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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Business Insider: 50 State Economies from Worst to Best

Business Insider ranks the 50 state economies from WORST to BEST.

Go HERE to find out where your state's ranking is.

Massachusetts is in the top ten for best state economies.

Here are the other nine:

  1)   North Dakota
  2)   Texas
  3)   New York
  4)  Alaska
  5)  Washington
  6)   Massachusetts
  7)   Connecticut
  8)   Delaware
  9)   Vermont
10)   Wyoming


 50)  Mississippi
 49)  New Mexico
 48)  Arkansas
 47)  Maine
 46)  South Carolina
 45)  West Virginia
 44)  Kentucky
 43)  Nevada
 42)  Idaho
 41)  Hawaii
 40)  Florida


Anonymous said...

no surprises here...states doing the best economically mostly states run by liberal govs. and states doing worst run by why do conservatives still believe their economic policies are best?

Leo T. Lyon said...

How many more of these studies do the baggers have to see before they finally understand how bad conservative policies serve their people? The worst states to live in are the red states...every study shows that they do not deliver a gd quality of life to their peoples.

Jerry Critter said...

They don't read the studies, they don't believe the studies, and they think if they suffer enough in this life, eternity will be wonderful.