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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sarah The Palin Tells It Like It Isn't

Grandpa McGrumpy Pants' gift to America.  

Turn off the sound, and she's even funnier:

What she really sounds like:


Ducky's here said...

Six years of this ditz.

Boy, was Warhol wrong.

Les Carpenter said...

Nails on chalkboard.

When brains were passed out SP's bag was empty.

Will the real Joker please stand up?

Waiting for the "FreeThinke" to weigh in.

Doctor Tomato said...

Why give her any attention.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, just think, a huge number of GOP voters actually thought she was qualifie to be vice president AND eventually president! Oh, and lots of those GOPers kept telling the Democrats who criticized her immense ignorance that they were "afraid of Sarah." Yes we were, but not for the reasons they thought!

RN USA, Palin will always have her coterie of admirers and they will never be able to see how inept and foolish she is.

R.O.F., it's Hump Day, and I thought we could use some laughs.

Lisa said...

Unlike this musicto the ears

FreeThinke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shaw Kenawe said...

So surface qualities trump intelligence and rational thinking?

Did you actually listen to her speech? It is full of hackneyed cliches and unsubstantiated talking points that I've read in TeaParty emails every day (I have a friend who passes them along to me from her Tea Party relative so that I know what passes for thinking in that quarter.)

Palin is a classic example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. It is the Tea Party gang that gave her the false idea that she has an understanding of the complexities of foreign and domestic issues. She doesn't, and that's why every time she opens her mouth to give her unintelligible opinion she makes a fool of herself.

As for speech patterns and accents, one of the world's most brilliant minds, Richard Feynman, spoke in his native Far Rockaway, New York, accent, using "deez an doze" to explain quantum electrodynamics, and not one of his students or fellow scientists gave a flying donut about his accent as he delivered his lectures, because they understood that it was the content of what he said that mattered and not the surface prettiness of his speech patterns.

Suggesting that Palin would make a better impression if she lowered her voice's register and stopped sounding like a "hick," is suggesting that she window-dress her limited mind to make us believe she has something brilliant to say.

As they say on the "intertubes:"

"Na ga happen."

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

So a comment has been removed by the author. Kinda like a dog peeing on the bushes without leaving a watermark.

Texas Chump Humper said...

The old saying if you had half a brain you'd be dangerous, in Palin's case it's if you had one firing neuron you'd be dangerous cuz Palin's firing nothing but blanks and that makes her a walking menace to everyone except the baggers.

Shaw Kenawe said...

This is the comment about Sarah Palin from Free Thinke that I responded to. I'm reposting it here so that you can see what I was responding to. I have no idea why Mr. F.T. scrubbed it, since he posted it elsewhere on blogs:

"The only thing seriously wrong with Sarah Palin beside her hairdo is her speech patterns. She is a fierce rhotic speaker with a shrill, high-pitched voice that becomes an outright squeal when she gets worked up. This makes her sound like an uneducated Yahoo -- an ignorant hick -- when in fact she is a very intelligent person who has a lot of courage.

It IS possible to corect such flaws as many of he great Hollywood stars of the past would attest.

The late Margaret Thatcher began life as a cockney. Her father was a grocer, and the family lived over the store. She transformed herself into Lady Thatcher, a role she played almost as well as Janet Brown her best known imitator in Britain. ;-)

God bless cultivated speech and clear, precise diction! Hick accents should be eliminated with skilled vocal coaching as should low-class working class accents of all kinds.

We were put in this earth to make the most of our potential, not to limp along fat dumb and happy with our inferiority or mediocrity.

Sound snobbish? TOUGH! I'm dead serious. Her shrill rhotic accent and her inappropriate Barbie Doll hairdo are the very things that drag her down."

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

So the Cringe Fringe accuses liberals of elitism. Well, this certainly wins a price ... not for elitism but for RANK hypocrisy (again please note the intended Wortspiel),

Les Carpenter said...

"FreeThinke" seems to be doing a lot of scrubbing of late.

I think his feelings were hurt.

Les Carpenter said...

"FreeThinke" obviously wants to rid is site clean of any views that don't match his own. Today I obliged his wishes and scrubbed all my comments from his front page. I will no longer comment on the stinky pages of "FreeThinke.

I wish him, as well as his choir well.