Paul Revere by Cyrus Dallin, North End, Boston



Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Night Poetry


This is the tomorrow, dreamed
as you drove through
each town to buy bottles of wine,
loaves of bread.

A trash schedule, laundry stub,
forgotten details, fill the private
wrack you occupy in your home
among the pines.

Through the windows,
evening’s breath swirls
your hair in circles,
dark leaves beneath 
the forehead of night.

The stars’ disorderly designs
attract you.  You slide
out of your skin, trace muscle

and bone, make your own
design—tattoo of your most
famous heart, with the little
arrow pointing down.



FreeThinke said...

Non Sequiturium

Kale, kohlrabi, Swiss Chard, Brussels sprouts -
Asters, mums, tea roses, baby’s breath -
Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions, doubts -
Heliotrope, petunias, laurel wreath -

Yarrow, carrots, parsnips, turnips, bloodwart -
Salvia, canna, birds of paradise -
Azalea, rhododendron, plantar wart -
Nandina, lilac, dogwood, aphids, lice -

Dates, raisins, nutmeats, citrus peel -
Elms, poplar, maple, pin oak, beech -
Ragweed, Joe Pyeweed, goldenrod, piglet’s squeal -
Sweet pea, bittersweet, a ragged urchin’s screech -

Orange blossoms, tender river reeds -
Nasturtium, deadly nightshade --- widow’s weeds.

~ FreeThinke (2008)

Rational Nation USA said...

A cornucopia of sense experiences FT.

An intriguing poem Shaw, thank you...

(O)CT(O)PUS said...


Please note what silent ‘e’ is not:
It will not put more hope in your hop,
More spine in your spin,  
More gripe in your grip, 
Nor spite in your spit.

Silent ‘e’ may turn bits into bites, but
Please note what silent ‘e’ is not.

It cannot grind your ax into an axe,
Dissuade those who tip their hat in hate,
Nor unmake the wares of wars.
It absolve us of neither sham nor shame.

Please note what silent ‘e’ is not:
A vowel sound alone cannot
Change ‘human’ to ‘humane.’

(c) 2012 - Jeffrey Berger

Shaw Kenawe said...

Thanks to the poets who shared their work here.

FT, your poem reads deliciously.

(O)CT(O), I love it when you play with your words. Very witty.

FreeThinke said...

Thank you, Ms. Shaw, for kind words and for giving Non Sequiturium an airing. It's part of a set of five sonnets each radially different in tone and content, but all built on the name of a lost love. It's easily spotted, if you notice the acrostic running down.

Being something of a reactionary ;-) I naturally gravitate towards strict formal schemes and thrive when working within limitations.

Your free verse is intriguing and reads beautifully, but has about it an inescapable aura of impenetrable mystery.

For some reason -- Heaven only knows why -- I felt drawn into an atmosphere not unlike that created in the film Blue Velvet.

I can easily see you as Ms. Rossellini in that eerie, rather terrifying role -- hauntingly beautiful she was, I might add.


To Les:

There's a bit more to it than pure sensory images. If you read carefully there's a definite progression towards something increasingly sad and unpleasant the various non-sequiturs appearing amidst all those blossoms and foliage.

~ FT


HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all, whether you believe in it or not.