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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Here's some Stupid for Breakfast


An eighth grade student in Vermont approached Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning with an idea to establish a Latin motto for the state.

Vermont already has a motto in English, "Freedom and Unity," but not one in Latin, as do many other states. The eighth grader and others working on the idea came up with this Latin phrase: Stella quarta decima fulgeat.

The translation: “May the Fourteenth Star Shine Bright,” 

Vermont was the 14th state to join the Union. It all sounds so straight forward and simple and patriotic, doesn't it?

What Representative Benning and the rest of the literate folks in Vermont didn't foresee was the firestorm of indignation and vitriol that would come from the folks in Vermont who, how should we put it delicately, have an IQ equal to room temperature in Vermont in January, and who don't know the difference between Mexico and Rome. 

Dear Gourd!  These people vote!

So, let's take a look at what the ninnyhammers in that state had to say about having Vermont adopt a Latin saying. BTW, as you read the comments, you'll find a striking resemblance to the commenters one finds at a certain Daddy blog, where illiteracy and ignorance rule the day.

CAUTION:  Take care to remove all sharp objects from the room before you read this:

Dorothy Lynn Lepisto: “I thought Vermont was American not Latin? Does any Latin places have American mottos?”

 Norman Flanders: “What next Arab motto??”

 Kevin P. Hahn: “How about ‘go back south of the boarder'”

 Richard Mason: “We are AMERICANS, not latins, why not come up with a Vermont motto that is actually from us”

 Judy Lamoureux: “Throw him out of the country tell him to take obama with him!”

 Phil Salzano: “My question is, are we Latin, or are we Vermonters? Alright then, English it is…..” 

Lori Olds: “I thought this was USA why are they trying to make Americans aliens”

 Chris Ferro: “That’s a BIG NO, if you live in the United State YOU need to learn ENGLISH!!”

 Julie Kellner: “No, you a USA citizen!.. Learn & understand the language!!!.” 

 Kurtis Jones: “No cause vt ain’t no Latino area. Leave the motto alone” 

 Zeb Swierczynski: “ABSOLUTLY NOT!!!! sick and tired of that crap, they have their own countries” 

 Ken Curtis: “Just when I felt our represenatives could not possibly get any dumber , they come up with this…get real… this is the USA, not some Moslim or Mexican country…stop given in to these people…PRESS 1 for English and forget the rest… worry about the problems you were elected to do” 

 Ronald Prouty Jr. “No way this is America not Mexico or Latin America. And they nee to learn our language, just like if we go there they want us to speak theirs” 

 Kristen Wright: “thats un called for this is the usa” 

 Kelley Dawley: “How do you say idiotic senator in spanish? I’d settle for deport illegals in spanish as a back up motto” 

 Heather Chase: “Seriously?? Last time I checked..real vermonters were speakin ENGLISH.. NOT LATIN..good god…” 

 Would you like some maple syrup with that stupid? 

 Read about it HERE.


 "Gegen Dummheit kämpfen die Götter sebst vergebens" --h/t Infidel753

UPDATE with more Stupid for your afternoon snack

Here is our new all GOP-Tea-Pee-er Congress busily at work making 'Murica a better place through deregulations that encourage dirty bathroom habits for restaurants!

GOP Senator: Don't Force Employees To Wash Their Hands After Using Toilet


Infidel753 said...

Gegen Dummheit kämpfen die Götter sebst vergebens.*

I suppose this is something to do with home schooling. It also seems that none of these people have ever looked closely at a dollar bill, or if they have, they think "Novus Ordo Seclorum" is Obama's name translated into Mexican in another effort to undermine Americanness.

For all their enthusiasm for English, you'd think they'd learn to write it correctly, but that would involve actual work and risk making them sound like those goldurn innaleckshuls that believe in evil-lushin.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question implicit in the proposed Latin motto must be "apparently not".

*"Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain."

BB-Idaho said...

Damnant quod non intelligent.

Rational Nation USA said...

Liberty, freedom, and the rule of law are values some believe are wholly owned by the western european immigrants to the USA and their offspring alone. Therefore any other folks are viewed as alien invaders bent on the destruction of the American (read USA) way of life.

This is just another example of what has become the typical non thinking knee jerk reaction from the 'RW reactionaries.

Shaw Kenawe said...

A few people who have read about this ridiculous reaction to adopting a Latin motto for Vermont have blamed the educational system. I disagree. My children did not take Latin in H.S. or college, but they certainly know that Latin is an ancient language and that the majority of Central Americans and Latin Americans speak Spanish.

Those idiots who reacted to a Latin state motto for Vermont heard the word "Latin" and what little brain matter they possessed leaked out of their ears. It was a knee-jerk reaction to the word "Latin."

With emphasis on the word JERK.

Dr. Gospel, Arborist Extraordinaire said...

Cool story. But it really helps to illustrate where today’s Republican Party is, which is in the toilet, not washing its hands because FREEDUMB.

And that’s why we have a constantly growing list of wannabe presidential contenders trying to decide whether it is safe to say parents should vaccinate their kids, or whether that is somehow a violation of the party’s sacred oath to never make anyone do anything they don’t wanna, EVAH.

Becuz nothing says FREEDOM! like a curly hair in your soup.

Ray Cranston said...

These idiots are so afraid of pissing off the Tea Baggers and their Tea Bags full of cash, they are fighting over whether forcing people to wash their hands, in restaurants/coffee shops, is not being conservative...nothing these idiots do surprises me anymore..but what does surprises me is how many people vote for them. How fucked up are you that you would want these people making any kind of decision for you?

Rational Nation USA said...

True, but on a broader scale it all stems from the same base willful ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Democrats, characteristically, have shown much less fear of enraging the fever swamps. "The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork," tweeted Hillary Clinton. On the Today show, President Obama urged parents to get their kids vaccinated, and, speaking to The New York Times, Howard Dean poured scorn on "entitled people who don't want to put any poison in their kids and view this as poison, which is ignorance more than anything else." So while hippie anti-vaxxers exist, they have essentially no political influence. The Democratic Party's contempt for those it regards as extremists can be a bad thing, a symptom of the fact that left-wing subcultures have far less electoral sway than right-wing ones. But it also means that Democrats don't cosset demagogues and cranks the way Republicans do.

Infidel753 said...

By Tillis's logic (the hand-washing thing), why not get rid of all regulations and let the market fix everything? Why not allow restaurants to run kitchens infested with rats and roaches? Why not let car companies cut corners on safety features, so long as it's disclosed when you buy the car? Why not allow employers to sexually harass employees, make them work unpaid overtime, give them unsafe working conditions, and anything else they can come up with, so long as it's all disclosed before employment? After all, the market would fix it. Eventually. Maybe.

There are good reasons why nearly everybody would vote against anyone who wants to let our society turn into that.

Anonymous said...

Ave, Ethan Allen, gratia plena. Ora pro nobis.

George Demoratas said...

It's not surprising that today's TGOP attracts such loons.

Rational Nation USA said...

Mandatory washing of hands for employees is really a sort of honor system. I mean how is it possible to verify if employees do? Short of cameras monitoring hand washing activity of all.

Just a thought. Perhaps that was what Gillis was thinking.

Sleeza said...

The only mandatory washing here is for Tillis and his loyal followers. A very destructive scenario when you blindy follow.

Doctor Tomato said...

A prime example of a typical tea party con.......stupid Tillis runs around spouting how him and bscts were coming to rescue the fickfib. They were going to have the folks here indicated for making jest of someone like Sleeza?

As is the tea party bent....all these crybabies did was talk...they end up looking like the idiots they are and are forever silent on the subject......derps.

Rational Nation USA said...

Does anyone think outside their ideological comfort zone anymore or has it really become just about total ideology?

Oy Vey...