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Monday, May 4, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson says he wants to be president...

and tells us all that welfare enslaves African-Americans.


Rational Nation USA said...

Ah, if only everyone afforded these opportunities did with them what Dr. Carson did and gave back as much as he has as an acclaimed neurosurgeon.

Jerry Critter said...

Just think, that poor, enslaved, African-American became a neurosurgeon. Is this a great nation, or what?

Anonymous said...

He'll never be president. He was excellent in his medical profession but is a terrible politician. He's embraced the crazy wing of the GOP. Americans don't vote for fringes kooks.

Kevin Robbins said...

Can't wait for the debates on both sides. Bernie and Hillary will be fun. But, the GOP freak show is gonna be a sight to see.

Ducky's here said...

Oh my, the clown car is filling. Huckerbee declared, can L'il Ricky be far behind?

His analysis of the situation in Baltimore will be that it is the fault of single mothers.
The irony will be ignored by the Teabags.

Kevin Robbins said...

I didn't know he had Dr. Oz issues.

Dervish Sanders said...

He's nutty enough. Still, he doesn't stand a chance. He's this cycle's Herman Cain. By which I mean he'll drop out quickly - not that he sexually harasses women.

Anonymous said...

Not all single mothers are created equal

Rational Nation USA said...

He's a useful distraction.

Glad you clarified.

He makes the summer.

Carla Crabapple said...

Black folk better know their place when dealing with left wing liberals.

Gawd ferbid a woman or minority stray from the liberal Democrat reservation

Shaw Kenawe said...

To Carla Crabapple,

You really don't get it. And I'm not surprised.

What the photo in my post points out is the fact that Carson claims welfare "enslaves" African Americans, and yet he ignores the fact that welfare and Affirmative Action helped him achieve everything he is.

My post has NOTHING to do with anyone "knowing their place," or "straying from the "Democrat" reservation.

That's what YOU said, and it shows that facts and reality do not penetrate your ideology.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To skudrunner who didn't get his sexist comment published. Did you ever refer to Ronald Reagan as an old white guy? Did you refer to Mitt Romney's fabulous wealth?

Of course you didn't because you're a hypocrite.

And I'm not surprised you'd use a woman's age and her wealth against her and not say a word about those two issues where it concerns old white wealthy GOP presidential candidates.

I'm Skippy's Mom said...

Carla Crabapple sounds like an escapee from Lisa's blog, the Jerry Springer blogger of the internet.

skudrunner said...

I am not at all surprised my comments did not get posted and there was nothing sexist about it.

If you will recall, Romney earned his money, was rich and the democrats attacked him for that. Mrs Clinton is rich, didn't earn her money and that is OK with the left.

The DNC has decided that Mrs Clinton is the choice and the democrats better get in step.
The GOP would rather have a circus and give the leftists plenty of talking points to attack the voted for candidate.

Who is being a hypocrite?

Shaw Kenawe said...

A "brilliant" neurosurgeon who doesn't believe in Evolution?

A person can be an adept, brilliant mechanic at fixing things but know squat about complex ideas as accepted science. Carson is one of those people.

"Carson, who outright rejected the theory of evolution when speaking to Faith & Liberty radio last year.

“Carbon dating, all these things,” he said “really doesn’t mean anything to a God who has the ability to create anything at any point in time.

“Dealing with the complexity of the human brain,” Carson continued, “and somebody says that came from a slime pit full of promiscuous biochemicals? I don’t think so.”

Curiously, Carson did not reject natural selection – the engine that drives evolution – saying he “totally believe[s]” that useful genetic traits are more often passed on than less useful traits. But he could not draw the connection between that process acting over millennia and the human eye: “Give me a break. According to their scheme – boom, it had to occur overnight.”

Shaw Kenawe said...

Calling Hillary Clinton an "old white woman". When she is actually younger than Ronald Reagan was when he ran for president IS ageism and sexism.

It is apparent that because the TeaPublicans couldn't find any BENGHAZI scandal, they'll resort to calling her "old," as if that matters one bit to her.

She's highly qualified to be president compared with Cruz, Carson, or Huckabee.

Rational Nation USA said...

Well, wasn't Huckabee a governor of the same state as Bill Clinton? A tad bit more executive experience perhaps.

Hillary may be smart, and she may have qualifications but to say highly qualified is a
hard sell for many.

skudrunner, what in the hell does Hillary's age and gender have to do with here qualifications?

Dave Miller said...

Ben Carson... raised and supported on the public dole, and after getting his education, was able to leave that behind. A true American success story.

And now, he doesn't believe others should get the same opportunities...


skudrunner said...

Not a thing RN. I guess she is as qualified as the current president. Minimal time in congress, few if any accomplishments.
She is pushing the women need a chance really hard and it will get her far. We no longer look for leadership just be the first.

You know Rubio would be the first Hispanic is he won.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Your grammar, punctuation and spelling is so atrocious, you are the only person I know who can turn an “is not’ into an iSnot.

Rational Nation USA said...

Isn't it?

Jerry Critter said...

That's not all that unusual, Dave. I am sure there are many examples of relatively liberal young poor people becoming very conservative old rich people. They refuse to give back, and help others as they were helped.

Liberal rich people give back. Conservative rich people keep taking. That's just fact!

Rational Nation USA said...

Anyone have stats on who gives back more, conservatives or liberals? I seem to recall some data a few years back that this isn't so Jerry. There must be current data buried somewhere.

skudrunner said...


I tried to find out what you were talking about but couldn't.
I do like the iSnot as a word and may add it permanently to my vocabulary.
This is what happens when English is not your first language and I deeply apologize for offending your delicate senses.

sad king billy (pilgrim) said...

i always defer to brain surgeons. the dems are going to need a rocket scientist to trump this guy.

i'm just hoping that the caps can spank the rangers tonight.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Scud: “I tried to find out what you were talking about but couldn't.

Here is your answer …

Scud: “If you will recall, Romney earned his money, was rich and the democrats attacked him for that. Mrs Clinton is rich, didn't earn her money [my bold] and that is OK with the left.

The difference between HONEST versus DISHONEST partisanship is embodied in your second comment which sinks to the level of an ad hominem attack having no basis in fact – one that mischaracterizes Mrs. Clinton’s earnings as a law partner, a U.S. Senator, a Secretary of State, and a speaker on the lecture circuit. Fact: Mrs. Clinton did earn paychecks throughout her career, which you choose to infer as misbegotten gain.

Your naked partisanship is further shown by your habit of spelling some names with initial caps and others in lower case based on partisan affiliation – stupid oppositional defiant shit like this that adds nothing to a discussion thread. Your only purpose here is to disrespect and offend readers with taunts, provocations, and off-topic digressions. Nor do you take a hint:

Scud: “I am not at all surprised my comments did not get posted …

If the proprietress of PE thinks a disingenuous iSnot adds value to this forum, that is her business. A comment policy should mean what it says. Speaking for myself, my time is too valuable to waste on mindless drivel.


Ducky's here said...

His latest is that God gave him the answers to his Chem final in a dream.

This guy is going to scare even the Teabags.

Lindsay Graham's going to try to find room in the clown car very soon, it's rumored.

Poor Chris Christie, even a clown car has a finite capacity.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The TeaPublicans never shut up about how "thin" Mr. Obama's political resume was when he ran for president, even though he had served several years in the Illinois state legislature and was a US Senator.

Now the hypocrites are saying what a great president Carson would make when he has absolutely no political acumen and shows it each time he opens his mouth.

It's amazing how they will twist themselves into pretzels to justify a doctor with no political experience as a great candidate to be the leader of the free world.

Of course Carson can always say god will be there and advise him on everything a president has to do. God talks to Ben, doncha know.