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Friday, December 5, 2014

This video explains it

Only the wilfully blind won't get it:

 An answer to Charles Barkley's "scumbag" remarks: 

 Olympic icon John Carlos rips Charles Barkley over Ferguson comments


Police station surveillance video showed the officers wrestling Keyarika Diggles to the ground while dispatcher Lindsey Davenport watched. One of the officers grabbed a handful of Diggles hair and slammed her against the police station counter. Together they dragged her by her feet into a darkened holding cell. What was her crime? A partially unpaid parking ticket. Along with the damning video footage, the case was troubling because Cunningham and Grissom had arrested Diggles at home that morning for nothing more than an unpaid traffic ticket. And the ticket wasn’t quite unpaid—the single mother of two had been paying down her debt in monthly installments. Even after those payments, she still owed $100 at the time Grissom and Cunningham knocked on her door—but it’s still not clear why they’d chosen to arrest her that day.



skudrunner said...

Reminds me of the phrase in the 60's. If you get in trouble call a hippie.
Do police overreact, of course because they are human.
Do we have an effective and fair judicial system, only if you are rich.
Is the grad jury system out of date, probably because the prosecutor can steer the jury they way they want.

Whatever we do we must strive to keep racial tension on a high level because it is the best diversion the incompetent administration has.

I haven't seen your post about
"Report: No evidence Christie involved in bridge plot"

But I'm sure you are working on it

Shaw Kenawe said...

Reminds me of the reality of the now. If you're a black boy, man, girl, or woman, don't go near the police for ANYTHING.

The new video I put up shows us all what police do, even when they know they're being filmed, because they know NOTHING WILL HAPPEN to them. This is how a totalitarian police state works. This is supposed to be the United States of America, not Chile under Augusto Pinochet, where secret police can beat and kill citizens with impunity.

What you can't seem to see in front of your nose, skud, is that the tyrants are our police forces that get away with brutality and homicide.
(Here's my disclaimer: NOT ALL COPS ARE BAD, okay?). But there is evidence all over the internet now that too many of them do this sort of dirty work.

While you and your friends howl about the "tyrant" Obama, police forces in too many cities and towns are beating the crap out of people and killing children. That doesn't seem to disturb you or your friends. (The Porn Queen and her degenerate boyfriends are positively orgasmic over these sort of deaths.)

What will it take to make YOU and others see this reality? Another 12-year-old child being shot in the stomach for playing with a toy?

Your gratuitous mention of that loud-mouthed bully Chris Christie has nothing to do with this post. That's nothing but trolling.

And NO, President Obama isn't to blame for racial profiling and shooting unarmed Americans. Your insensitive and inflammatory remark that tries to put the blame on Obama and his attorney general is a perfect example of looking elsewhere instead of at the facts for causes of this sort of brutality.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

scud-the-crud: "Whatever we do we must strive to keep racial tension on a high level because it is the best diversion the incompetent administration has."

Why is that? What makes you think racial tensions are ginned up distractions? How does a brutal beating in Texas apply to the President? Or are you here just to annoy people with backhanded racist comments while pretending not to be the white trash Southern bigot that you are?

When you troll this place with off-topic taunts, you will be treated in kind - which is more than a white trash Southern bigot like you deserves!

You see, scud, this can go both ways. If you act like a troll, you'll be treated like a troll until the day comes when you are bounced outta here - PERMANENTLY!

skudrunner said...

More generalities than can be counted. The one system you fail to blame is the legal system because it may be a couple of cops who use excessive force but it is the legal system who passes on a trial.

Legs, a lot of assumptions in your post most of them being false.

Ducky's here said...

A couple, skud?

Been more than a couple and it is occurring throughout the country.

You may be comfortable with militarized police acting arbitrarily with near impunity but you would be in a minority.

Radical Pig Liver said...

I suspect the Repubs are likely going to blame Dems for putting the high taxes on cigarettes that led to Garner's death.

If NYC wants more tax revenue, then the rousers should choke more tax money out of the Wall Street bankers.

skudrunner said...


There are approx 800,000 LEO's in the US and some will not be of the highest caliber.

Take a job where the majority of contacts you have are confrontational, you need to wear a bullet proof vest because you are a target, A large number of LEO's come from the military and do not have a four year degree. They are not unlike most bureaucrats with a little power only they carry a gun.
I doubt you face any threats on your job but maybe Boston libraries are tough places.

Jesus H. Christ said...

Identified in the report as "Brian," [he] was shot in the stomach by a police officer in 2012 after being stopped for walking with an open container of beer. When officers asked him to stop, he initially refused and walked to a nearby porch, where he set down the beer and turned toward the officers. One officer reported seeing a weapon in Scott's waistband, yelled "gun," and pointed his gun at Scott. Scott raised his hands above his head and announced that he had a license to carry a concealed weapon. As a second officer started to handcuff Scott from behind, Scott lowered his hands a "bit" below ear level, according to a police report, and the first officer fired a shot that struck Scott in the stomach. Scott, the son of Randell Scott, a top aide to Mayor Frank Jackson, and former Cleveland Councilwoman Sabra Pierce Scott, sued the city, which paid $540,000 to settle the case. "The officer's use of deadly force in these circumstances was unreasonable," the federal report states.