Paul Revere by Cyrus Dallin, North End, Boston





The U.S. was just downgraded from a “Full” to “Flawed Democracy.”

You can thank President Porn-Star Shagger, the one who praised a murderous North Korean dictator and insulted our closest ally, Canada.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Congrats to the Pats!


Rusty Old Ford said...

Great Game! Congratulation to New England. Well played!

Rational Nation USA said...

Great game. Congrats to a great team and organization.

Oh, and don't forget to thank Carroll for the bone head call not to run Lynch and instead pass the football. That one will haunt him until his dying days I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Tom Brady: best QB of all time.

Frank J. said...

Great game. Great team.

Congratulations to Boston, Shaw!

Rational Nation USA said...

Bill Belichick one of the NFL's greatest head coaches.

And Kraft one of the best executives in the NFL. Ran a great company, Rand Whitney corrugated as well.

skudrunner said...

The true lack of class was shown by the Hawks on more than one occasion.

Congrats to NE, they deserved it. I guess Brady's balls were inflated enough to win.

Free Twinkies said...

Compared to the Seahawks, I'd take the Pats. But, of course, I'd take a ham sandwich in lieu of the Seahawks, too. I think it'd do a better job. LOL!

I have a cutting-edge sense of humor!

Ducky's here said...

MVP - Julian Edelman

Gandalf said...

On this we AGREE.

Julian Edelman, MVP!

Boston Bean Sammy said...

Great Game. Frustrating to watch such a boneheaded play call from the 1 yard line, but the Patriots stepped up made one more play and deserve to win.

Radical Pig Liver said...

Great win for the Patriots. Always a big New England fan!