seems we have become a nation of nit pickers. We’re just searching for something so we can say, “Ah ha! See what YOU did!” It’s gotten to the point where we have to be vigilant of our every word. It’s just ridiculous.

Shaw Kenawe said...


The email came to a relative of mine whose wife's uncle sent it to them. This uncle is retired from the military and lives in South Carolina. He sends these emails to his niece and my relative on a regular basis, along with lots of Christian emails urging them to accept Jesus.

I have posted other such emails, which circulated during the run-up to the election last fall, that have been passed along to me on my blog.

At least the people to generate these emails are consistent in their racism. The last one my relative sent me was a picture of President Obama's face photoshopped with a bone through his nose and depicted as an African shaman, with the caption saying something about his health plan.

Another one, in the run-up to the election or just after it, was a photoshopped pic of the White House with watermelons growning on the lawn. Then there are the disgusting ones likening Mrs. Obama to a gorilla.

Shall I go on?

I'm not making this up, and it is coming from the rightwing conservatives, not from the left, as you suggested.

The GOP has a strong racist streak running through it, and apparently the election of Mr. Obama has unleashed it.

As JohnC pointed out, this post isn't directed at you, and he's right when he says that lefties send offensive emails out.

This post is about this particular cartoon that is calling attention to President Obama's race.

When the Left was criticizing George Bush and sending around emails about him, never once did I see anything referring to him a "all white" or "whitey" or anything to do with his race.

It's not the criticism of Biden or the health care plans that's rotten about the cartoon, IT'S THE REFERENCE TO MR. OBAMA'S RACE that is deeply offensive.

Please don't pretend that's not what this cartoon is about.

This cartoon is going after Mr. Obama's race.

Therefore, it IS racist.

The creeps who thought it up could have gotten their points across about Biden and health care reform without the duck quacking "half black." But that phrase is inserted in the cartoon for a reason--so that the moronic, pea-brains who sent it around could laugh among themselves and feel superior about the little "in" joke about the president.

They're obviously enraged that an African-American and his family occupy the White House, and this is their only feeble way of trying to dehumanize him.

It won't work, of course, people like the them could never be the equal of a man like Barack Obama, and somewhere in their hateful little minds, they know this tragic truth.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer you can’t win here, can’t you see that? Is it just me, or does anyone else see the irony in this? The Name Calling Liberals are so intolerant. Liberals and so called Progressives alike have become a disgrace to America. They seem to stand for nothing but negativism. And this is why social progressives get a lot of flack. But I guess liberals think their hatred and intolerance is justified ... liberals and minorities always have to resort to name calling .. It has always been that way. ,They don’t know the meaning of open-mindness or respectful of differing views The liberal left picks at the rest of us, they call us names like racists, they insult us and do whatever they can to get their way.
So don’t fall into their vicious trap.

Mike said...

There has been lots of talk here about Conservatives vs. Liberal.
Lets look at the picture.
Let us take a look at Ronald Reagan who the left said was the dumbest man ever to hold office. And Bill Clinton who the press said was the smartest man alive married to the smartest woman alive. Look at Ronald Reagans legacy. What is he remembered for? The most important Reagan economic legacy, of course, is the tax rate. When he came into office, federal tax rates reached 70%. As he left, the highest rate in the code was 33%. In foreign policy the Reagan record may prove to be the culmination of a forty-year Western effort to contain the expansion of the Soviet Empire. And he did. The Libs bring up Iran-Contra. This is just proof that they are ignorant to truths of war. In the Cold War as now the U.S. must do things with undesirables for the price of victory. It is useless to explain this to Liberals since they have no concept on how to win a war. Proven by the fact that they are famous for surrendering to the enemy before the fight is even over.

Now lets look at Clintons Legacy. Monica, Monica, oh yeah Monica. Renting out the Lincoln Bedroom. Ushering in the Contract with America, presiding over the deaths of over 800.000 in Rwanda without lifting a finger. Sending Elian back to Cuba. Waco. And doing nothing to prevent a man called Osama Bin Laden from killing Americans around the world. And after knowing where this killers base was. doing nothing to take him out because of the fear that his poll numbers would be where George Bush’s are now. And failing to prevent 9/11, which planning was done under his watch.

This brings us to the liberals next stupid POTUS George Bush. The Liberals claim this guy is dumber than Reagan who beat them at every turn. George Bush beat Al Gore the messiah of the left. The prophet who say’s we have ten years before we are all living in house boats while he burns a carbon footprint that would take 100.000 common Americans to burn a month. He beat John Kerry who has changed his mind every five minutes on Iraq and is such a joke now that Liberals begged him not to run in 08. He has destroyed the Liberal leadership in Congress so bad that the approval rating for that congress is the worst in history 18%.

“If liberals were prevented from ever again calling Republicans dumb, they would be robbed of half their arguments,” Ann Coulter writes. “To be sure they would still have racist, fascist, homophobe, ugly, and a few other highly nuanced arguments in their quiver.” But not having “dumb” to throw around, she says, “would nearly cripple them. Like clockwork, every consequential Republican to come down the pike is instantly, invariably, always, without exception called dumb. “Noting that this is exactly the way six-year-olds argue, that they call everything “stupid,” Coulter says the lefts resort to the “stupid” stratagem comes out of its inability to mount an intelligent counter-argument when faced with undeniable facts.

Liberals especially hate being called “liberal,” because they know it describes a “dastardly individual.” They prefer Progressive for now. So again are Liberals really so dumb that they must refer to their enemies as dumb? I’m waiting for them to say how dumb this sounds.

Gordon Scott said...

Shaw, your passionate response is well written. But I just don't buy it. The person who sent it to your relative may have bad motives, but the cartoon itself just isn't racist.

I saw the examples you posted last fall, and I agree they were racist. And recently, there was a lot of controversy when the "Joker" image of the president started circulating.

The LA Times and Washington Post called the image racist--when the Times had had no problem with Bush depicted the same way in the past. Then the truth came out: the creator was a Kucinich supporter, not a right-wing racist. I suppose he could be a left-wing racist--they certainly exist in numbers--but again, that's reaching for something that probably isn't there.

Let's reserve the outrage for the really outrageous things, eh?

TAO said...


I am one of those people who voted for the "morons"

Proud of my vote? Sure am!

Do it again? Sure would!

So, that does that make me an idiot? Does that make me "anti American?"

Does my vote for Obama mean, as Mary states, "that don't love America?"

I imagine that you voted for George Bush, and most likely so did Mary...

Probably voted for him twice.

I imagine that you can point out all sorts of disagreements you have with him and all of that just like I can point out all of the disagreements I have with Obama but do any of us care?

No, I voted for a moron and you voted for an idiot. Which means jokes like this are just a way for the kettle to call the pot black...

By the way, the joke is racist, because it points to Obama's color, which is something that Bush and or any white President has never had to be criticized for because they were WHITE and Obama is not.

Disagree with his policies, but lets bring back our respect for the office, and our respect for our fellow citizens, and our respect for democracy by understanding that obama won a majority of votes in a fair election.

He is Our President; yours and mine.

By the way, its a little hard to develop a sense of humor, or to laugh crap off when all you hear is doom and gloom about the person you elected to office.

It might behoove the right to lighten up a little with the fear mongering especially since you all perceive yourselves as better people...

Pamela Zydel said...

Tao: You MISREAD my post. I said "of just about ALL our reps lately!" If you noticed I used the word ALL.

I wasn't referring to just Biden and Obama. I think I've mentioned quite a few times, on your blog and many others, that I'm mad at MOST of those in office, Republicans and Democrats. So, I was NOT referring to just Biden or Obama, BUT MANY of our elected officials.

I have NEVER said anything disrespectful to you, or anyone else for that matter, about voting for Obama, Tao, so I think you owe me an apology for MISREADING what I wrote.

Anonymous said...

TAO said:
No, I voted for a moron and you voted for an idiot. Which means jokes like this are just a way for the kettle to call the pot black...

Well maybe I voted for a idiot, but at least the idiot loved and wanted the best for America.
You voted of a MORON who is just the opposite.

I Ain't Got No Blog said...

Pam said:
Tao, so I think you owe me an apology for MISREADING what I wrote.

Yeah right, like that's gonna happen!

Anonymous said...

TAO said:
"By the way, the joke is racist, because it points to Obama's color, which is something that Bush and or any white President has never had to be criticized for because they were WHITE and Obama is not."

Oh it's ALWAYS racist even if it's a joke!
When you and your bunch of "Progressives"
joked and ridiculed George Bush it was fine.
Picture Bush as a Chimp and it's a joke.

Do the same to Obama and it's racist.

Too freaken bad.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Let me ask everyone this question:

What would your response have been to that cartoon had it been about Dr. Martin Luther King, and the cartoonist had drawn a duck quacking "black, black, blak!" instead of "quack, quack quack!?"

My point is that there is absolutely no reason to bring Mr. Obama's race into a cartoon that is supposed to be a humorous criticism about his policies.

No reason.

Please let me know if you think it would have been funny had the cartoon been about Dr. King, and the duck quacked "black! black!"

Think about it.

And remember that the "half-black" or the example I gave, "black! black!" is being used to mock a minority.

Whites are the majority in this country, and have not, as race, been repressed by any people of color.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Sarah G,

If you don't understand the difference between calling George Bush and chimp and calling Barack Obama a chimp, then please remove yourself from this discussion.

It's painfully obvious you don't know this country tragic history of dehumanizing African Americans by comparing them to apes.

TAO said...


I will apologize to you for misreading your post, which wasn't hard to do considering the latest liberal bashing thread you have on your blog...

I would love to start a reactionary right bashing blog but I am scared that I would offend the last three true conservatives that exist in the world and I have respect for conservatism but it is just a shame that they are extinct...

Forced into extinction by the reactionary right trolls...

Pamela Zydel said...

Tao: Thank you for the apology. I won't explain my blog here as I don't want to get off topic. I'll explain another time.

Anonymous said...

"Forced into extinction by the reactionary right trolls..."

TAO.....I am bothered by this for many reasons. The most concerning is that it discredits the open minded, rational thinking conservatives. Conservatism itself is not a bad thing, but the radicals damage it by being so all or nothing!

Anonymous said...

NO Shaw, a joke is a joke!! It' only people like you that put racism into it.
Liberals are so far removed from the real world and what it takes to keep this nation free from terrorists hell bent to destroy us. Political correctness is going to kill us all. Say what you want about Dick Cheney, but he's right. They kept this nation free from terrorist attacks from 9-11 forward. The Obama Administration and Eric Holder are sending us back to the Jimmy Carter days. Lord, save us all.

whyyeseyec said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shaw Kenawe said...

Sarah G,

You didn't answer my question.

And BTW, I didn't put racism into the joke, the people sending it around did.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Your long, long comment has nothing to do with the subject of my post.

And it is filled with egregious inaccuracies.

This post isn't about Reagan or Clinton or Democrats vs. Republicans.

It's about a racist cartoon.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Mary, Mary,

I believe Jennifer can think for herself and make her own decisions.

Your comment has nothing to do with the subject of my post.

Thank you very much.

TAO said...


Here is the whole comment:

"I would love to start a reactionary right bashing blog but I am scared that I would offend the last three true conservatives that exist in the world and I have respect for conservatism but it is just a shame that they are extinct...

Forced into extinction by the reactionary right trolls..."

IT CLEARLY STATES that I have RESPECT for fact if I could build the perfect government it would be based upon conservative principles...

BUT after months of blogging and reading I want nothing to do with the stupidity that passes for conservative thought nowadays on the internet...

As I said, conservatism was killed by the extreme right, or as Pam calls it 'the reactionary right."

When you say, " The most concerning is that it discredits the open minded, rational thinking conservatives. Conservatism itself is not a bad thing, but the radicals damage it by being so all or nothing!"


Now, let me ask, where do I find the last three remaining "open minded, rational thinking conservatives?"

I used to be one of those back during the days of Conservative Convictions and now all I find myself doing is fighting the stupidity of the reactionary right...

Anonymous said...

TAO....Maybe I wasn't clear, but I was completely agreeing with your statement. I chose that part of your statement because that is so relevant. I totally agree with you! Sorry if I wasn't clear.

jaern said...

What strikes me about it is.
The conservatives are so dumb they can't tell the difference. The racial inference is clearly there.
If they had shown the chimp being shot,with a caption of something like "that will teach the animals not to mess with us."

Then yeah, I could see where they were speaking about the chimp attacking the person.

But the reference to the stimulus bill ??????? How STUPID are they ?????

Pure and simple gutter bigotry!!!! From pure and simple gutter bigots !!!!!

As far as apologizing to the people, hmmmmmph !!!! They should apologize to the president and his family.

Class less, ignorant, misguided idiots will say it is OK to do this, because people portrayed Bush as a chimp.
How many times did it portray Bush as being shot dead by policemen?????

Wake up neocon idiots !!!!!!!! You want a war you can't and won't win ?????

No matter who the person is being portrayed, showing them shot dead by the police is a sign of a Fascist/Nazi Mentality !!

Thank you for bringing this out and showing the ones on propeller who are the type to like this crap. Also for showing the ones who hate this bull crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I get these emails forwarded to me also Shaw. Many of them come from Republican operatives in my area. They prove that the Republican party works to appeal to bigots. Idiots and homophobes. That righties defend these regardless of degree of bad taste or just out and out race baiting provides even more proof.

The irony is that although I believe George W. Bush to be one of the worst presidents ever, I also believe the man didn't have a bigoted bone in his body. He just ended up being a dupe for the powers on the right that pandered to the bigots for their votes.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

When one lives on a reef at the bottom of the sea, a hurricane passes relatively unnoticed. Perhaps a scuttled ship sinking into sand is all an Octopus knows of the turbulence above.

It is difficult to understand the human response to approaching storms. Human beings act as if they lived in the bottom of the sea. There is an approaching Category 5 hurricane. It is comprised of two ongoing wars, the worst economic crisis in 80 years, a healthcare system leading to bankruptcy and ruin, an energy crisis unresolved since 1973, thieves and liars everywhere ... and a total lack of consensus.

One would think a town hall meeting or an open Internet forum such as this would be a fine place to have an honest and civil discussion. Maybe even talk about problem solving. Nooooo!

This comment thread resembles a Romper Room lacking adult supervision. Attack, counter-attack, snark, counter-snark, insults beget insults, a constant game of gotcha. Folks, are you human beings or lemmings?

Anonymous said...

TAO... I just read the comment and can see why you were confused!

When I said that "I am bothered by this" I didn't mean your post. I meant the reactionary rights/radicals that have been showing up all over the place. I agree with you regarding "conservative thought" the biggest problem is that there is no thought process. Too much Beck and Rush and not enough critical thinking!

pareto said...

That Ted Kennedy could take a shit and have it elected in his stead speaks volumes about the big steaming pile of voters in Massachusetts. His flaccid intellect and cirrhosis of the soul represent his constituents well. The fact that the shit could do a better job speaks volumes about the big steaming pile that is Ted Kennedy.
Stop Me Before I Regulate Again

Anonymous said...

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