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Saturday, May 9, 2015

"It's him!"

"When asked this week at an exclusive Manhattan gathering about who advises him on U.S.-Israel policy, Jeb Bush surprised many of the 50-plus attendees by naming his brother, former president George W. Bush, as his most influential counselor. 

 “If you want to know who I listen to for advice, it’s him,” Bush said Tuesday, speaking to a crowd of high-powered financiers at the Metropolitan Club, according to four people present."

Yes.  That makes about as much sense as choosing Lizzie Borden as an advisor on parental relationships.


Anonymous said...

If Jeb was going to use his brother as a bad example, and a template for what not to do, this wouldn't be all bad.

Jerry Critter said...

That's all the world needs, 8 more years of George Bush's foreign policy.

Infidel753 said...

Oh for $#!^@ sake, is he trying to lose the election? Well, at least we know exactly what to expect if he gets in.

okjimm said...

..George Bush's foreign policy.... which, all in all, amounts to his choice of having English Muffins or French Toast for breakfast.

BB-Idaho said...

IMO, bro Bush is just a synonym for Chaney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz,
Perle, Libby and the rest of The Vulcans .

Rational Nation USA said...

Oy Vey.

Ahab said...


Jeb, for the good of your political career and the country at large, DO NOT take policy advice from W!

Infidel753 said...

for the good of your political career and the country at large,

And for the good of a lot of other countries too.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Now Jeb! Says he'd invade Iraq just like his brother did. He's also said he's "his own man," except when he isn't and when his policies are the same as Dubya's. So now we know that Jeb! Would have no hesitation to start another ME war.

Anonymous said...

And Obama's Arab Spring has been such a success.....not

Shaw Kenawe said...

Obama's Arab Spring?

That would be Bush's "A.S". Because it was Bush and his Vulcans who kicked the hornet's nest and mad the ME into the hot mess it is today.

Smarter trolls, please.

Ducky's here said...

Want a gound war with Iran, Jeb?

Quite a few in the clown car already are sufficiently insane to tout that war.

These folks tear the fabric of reason routinely but the Pam Geller crowd loves it.

Jerry Critter said...

"Smart troll" is an oxymoron.

Jerry Critter said...

The King (or President, in this case) should be in the front line leading the charge, with the strongest supporters right behind him/her. You would see a lot fewer wars that way.