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Friday, November 2, 2012

Conservatives call Gov. Christie traitor for working with Pres. Obama to help New Jersey victims of Hurricane Sandy

Well, that didn't take long, did it. 

The darling of the GOP and keynote speaker at the Republican convention, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has now turned into Quisling Christie.  And what, you may ask, has brought the Wrath of Wrepublicans down on its one-time hero and presidential hopeful?  What has this politician, whom crass and foul Coulter claimed would be the only candidate able to win the presidency from Mr. Obama, what on this blue-green, climate-changing Earth has he done to earn the imprecations and malevolence now enveloping, like a miasma of toxic gas, Christie's once bright and future political star?

Republican Governor Chris Christie worked and cooperated with Democratic President Barack Hussein Obama.  But wait!  There's more!  And it's shocking!  Gov. Christie said, Gasp! in public, Gasp!, that the president did a great job in cooperating with him and seeing to it that federal assistance would be delievered promptly to the victims of this unprecedented storm.

Oh the humanity!

This will not do!  And the conservatives have made it extremely clear that Americans helping Americans in their darkest and most desperate hours is not a conservative value. 

In fact, what Gov. Christie has done, as the chief executive officer of New Jersey, is unforgivable to the howling masses who believe it is a far, far better thing to obstruct and sabotage their country than it is to work together to heal it.  And  now we have absolute proof of this in their ugly reaction to Chrisite's cooperation with President Obama .

Here's a sampling of their reaction:

"...the WEATHER CRISIS that apparently caused his mind to snap. This sad turn of events found the tubby governor giving EXCESSIVE PRAISE to BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ...What's YOUR interpretation of The FAT MAN'S wanton act of TREASON against his OWN party?"

And here are some comments that show how sick with hatred and paranoia conservatives have become.  Read these wholly unAmerican--no, worse, inhumane thoughts and let it sink into our collective brains what  nasty, brutish, and baneful people they have become since Mr. Obama won the presidency.

"Christie is making an ass of himself.

It's a

I don't know how much difference the bromance will make, however. How many votes will be swayed by Christie's stumping for Obama this late in the game?

In a way, Christie looks as if he's kissing federal ass so as to make sure to get federal dollars."

"Christie just proved himself to be one of "them" with his effusive praise of Obama JUST before the election.

He's another John Roberts -- a fake conservative. His early support of Mitt Romney when we DESPERATELY needed a more radical conservative-libertarian, strict-constructionist was telling.

Besides, his weight is SO out of control -- the sign of a weak, self-indulgent character -- I doubt he'll be around more than another few years at best."

"As I watched the Governor and the President doing a walk around of the devastated sites in New Jersey the thing I noticed first and foremost was that both were walking around with their hands in their pockets — obviously for photo-ops rather than being there to lend a hand to help. "

"New Jersey is my home state. Of COURSE I care about it, but the massive physical and economic destruction and frightening inconvenience there right now are NOTHING compared to the need to BREAK the BACK of the MARXISTS who are in control of the WHITE HOUSE right now.

Governor Christie allowed his emotions to run away with him. It is HE who has lost sight of the BIG PICTURE in the panic and terror of the moment.

I wouldn't give Obama ANYTHING except a good swift kick in the shins, if I had the chance to get near the bastard."

Daily Caller's Matt Lewis: 

"Lewis’ primary gripe with Christie is that he was simply too grateful to President Obama for being responsive and quick with his release of federal disaster relief funds.
[I]sn’t it possible to be serious and respectful and thankful without becoming a prop for Obama’s re-election? (The issue here is about the degree to which he is going out of his way to help Obama politically — and the context of the timing.)"

The above comments are the embodiment of all that is sick and demented in this polarized country.

I don't know what can be done to change it, but I do know that what the governor and the president engaged in during a very terrible time for our country is a small step in curing us of this sick madness.




Silverfiddle said...

I'm not one of those Right Blogistanis who blame Christie. He is being a good governor. It's what governor's do in times of disaster.

What surprises me is that some conservatives are just now waking up to the fact that he is not a conservative, but rather a pragmatic moderate, and I respect him for that.

He is a man that fits his state, so I see no need in busting on him for it. I didn't elect him; the people of New Jersey did. He doesn't need to make me or Ann Coulter happy; he serves the people of New Jersey.

I think his GOP presidential ambitions are toast, which I personally think is a shame. I'll take a roll up your sleeves and get things done person over an ideologically pure candidate any day.

skudrunner said...

It is unfortunate that everything revolves around politics. Even though FEMA is another bloated, inefficient federal bureaucracy to deny help or give credit for helping his constituents would have been the wrong thing to do. Christie did the right thing.

KP said...

Good on Chris Christie! I hope that he continues to do everything in his power to do what needs to be done to protect his people, without hesitation and with thoughtful force; accepting help from all corners.

Keynote RNC speaker, top Romney surrogate: this tells you what you ought to know about moderate Republicans; you could say moderate Americans. America is a nation moderates; no matter the inflated self image of the far right and far left.

Christie is doing the right thing; period. In the long run this will solidify the nations first impression of him; he can lead a state and the nation. File that away for the future. Many of have a crush on the Christie.

Rational Nation USA said...

On this one Shaw I am in total agreement. Kudos to Governor Christie for doing the RIGHT thing and acting as a responsible Governor should.

I agree with you on all but one point Silver. It is far from certain the Governor's presidential ambitions, if he really holds them, is toast. Only to a mindless rEpublican party power structure would this be the case.

Tim said...

I think that it is more of an indictment of the GOP than Christie if Teabaggers call him a traitor for reaching across the aisle in times of disaster. People are just fed up with all of the GOP lies. Lies about Jeep moving to China, fake photo ops washing already clean pots, and lies about our pragmatic, moderate president whom they seem to think is the Anti-Christ. Yes, the GOP will learn a hard lesson on Tuesday.

Dave Miller said...

Too bad Silver... but the majority of primary voters and the voices of the most vocal in your party do not agree.

Take a look at the conservative blogs your read and even many of your commenters at your blog.

Most of them could have made, or probably made these types of statements.

Until a GOP leader steps up and calls these folks out, the GOP will suffer as they look for the most idealogically pure candidate...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Well I'm heartened to read the commenters here who agree that having Christie put the well-being of his constituents before politics is the decent thing to do.

Now, if only the pols in DeeCee did the same, imagine the problems we could solve.

We've all read the famous line "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice."

Let's extend that to: "But extremism in the face of disater is!

Paul said...

He is not a conservative?
That's why the party gave him the top speaking spot at the convention, or why he has been the darling of the party since he became Gov.
Just another way of diluting his importance now that he made Obama look good.
Now his presidential ambitions are toast? Why because he said some nice things about the president? More proof how nasty Republiscum leaders are. They eat their own.
I love watching these Republicans begging Obama for aid they would eliminate, if they held the White House.
According to your candidate NJ can handle all the costs of reconstruction and personal help to the citizens, themselves. Fine, what are they doing begging the feds for money?
Now, Romney says FEMA has an important place to help Americans. Just months ago he said he would eliminate FEMA.
You guys have no convictions and will say anything. An insult to all Americans.
Sill waiting for you to tell us why America is not in the black (previous post).

Shaw Kenawe said...

It is amazing, isn't it? Any GOPer who attracts a sniff of bipartisanship or any GOPer who messes up [see GWB] is not a "real conservative."

GOPers run away from their own who fail the purity test.

Chis Christie is a conservative. And so is George W Bush.

GOPers own them both.

KP said...

Repeat -- Americans are far and away, moderates. That goes for the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats.

@Dave I think it unwise to judge the majority of Dems or Repubs via blogs. Blogs arew written by the very passionate who tend to fall on the far left and far right. They are also very bright people or their blogs would not last. And I can attest, first hand, they are good and decent people who have far more in common than not.

Silverfiddle said...

@ Dave: Too bad Silver... but the majority of primary voters and the voices of the most vocal in your party do not agree.

I am not saying that they do. I only speak for myself.

And nobody on either side needs "called out."

We are a diverse nation of people who speak their minds, and thank God for that.

skudrunner said...

There is no way to please the extremes on both parties. The far left doesn't think Obama is liberal enough and won't be happy until they have a Stalin and the far right won't be happy until they have a Norquest.

The problem is neither of these extremes are going to solve the issues in the country because they won't meet in the middle.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw, let's not leave out the other moniker, "True Conservative" from the list.

Steve brings up some good points. How conservative, Silverfiddle, must someone be to be a true conservative?

Gov. Christie was chosen to nominate Mitt Romney, a "severe conservative" at the Republican National Convention.

Before that, GOP leaders everywhere were effusive in their praise of this man, as were many in the blogosphere, some openly hoping for him to run for president.

If he is indeed toast as a presidential candidate, as you Silver, have claimed, what has changed that metric between two weeks ago and now?

The only possible answer must be his praise of President Obama for helping the people of New Jersey. Just today Christie was telling the teachers unions that they would have to work on their days off to make up for lost teaching time.

So here is how am interpreting the events of the last few days.

A major storm hits the eastern seaboard. Republican leaders across the area ask the Federal Government and FEMA for help in preparing and the aftermath. The Feds, under the direction of President Obama respond quickly.

A former FEMA leader under President Bush criticizes President Obama for acting too quickly on aid, yet the Republican leaders in the affected states heap praise on the president for the quick federal response.

One of those GOP leaders, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey even appears in public and notes how helpful President Obama has been and thanks him for helping the people of the devastated region.

Now GOP partisans, like Silverfiddle, malcontented to an extreme degree with President Obama, declare him dead as a future GOP candidate.

How amazing is this? Proof positive that no matter what President Obama does, even if it helps millions of Americans, extreme partisans in the GOP will complain.

They take the adage that the friend of my enemy is my enemy to a new extreme.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw, as we enter the final weekend before the election, I continue to wonder if President Obama will hold on.

This is not his election to win, it is his election to survive.

But if does win, I was wondering...

Will the GOP, who have been saying for years that elections have consequences and that when the people speak, the politicians should listen, fall into line and work with a newly elected President Obama?

Will they follow the same advice they gave Dems when Dems lost elections, that American has rejected your ideas for government and that you should capitulate to the GOP ideas, and capitulate themselves?

Or will we hear quickly that this was a close election and they see no need to accommodate the radical ideas of President Obama?

Will there be any GOP statesman who will step forward and say that indeed America has spoken and that our job is to work with President Obama to get America moving.

Or will we have another four years of GOP induced gridlock in Washington?

Just asking...

Shaw Kenawe said...

"But if [he] does win, I was wondering...

Will the GOP, who have been saying for years that elections have consequences and that when the people speak, the politicians should listen, fall into line and work with a newly elected President Obama?"

No. Because the Republican Party's behavior indicates it believes only GOP presidents are legitimate leaders of the USA. Everyone else is suspect and needs to be ridiculed or impeached.

"Will they follow the same advice they gave Dems when Dems lost elections, that American has rejected your ideas for government and that you should capitulate to the GOP ideas, and capitulate themselves?"

History has indicated, that, NO! they will not.

"Or will we hear quickly that this was a close election and they see no need to accommodate the radical ideas of President Obama?"


"Will there be any GOP statesman who will step forward and say that indeed America has spoken and that our job is to work with President Obama to get America moving."

If one exists, he or she will look at how Christie was treated when he did the decent thing for his state, and so there will be no such statesman or woman to step forward.

It is my opinion that allegiance to party is more important to Republicans than is allegiance to America.

This is not so in the Democratic Party, since many Democrats did not support President Obama in all of his policy initiatives, and that's why that fable that he had 2years of control of Congress and the executive branch is just that, a fable [a polite word for lie.]

Or will we have another four years of GOP induced gridlock in Washington?

Shaw Kenawe said...

That last question is hard to answer.

Perhaps Americans' disgust with the Christie incident will change that?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Please. Someone tell me this is an Onion parody and not something a cable news station actually aired:

"Fox and Friends" questioned NBC's upcoming fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy on Friday morning, wondering aloud whether it was putting the event on merely to help President Obama.

The benefit, "Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together," will air on Friday night, and features performances by Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Christina Aguilera and Billy Joel, among others. The televised benefit concert has become a staple of post-disaster relief efforts. But "Fox and Friends" smelled a rat, since the concert is airing so close to the presidential election.

"Good intention, raise some money for victims, but the timing is more than suspect," guest host Eric Bolling said. "Is this more political? Is this more, let's get this thing on TV before the election to help President Obama look more presidential? Or is it more to help out victims?"

"It does look like they're trying to squeeze it in," Steve Doocy agreed. He then noted that Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen are avowed Obama supporters (they are also New Jersey musical icons, of course).

"Where are the conservative performers?" Doocy asked. "How's NBC going to control what people say?"

"Is it a hurricane benefit or a concert for Obama?" he later said darkly. "I don't know," Bolling said.

Silverfiddle said...

Dave: My declaration that he was toast was not a wish of my own, but my reading of many on the right.

From what I can gather, his praise for Obama was overly effusive and obsequious.

Let's face it, all camps have people who do not act rationally. Many conservatives who were infatuated with Christie did not realize how moderate he was.

He freed Brian Aiken, and that's good enough for me.

I am far from the official spokesman for Conservatism, but by my lights (and many others who matter), this is the gold standard of conservatism:

Russell Kirk's 10 Conservative Principles

FreeThinke said...

PLEASE. Let me speak AS myself and for MYSELF.

Only The Poseur-in-Chief would be callous and cynical enough to use a cataclysmic weather event to gain political leverage by using tragedy and disaster as a PHOTO OP.

How EASY it is to be flown in comfort into to a disaster area, stand before the cameras, make a pretty speech, appear "sympathetic" and "concerned" while hugging a few handy victims.

What has our president ACTUALLY DONE to restore power, clear away wreckage, make gasoline available, keep the babies, toddlers, elderly and infirm made newly homeless from dying of exposure in the freezing weather? What has he DONE to provide food to the starving, medical care to the dying?

OH! He "quickly released Federal Disaster Relief funds," did he? How incredibly noble and generous of him! How extraordinarily magnanimous! What a tremendous EFFORT that must have been for him! What a HARD decision it must have been for him to have to make! How terribly TAXING it must have been to have to STOP CAMPAIGNING long enough to put pen to paper and give order.

I am SO impressed -- NOT!

Obama is a practitioner of PERFORMANCE ART -- nothing else -- his entire career has been nothing but RHETORIC -- the self-serving promotion of CRACK-BRAINED THEORIES, PIPE DREAMS -- SYMBOLISM without SUBSTANCE.

It's DEEPLY OFFENSIVE to ME -- and SHOULD be to YOU too -- that this mountebank stood by and did NOTHING to try to help Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the three men who were brutally murdered along with him, when he KNEW -- well in advance -- the deadly danger they were in.

He refused even to TRY to protect and defend those poor souls, who BEGGED for his help, and then either brazenly instructed or cravenly allowed members of his staff to LIE day after day after day in hopes of sustaining the politically advantageous ILLUSION that he had improved conditions in the Middle East and put a virtual stop to Al Qaida.

His presidency -- like that of his inept, APAIC-directed predecessor -- has been nothing but an unending torrent of HORSE PUCKEY.

That Chris Christie -- the KEYNOTE SPEAKER at the REPUBLICAN CONVENTION and one of the earliest supporters of Mitt Romney -- would heap PRAISE on such a man ABUNDANTLY and EFFUSIVELY is frankly REVOLTING.

Will the basically liberal, rather too tepid Mitt Romney do any better?

I have no idea, but I am certainly more than willing to give him a CHANCE. He could hardly do WORSE.

Good God in Heaven! WHAT ever happened to our sense of PRIORITIES?

Gone With The Wind, apparently.

Sign me,

Disgustedly yours,

~ FreeThinke

Shaw Kenawe said...

Free Thinke,

There. You've had your chance to express your opinion on how President Obama handled himself during Hurricane Sandy.

You are in a distinct minority if you believe all President Obama did was photo-ops. I think the governors of the states that endured much of the disaster [NY and NJ] are in a better position to pass judgement on how Mr. Obama and the federal government reacted. Not you. Gov. Bloomberg endorsed Mr. Obama for president, and Gov. Christie praised his efforts. QED.

On your blog you have slandered Mr. Obama's father, labeling him a savage, and I won't bother to document the slanderous names and slurs you've thrown at the president and his wife.

You clearly detest him, and this rancid hatred drives your opinion on everything to do with him and his family. IMHO.

You often talk about how we citizens make things worse by shouting at each other and making outrageous claims about our politicians, hoping to gain oneupsmanship on each other by screaming louder than the next commenter. You've said yourself how that accomplishes nothing.

Then you come here and act just like those you mock.

Benghazi has nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy; and in fact, more is coming out about what really happened, and the information will not be what you and the other Obama Deranged Haters are hoping for.

Have a nice day.

Shaw Kenawe said...

U.S. officials counter criticism in Benghazi attack
Reports from Fox News and other outlets suggest gross negligence by President Obama, the CIA and the Pentagon. U.S. officials issue a detailed response.

WASHINGTON — Maryland insurance executive Christopher Moody believes much of the news media is missing a major scandal in how the Obama administration responded to the attack in eastern Libya that killed four Americans.

Based on reports he's seen and heard on Fox News, talk radio and elsewhere, Moody is positive that officials watched a live video feed in the White House situation room from an overhead drone as the attack in Benghazi unfolded. He knows that a U.S. Special Operations team was available in Sicily to help rescue the besieged Americans, but wasn't sent. He is sure that President Obama or his aides refused requests to dispatch an AC-130 Spectre gunship that could have mowed down the attackers with its fearsome rotating cannons.

"The bottom line," emailed Moody, whose father was a Democratic U.S. senator from Michigan, "is that [Obama] had the ability to save those four Americans and didn't do it."

PHOTOS: U.S. ambassador killed in attack on consulate in Libya

Officials in the Pentagon and the intelligence community contend that none of those assertions are true.

In an extraordinary effort to refute them, senior intelligence officials released a detailed timeline Thursday of CIA actions in Benghazi, after trying for weeks to keep the extent of the CIA's presence there a secret. Pentagon officials, meanwhile, disclosed details about military forces they set in motion after learning of the attack.

Senior intelligence and Defense officials say there was some coverage by unarmed surveillance drones during part of the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack, but no feed was available for the president. The Special Operations team arrived on the Italian island of Sicily hours after the attack was over. And "no AC-130 was within a continent's range of Benghazi," Pentagon spokesman George Little said.

Shaw Kenawe said...

On the issue of a military response, the Obama administration got an unusual boost Friday by former George W. Bush administration Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, who wrote in a blog post that "the US did almost everything possible to protect our people once the attacks had started, though not in advance. … Decision makers in Washington appear to have been leaning forward, as they should have been. The military's most capable rescue force, based on the East Coast, was deployed immediately (something that is very rarely done), but — given the distances involved — arrived at Sigonella only after the crisis was over." Sigonella is the site of a U.S. military installation in Sicily.

Craig said...

Obama is a practitioner of PERFORMANCE ART

His PERFORMANCE as a competent president is amazing. I can imagine what a hate addled, pseudo intellectual troglodyte, like yourself, would say if Obama hadn't shown up.

Being pres. during a natural disaster probably entails more than signing the forms to release the money. If that's all it is, then Bush was a real moron. He couldn't even get that right.

Maybe it doesn't take a genius to appoint someone with disaster relief experience, over a Arabian horse judge, to head the agency in charge of disaster relief, but it's good presidentin'.

Before you tell me you didn't like Bush either, remember, W was to the right of St. Reagan.

Christie is still an asshole for what he's done to workers, the poor and middle class in his state, but kudos to him for his response to the storm. He's not cruel enough to get the Republican nomination.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"He's not cruel enough to get the Republican nomination."

Or a big enough liar.

Romney must know he screwed up big time when the CEOs of two of this country's biggest corporation call his statements about Chrysler and GM lies.

His "Tell 'em anything; the hell with the truth" gamble for his end game backfired.

Romney did himself no favors.

Silverfiddle said...

The truth about Benghazi will come out at some point after the election.

And speaking of truth, the fact remains that Obama refused to give Ambassador Stevens the requested extra security he requested.

President Obama also failed to adequately posture our embassies against expected 9/11 anniversary attacks.

If President Obama gets credit for killing bin Laden, he also gets the blame for the Benghazi murders.

Silverfiddle said...

Speaking of lies, here's a nice youtube of 65 of Obama's greatest lies


Paul said...

Nice to see you accept that the truth (facts) have not yet come out, yet you and RN accuse the president of murder.
KP made the same accusation about security 2 days after the attack, when we knew no facts, and we still don't.

Rational Nation USA said...

There you go again Steve.

I'm waiting Shaw, here's your chance to demonstrate the integrity I have always thought you have.

Infidel753 said...

These hysterical freaks don't speak for anyone but themselves. Moderates like to see politicians working together to solve problems. Christie and Obama putting partisanship aside to deal with the disaster will help both of them win re-election (I don't know when Christie's up for re-election, but people don't forget).

Did Limbaugh really call Christie fat?!

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Did Limbaugh really call Christie fat?!"

Yes. But what can anyone expect from a dope like him who has zero self-awareness?

RN, Steve did not call you names. I don't know what you refer to.

Rational Nation USA said...

Whatever Shaw, whatever...

Paul said...

Here I go again RN.
You posted Benghazi is a cover up by Obama equal to Watergate.
Not only are the facts not in (as SF states) but not all cover ups are equal.
To say Benghazi is equal to Watergate is not only not factual; but a gross misstatement of what depths Nixon's lies and cover up.
But of course you Republiscums have to invent something to make Obama equal to the worst president in United States history, just days before the election.
The definition of dirty politics, which you Republiscums have been practicing against Obama for over a year now.
It ranks higher than birthers and the racial slurs our president has had to endure from Republiscums.
Obama's word "revenge" is not out of line, just check the dictionary for the meaning of revenge.

Anonymous said...

As if the world needed any more evidence, but the Repuglicans are simply incapable of governance, and would prefer instead, to rule.


BB-Idaho said...

FoxNews has been 24/7 on Benghazi.
As if US embassies have never been
attacked. Reagan-Beirut, Kuwait,
Jarkata, Rome, the Marine barracks..many more dead than Benghazi...but no vicious political attacks by fellow Americans. Bush- Karachi, Tashkent, Manilla, Jedda, Damascus,
Istanbul, Yemen, NY Trade Center..
many more dead than Benghazi, but no vicious attacks by fellow Americans (in fact, they supported
attacking a country that was not responsible). So Benghazi is just
another in a long line of such incidents, and rather minor in comparison. Excuse me, but I simply cannot buy such transparent
accusations for what are political
reasons. Nor should any thinking

Dave Miller said...

Amen BB... but let's not let facts cloud our thinking...

Shaw Kenawe said...

I don't tell my commenters what to say.

However. How does it advance anyone's political position to call the opposition names? It doesn't.

Can't we let our ideas and facts carry the argument?

Anonymous said...

The CIA came out Thursday debunking the idea they refused to help
Shaw detailed the incident well, with the facts so far
Investigation and more facts still to come

skudrunner said...

"However. How does it advance anyone's political position to call the opposition names? It doesn't."

Have you advised his holiness of your feelings because that is all he has got.

I have no doubt Obama will win which means we are in for another four years of division and high unemployment but he will get one thing he is after. Drive small business out of business and raise taxes on the "rich".

His job creating record is -61,000 in four years, a record he can be proud of but he is not Obama, he is now Clinton running against Bush.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner, we can always count on you to come here and spread untruths.

Your extreme unhappiness with reality is duly noted.

Rational Nation USA said...


Live your delusional dEmocratic progressive statist fascist life. Be my gust dude, enjoy... :-)

I'll continue to advocate real liberty and freedom

Shaw Kenawe said...

Answer to your last comment--which will not be posted because of--well you know why:

I've deleted as many of his as yours for the reasons I've set out.

If I let all the comments through, this blog would devolve into nothing more than a bashfest for the both of you.

I will post any comment that deals with the subject matter and that uses facts and good arguments to counter other people's comments--I also like clever retorts, but not ad hominem attacks.

skudrunner said...

"skudrunner, we can always count on you to come here and spread untruths."

Take the number employed when his wonderfulness took office, subtract the number employed now. Simple math shows a decrease.

Paul said...

When RN writes "Jews went willingly to the gas chambers" it's not an ad hominem attack to call someone who wrote that, anti-Semitic.
It is the ugliest slur about Jews to come out of WW II. And I usually hear it from white supremest skinheads.
Sure RN apologized, but as I said then, I can forgive someone for writing it, but will not forget what kind of person I'm dealing with.
You gave RN quite a pass to say you would never mention it again. Why? Why protect that kind of hate filled thinking?
Then RN backs up that kind of ugly thinking by saying Obama economics are the same as Hitler economics. You don't see a pattern there?
How many times have I written my opinion on an issue only to have RN simply insult me, instead of referring to what I wrote?
I did ask RN months ago to not address me, but he refused and kept on with the insults, still not addressing what I wrote. Why allow that?
As of a few months ago, I was new to your blog. I didn't start the trash talk, and I see nothing wrong in responding in kind, which I would not have done, if you deleted those attacks against me in the first place. I'm no prude. I wasn't even offended, but respond with nice? Sorry.
You are a much nicer person than I am, but then I have no respect for those that attack me ad hominem.
I use RN's written words, not something I made up.
RN wrote Benghazi was a cover up equal to Watergate. I didn't make that up, and why shouldn't he be asked to explain such an untrue statement?
You certainly have the right to run your blog the way you want, but don't expect me to cower to people like that.
Don't expect me to be nice to people who name call me names, swear at me, and demean me simply because I gave an opinion they disagree with.
If you chose to be nice to people who have treated you so shabbily, that's your way, not mine.
My first comment on SF's blog (I went there because he comments here) I was called a piece of shit, idiot liberal. Sorry, I won't respond with kindness to a person like that. Besides, they love their hate, or they would not continue those tactics.
I got involved in these blogs because it is a presidential election year. I was disappointed, but not surprised at the level of uncivil discourse, but I can adapt to the atmosphere I'm engaged with.

Paul said...


The election is tomorrow, unlike RN who says he will stop coming to your blog constantly, yet, can't resist coming back to spread his egotistical, condescending garbage, I'll be gone. I'm sure you will find that comforting, and I leave you to your racist, bigoted, hate filled, small minded, opposition.
You are wasting your time. What can be learned from a non-intellectual, nasty exchange? Git rid of them, and keep your friends who defend you from these back stabbing slugs.
If Romney wins I will back away from politics; not just because of the useless lying politicians like Romney (and much worse) but because my fellow citizens believe this is the kind of leadership they want. Ugly!
If Obama wins, I will be all over him for what he has not done, and the cowering he has done with his nasty opposition. I expect more fight against an opposition so filled with racist, hate tactics.
Government truly is about peoples lives, and either we get serious about ridding our government of this hate, or we deserve the result of the non change pacifism brings.
There is always more to be said, but I'm tired of these haters and have no patience to be kind to those who are nasty.
I'll use a racial slue and say, "I will call a spade a spade."
I will not pretend, or wash over the basis of their hate filled characters.
I thank you for putting up with my upsetting you, but I won't apologize for treating jerks like jerks.
I have a saying, "Be a jack ass, get treated like a jack ass."
You probably disagree with that, but like I said you are a much nicer person than I am.
Don't kid yourself SF enjoys that his minions attack your blog with porn.
What kind of convoluted, dishonest thinking can say they support ChickFlic, but do not support an anti-gay agenda? When it's well known that ChickFlic gives millions (money made from buying their products) to those elected representatives, that write anti-gay bills and support an anti-gay agenda. Sorry, I just can't let people get by with such lies without calling them out on it. Then they get snarky and call me names instead of defending their dishonesty.
Good luck, you will need it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Steve, I'm sorry you feel the way you do. I run a blog. I try to be reasonable with the commenters here. The only rule I want to enforce is to not allow people to attack each other.

The incident where RN insulted Jews was handled the best way I knew how. RN said he regretted his comment. I accepted his apology.

How RN feels about Jewish people, only he can answer. I don't know. The remark he made was awful, and I told him so. It was especially disgusting for me to read, since I have two grandsons whose father is Jewish.

I can't be the referee between the two of you.

You're more than welcome to continue to comment here, I have no argument with you. I've only asked that personal animosities between commenters be played out elsewhere. I can't promote them here.

Your opinions are welcome here.

Paul said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at you, but you have every right to be mad at me.
I'm leaving because the election is over, and so is my experience with blogs.
It's not about RN and me. It's about RN (and his ilk) and any liberal thinker. Look at the way he treats anyone who disagrees with him. Ema, JMJ, etc., especially you. He's nasty to all.

"How RN feels about Jewish people, only he can answer. I don't know."

He told us how he feels about Jews, more than once. I can only take his words for how he feels and who he is. To me, he made it very clear and I can't imagine anyone reading his comments thinking otherwise. His explanation (during his apology) stated it was a historical fact that Jews went willingly to the gas chambers. really? I'll bet if I put a gun to his head, I could get him to do anything I wanted.

Remember RN "has no dog in this race." Really? Read his blog lately?

I know you are smart enough to know he is full of s...

Anonymous said...

Open note to Gov Christie, I don't live in your State but along the Gulf Coast. We have had our share of devestration from storms and I wanted to say "Great Job, Christie." If the Teapublicans don't want you, you will be welcome among Democrats or even Independants. You need to know you have lots of friends out here, so keep up the good work.

Sandra on Gulf Coast of Alabama

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...