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Friday, September 26, 2014


Yesterday I temporarily turned off my blog for reasons that I shared only with those who would be interested in this change (for those of you whose emails I do not have, I apologize for not notifying you).

I am not obligated to share my personal life with the world.

A friend informed me that commenters on certain conservative blogs went ballistic, and a troll who calls him or herself "Town Crier" angrily spread lies, misinformation, and slander about me and my reasons for suspending this blog. 

Everything they speculated on was based on nothing more than paranoia and a large dose of ignorance.  Since they knew absolutely nothing about my reasons for shutting down this blog, their tirades made them all look like damn fools.

For myself and my friends who come to this blog, there's a lesson here. The people who engaged in that sort of character assassination over something as inconsequential as a blogger suspending her blog are the same sort of misinformed trouble-making malcontents who jump on everything that happens in the political arena, especially where it concerns President Obama.

Remember that whenever you read anything they write:  

Chances are very good that they don't know what the hell they're talking about.

I'll be away from here for a week or so.  I've disabled comments until I return to blogging. 

Thank you to all who wrote with kind words and good wishes.

Shaw Kenawe

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