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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Forbes Magazine: Obama Administration Outperforms Reagan's

What should Republicans say now that the GDP is growing, the deficit is shrinking, and gas prices are falling?


Infidel753 said...

What should Republicans say now that the GDP is growing, the deficit is shrinking, and gas prices are falling?

They should tell lies as usual. It's all they've got, and it's worked with their base so far.

Shaw Kenawe said...

We can count on them to totally ignore all this excellent news and to concentrate on their perceived grievances --for example people saying "Happy Holidays!" instead of "Merry Christmas." IOW, they'll find some inconsequential issue to endlessly gnaw on. Or they'll ask for another investigation into BENGHAZI! Or continue to lie about the NOT IRS scandal.

They've been shown to be wrong on all of those issues -- even in their determination to sabotage Mr. Obama's efforts to move the country forward.

Major Fail for them on all counts.

Jerry Critter said...

They should say, "Thank you President Obama, Sir"!

What they will say is that they are responsible and that things would have been even better if they had been more successful in opposing Obama's leftwing, socialistic, progressive programs, or if the American people had elected a republican president instead.

Anonymous said...

New York Times, Dec. 15, 2014

Economic Recovery Spreads to the Middle Class

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes, Jerry. And as I predicted, certain anonymous commenters have been coming here all day with negative links.

Those types are so full of hate that even good news is depressing to them because good news is happening during the Obama years, and they cannot stomach that.

Are they nostalgic for the good old days of GWB, two wars, and a financial collapse not seen in generations? Or maybe the halcyon days of Irangate and 240 dead marines of the Reagan years?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Thank you, Anon. Most of your other namesakes have offered nothing but sour grapes.

Ducky's here said...

Although I have issues with Obama's apparent embrace of "trickle down" theory (he seems to accept it) the state of the economy is certainly improving.
The working and middle classes are still up against it and if the Teabag thrust has been blunted we are still in need of a rebirth of progressive governance.

Dave Miller said...

As the stock market soars, us main streeters are increasingly left behind. While much overall is good, wages for many have dropped in real terms..

But the numbers are all trending in the right direction...

The only response we should expect is that things "would be better with a GOP admin."

Anonymous said...

Great talking point Dave "Trending in the right direction"
We have been "trending" for 6 years

Dave Miller said...

Anon, not necessarily true across the board... It took a long time to see real progress on employment, but even the most charitable estimates have high numbers of people who just gave up hope.

Wages for many are certainly not trending up as many high wage production jobs are gone, probably forever.

Im not blaming Obama on this stuff, business needed to shed workers and become leaner to move profits up.

And so while numbers are trending up, there are still issues.

I'm not much of a talking point guy. If it sounded like that, it was coincidence...

Howard Brazee said...

I have been consistent for decades in proclaiming that the president should not get significant blame nor credit for the economy. This doesn't change when the president comes from different parties.

With the exception of when they create or extend illegal, undeclared wars. Which are expensive in so many ways.