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Friday, May 1, 2015


When we say the extremist TeaPublicans are looney, that's not an attack, that's the truth.

This sounds like something from a satire site, but it isn't.  These people actually believe the U.S. military (y'know, the group these people fetishize and call "heroes,") are coming to take over the state of Texas while on a military exercise.

The governor of Texas has put his National Guard on alert so that Texas will not be taken over by the US military.

No.  This is not satire.  These hysterical people really believe this lunacy:

Wingers Debate Why Obama Is Plotting Military Takeover of Texas

Texas residents were up in arms this week over a planned U.S. military training exercise that's been portrayed in right-wing conspiracy theory circles as everything from a ploy to confiscate Americans' guns to an excuse to abduct political dissidents.

 The speculation reached such a fever pitch that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Tuesday asked the State Guard to monitor the exercise so that "that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed."

Residents' fears can be traced back to a "leaked" slideshow presentation that outlined the operation's goals and logistics and made the rounds on the fringe of the conservative blogosphere.

The document was posted by the conspiracy theory website All News Pipeline to the document sharing site Scribd in March under the headline "Jade Helm Martial Law WW3 Prep Document 1."

As of Thursday, it had been viewed more than 2.1 million times. The document contained a map that labelled certain states, including Texas and Utah, as "hostile." So it comes as no surprise that rumors about a possible military takeover would run rampant among anti-federalists and conspiracy theorists.

It's worth noting that Brazos Valley, Texas radio station WFAW actually posted the U.S. Army's slideshow presentation back in February when county commissioners approved the military's request to conduct the training exercise.

More paranoid lunacy here:

Radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been sending out warnings for weeks regarding the exercise, saying it is the U.S. military positioning itself to take over the states and declare martial law.  

[Texas Gov.] Abbott apparently has heard the concern and ordered the Guard to monitor the training and U.S. military personnel. “To address concerns of Texas citizens and ensure that Texas communities remain safe, secure and informed about military procedures occurring in their vicinity, I am directing the TExas State Guard to monitor Operation Jade Helm 15,” Abbott wrote in his letter to the commander of the Texas Guard.

There are 15 military bases in the state of Texas.  Fifteen!   And the wackos on the right are frothing over a military exercise?  Could this paranoia and fear have anything to do with the guy in the White House?   I mean if good ole boy "Dubya" were in the WH, would the governor of Texas be soiling his undies wondering if the country were headed for a coup d'etat?  

I'm guessing no, because in the TeaPublican's little minds, only a GOP preznit loves his country and the military.  Yes, they really believe that rot.  Oh, and Jesus.  Dubya loved Jesus, and the mental dwarfs on the extreme right believe Mr. Obama worships Allah.   And William Ayers.  

Since Mr. Obama moved into the WH, the extremists on the right have been riding the Crazy Train, but now, it's evident that they've exchanged the Crazy Train for a Looney Rocket that'll put them and their favorite conspiracy wingnuts in orbit around the Earth while howling about the black guy in the WH coming to take away their liberty and guns and their right to discriminate against gays!   


The Surfer Dude said...

OK . . . you went to all the trouble of typing and copypasta-ing that whole thing together . . . but there is no way you can expect anything that can walk on two legs (like pigeons, damn it) to actually believe that some people are that stupid.

[i mean . . . this is 'just forgot to breathe' stupid]

Rational Nation USA said...

The bats from the belfry are flying are flying free and blind.

Ronnie's Raygun said...

A lesson in politics: This is what happens when you coddle and encourage the conspiracy-theorist-lunatic-fringe elements of your constituency and include them in your "base". You end up having to humor their craziness and you look like an idiot for doing it.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Panem Et Circenses

Anonymous said...

"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." --D.A.

Shaw Kenawe said...

T.S.D., I understand how difficult it is to believe a governor of a major state would be so gullible and paranoid, but yet it happened.

RN, another way of putting it is "batsh*t crazy?"

Ronnie, the GOP HAS encouraged the craziest of the crazies to take control of the party. They are not the GOP I grew up with.

(O)CT(O) and Anon: Bread, circuses and potatoes!

Free Twinkies said...

Funniest thing I read on the intertubz today:

"It's [Jade Helm] making some people nervous, but it doesn't take much to make people nervous nowadays," Mickelson said. "If you get a chance to, I'd like to know what the rest of the story is on that."

"We'll look at that also," [Rand] Paul assured him.

A spokesman for Paul did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TPM on Thursday.

[Rand's] going to look into whether or not the US Military is planning to put Texas under martial law and drop death squads into small towns to assassinate conservatives.

These people want to run the country?!

Keep them away from electrical outlets because people like Rand would probably want to stick forks in them to be sure they're live.

Dumb doesn't come close to describing these people.

Rational Nation USA said...

Rand was responding to a question from a nutter, he's a politician. Votes matter don't cha know?

Rand sure as hell ain't his dad.

Jerry Critter said...

To hell with Texas seceding. Let's kick their dumb asses out of the Union.

Rational Nation USA said...

And lose their tax revenue? I'm surprised a goodl liberal would say that.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is not part of Tea Party. This has nothing to do with the Tea Party. Please stop projecting

Ducky's here said...

I knew Alex Jones' name would pop up eventually.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dear Anonymous,

You're wrong. Please get better informed.

WWE: Tea Party Advocate Alex Jones Blasts WWE, Zeb Coulter

Ronnie's Raygun said...

"A former Republican state lawmaker wrote a scathing letter to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on Thursday that slammed him for "pandering to idiots" who believe that a planned U.S. military exercise is cover for a forcible takeover of the state.

In a letter obtained by the Dallas Morning News, Todd Smith, who served in the state legislature for 16 years, wrote that he was "livid" about Abbott's request for the State Guard to monitor the military's upcoming training exercise, dubbed "Jade Helm 15."

"I am horrified that I have to choose between the possibility that my Governor actually believes this stuff and the possibility that my Governor doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to those who do," Smith wrote.

"I am appalled that you would give credence to the nonsense mouthed by those who instead make decisions based on internet or radio shock jock driven hysteria," he added. "Is there ANYBODY who is going to stand up to this radical nonsense that is cancer on our State and Party?""

Free Twinkies said...

Of all the Tea Party loons out there, Alex Jones is the looniest. It appears even Anonymous @10:24 is embarrassed by Jones and his insane conspiracy theories.

Jerry Critter said...

Texas costs us more than we collect in taxes. We will gain net revenue by dumping Texas.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Believe it or not, Ripley. I actually agree with Michelle Bachmann on the End Time.

Famine, pestilence and war are the three Malthusian forces that will bring on the Apocalypse – all being sound policy platforms of today’s Republican Party. So I say get rid of health insurance and give pestilence a chance. Destroy the climate and put a stop to all food production. Start wars wherever you can.

Speaking of kind, humanoids are a doomed a species, and my kind will be farm-raising your kind in less than a thousand years.

There will be no redemption based on Good Works; you will earn a place in Aqua Culture Heaven only if you taste good.

D.K.J. said...

Isn't it amazing how many self-satisfied white right wing TPers know how to solve the problems of the black communities? These white folks have all the answers and know the causes of all the problems. Just read their cringe-worthy statements on their cringe-worthy blogs.

They know f**k about the black communities and their problems, but that doesn't stop them from writing the most asinine, worthless piles of crap on the internet.

Rational Nation USA said...

Yes, thank you Jerry. Perhaps we should dump all states that are a net revenue loss?

Rational Nation USA said...

That is a problem with the internet, it can be a cesspool at times.

Jerry Critter said...

RN - "Perhaps we should dump all states that are a net revenue loss?"

An interesting idea, RN. I am surprised that the republicans have not thought of it as a way to reduce government spending and the deficit. Oh wait. Most of them are republican states.

Ducky's here said...

Why do right wingers assume the circustances for a good marriage are not less prevelant in poor communities.
After all, the divorce rate is substantial even when there isn't a shortage of jobs and housing as there is in poor neighborhoods.

Most middle class Teabags haven't been saddled with police records over a trivial possession bust.

It's such a simple world for the right and they can't accept that there has been positive gain. Unwed pregnency is down, well not in their abstinence only strongholds but it's down in general.
You would never know that to listen to the fringe right.

Anonymous said...

dmarks said...

DKJ: Your statement with a generalization about whites is as racist as those who generalize about blacks. We can do better than that.

dmarks said...

RN said:

"Perhaps we should dump all states that are a net revenue loss?"

Perhaps. Define with worth of a state by how much the feds can shake it down. Cut it loose of they can't squeeze enough money from it?

Rational Nation USA said...

Nope, cut it loose if they can't make it on their own. Why should we pay taxes to the IRS so the feds can prop up states that can't make it without fed money due to mismanagement. Cali might get the cut early eh?