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Friday, January 24, 2020


.@RepAdamSchiff is a one-man master class in effective advocacy. He’s spellbinding without showboating, clear as a bell without being boring, educational without being condescending, and piercingly logical without being pedantic.


Dave Miller said...

The question for all of us will be this... What difference is this going to make?

In the Clinton Impeachment, which I listened to daily, House Manager Graham and others made a compelling case for the removal of Clinton. At the time, I believed Clinton should have resigned as he sullied the office. He took advantage of his position for sexual fun and made us, and the presidency look bad.

Most of Congress agreed with Graham and the GOP that Clinton was wrong. But a majority of the Senate, while admitting Clinton's error, did not believe it rose to the level of impeachment. But by and large, the Dems did not claim the GOP was acting in bad faith. They just disagreed with their remedy.

Today, only a few GOP Senators have even the spine to suggest that maybe, possibly Pres Trump acted improperly. Heck, they don't even want to hear from others in the room during that phone call, or see the notes, written by WH appointees themselves, that could shed light on what was happening.

While it's true that this is not the GOP of the Nixon Impeachment, more to the point... this is not even the GOP of the Clinton Impeachment.

There will be no evidence offered up by the GOP lawyers and supporters to exonerate Pres Trump.

Because no such evidence exists.

skudrunner said...

Couple things Rev. Nixon was not impeached and shifty has been caught in so many lies it is embarrassing to the democrats for him to be their lead spokesman, sorry not PC enough spokesperson.

Should trump be impeached for making a phone call, no just like clinton should not have been impeached for getting a BJ in the oval office. They both should receive censure letters for their conduct. Both of them are morally corrupt and one have gone scott free. One of the problems facing the democrats is they have taken three years and millions of dollars to find something to get trump with and it is weak at best. Now all they can do is condemn the process and say the next election is rigged. What are they going to do if a democrat wins?

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, Nixon never got to impeachment because Republicans in those days had honor. A GOP delegation, led by Barry Goldwater, went to the WH and told Nixon he had to resign because the votes were there for his impeachment and removal.

Your smear agains Rep. Schiff needs evidence. I'm tired of Trumpers (who support a man who lies the way people breathe) coming here and to make statements without evidence. What lies? No one who's been following the trial has accused Schiff of lying. No one.

What Clinton did was sordid and despicable, but it wasn't the same as extorting a foreign government to get them to find dirt on a political rival. That is hundreds of times worse than a BJ in the Oval Office because Trump's treachery involved people's lives and an ally of the United States. It also was a prize for Russia to have the POTUS deny the Ukranian president a meeting in the Oval Office. Far worse for our security and that of our ally.

You will not get away with your claim that they're both the same because they are not.

Your claim that what the Democrats and honorable Republicans have on Trump is weak is pure partisan hackery, and a majority of Americans aren't buying that lie either. A majority of Americans want Trump removed from office.

It sickens me that fellow Americans can continue to support a despicable liar, cheat and fraud like Trump and still hold their heads high, pretending he's normal.

He's a sick, morally diseased crook, and he belongs to the current weak-spined Republican Party.

PS. I await your evidence that Rep. Schiff lied. Put up or shut up, dear.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... regarding Schiff. Numerous news orgs have said Schiff has at best mischaracterized conversations both during the hearings and most recently, regarding Parnas. They question is when that happened, was it a lie, or an exaggeration.

Dems I'm sure would call it less than a lie, and conservatives, a lie... even as both sides do the opposite with President Trump's statements. And I've seen these reports in Politico, USA Today, Washington Examiner and many other places.

Skud... regardless of what Schiff has done, has Trump been truthful? Do you think he compromised the US in his dealings were talking about in the impeachment hearings?

Ray Cranston said...

Does skudrunner have any explanation as to why tRump refuses to allow key witnesses to testify to his innocence? To exculpate him? Or to release documents as evidence for his innocence? What person who's accused of crimes holds back exculpatory evidence? Can skud answer that?

No. He can't because no one in his right mind would do that, no one whose innocent that is. tRump is guilty as hell. He could clear his name and suspicions of the crimes he committed with witnesses, but he won't because those witnesses will be under oath to tell the truth and the truth is that Donald Trump is a treasonous bastard who cheats and lies. He will be acquitted and then he'll howl like a hyena about his "innocence." The only way to get rid of the stench of Trump is to vote the bastard out of office in November. Look what happened in 2018 -- a blue tsumani and the Dems who got elected in red states. It's true tRump can cheat again like he did in 2016 but there are more of us then the people who support this disgusting crook.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, I found this on Politico:

"Schiff may have mischaracterized Parnas evidence, documents show
Unredacted material shows he may have referred to the wrong 'Mr. Z.'" SOURCE

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dear GAWD!

'Take her out': Recording appears to capture Trump at private dinner saying he wants Ukraine ambassador fired
Trump apparently heard discussing firing Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

"TAKE HER OUT!" are the words one would hear from a Mafia don, not a POTUS. If Trump wanted her fired, he -- of the "YOU'RE FIRED!" reality teevee show -- would have said "FIRE HER!"

Everyone who's ever read a news report or a book or seen a movie about the Mafia knows "TAKE HER OR HIM OUT!" is thug/goon talk for something very different from firing!

Trump's not a POTUS, he MBOTUS, Mafia Boss of the United States. A thug. and a disgrace to America and all she's stood for.

Dave Miller said...

Ray... no one has a credible defense of Pres Trump based on actual facts. It's like Sen Graham said last night... "Pres Trump 'believes' he did nothing wrong."

So that's it. Regardless of the evidence, if you believe it, it's okay.

Read this guys... Pres Trump, since he believes he did nothing wrong, should be called to explain his thinking that led to his actions...

Rational Nation USA said...

Thanks to Trump and the GOP (his synchophants all) nonf of that holds true any longer.

Jennifer said...

Impeaching one man for bribing Ukraine with no proof while allowing another to run for this office who admitted to bribing Ukraine in 2018!!
Then bringing up fair and just??

Shaw Kenawe said...

Who bribed Ukraine in 2018 who's running for office?

PS. Trump released the transcript of his call where he's on record extorting the president of Ukraine for dirt on the Bidens. That's proof Trump himself provided.

Also, I'm curious, "Gail", why you chose the photo of deceased Olivia Lone Bear as your avatar. Did you know or admire her?

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... Gail? It's a bot...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, I figured as much.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, I think Rev made my case regarding stiffy lying. It just depends on which side you are on if it is a lie or an exaggeration. Watching him for a few seconds reminds me of watching obamas protector reid, slimy. I am all for having a fair hearing and completing what the house failed to do and that is get to the truth. Uncle joe, sonny boy, stiffy, and of course trumps people should all be called to testify

It has yet to be shown that trump said do this and I will do that or quid pro quo. Money was not withheld and no promises were made. The dems had to get trump because of their hatred of him for his defeating princes -H- and they have such a horrible selection of candidates running against him that they are afraid they are going to lose to orange hair again. It is the dems motto to tax and spend and your crowed even elevates that.

The leftists have accused trump of unlawful activities. Encouraging cities to not follow national laws is illegal yet the dems support sanctuary cities and protecting the citizens of the US. You should get some information from sources other than CNN and MSDNC.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Ms Shaw, I think Rev made my case regarding stiffy lying. It just depends on which side you are on if it is a lie or an exaggeration."

No, skud, you don't get to say anyone "made my case," since Rep. Schiff MAY have mixed up the names. Period.

That you have the gall to come here and call out Rep. Schiff on a POSSIBLE misrepresentation and NEVER talk or complain about the thousands and thousands of documented lies, misrepresentations, and dissembling that Donald Trump commits every day is further proof of your dishonesty.

skud: "I am all for having a fair hearing and completing what the house failed to do and that is get to the truth. Uncle joe, sonny boy, stiffy, and of course trumps people should all be called to testify.

Yes, Trump's people should all be called to testify, BUT TRUMP WILL NOT ALLOW IT! Why do you think that is, skud? If Trump's people can exculpate him, why won't he let them?

Only determined ignoramuses would fail to get it. The resst of the country and the world knows why. Only a GUILTY, lying cheat would be afraid of his own people testifying under oath about the crimes he has committed.

skud: "It has yet to be shown that trump said do this and I will do that or quid pro quo."

Trump himself showed that he did that very thing when he released his redacted transcript. Only fools and determined ignoramuses continue to deny that fact.

I won't waste my time going over the rest of that twaddle you left here.

A majority of Americans -- 70% -- want to see evidence and hear witnesses. Trump and his thugs won't allow it.

You have nothing to say about that fact either because you come here with deceitful dreck and have no intention of being honest.

I hope my readers will remember you always as the commenter who continually demeans President Obama, (whose administration had NO ONE sent to jail and who himself was never under FBI investigation nor IMPEACHED for crimes against the United States.)

And you, the commenter who dismissed the facts about Trump's criminal behavior and the fact that several of his close advisors were sent to jail, ignore that and smear Mr. Obama every chance you get.

Oh, also, you and the rest of the Trump cultists have the distinction of cheerleading for a guy-- an effing so-called billionaire, FFS! -- who cheated ordinary people out of hard-earned money for his FAKE university and his FAKE foundation.

That alone says a lot about your values and cynical attitude toward truth, justice, and American values. You people don't give a flying donut about such things when a thug like Trump hs an "R" after his disgraceful name.

You own this scoundrel and lying sack of cowardice, not me, not the Democrats, not the Never Trumper Republicans, the Independents, the Libertarians, and all Americans who care about decency and truth.

I pity you.

Fed up said...

Here's something President Obama never had to deal with because he didn't disparage injuries to our warriors:

"Veterans group demands apology after Trump said traumatic brain injuries from Iranian attack are 'not very serious'"

Also President Obama did not raw dog a porn star while his wife gave birth to his son, and then secretly and illegally pay the porn star off so it wouldn't hurt his chances to be POTUS. Yeah. Other presidents had mistresses, but they didn't pretend they were the champions of Family Values and represent the party of God, Guns, and Greed like the liar Trump does.

If Trump did nothing wrong and made a perfect phone call, let him testify and let his lackeys testify. He won't and they won't becsuse they're guilty, scummy, criminals.

Anonymous said...

What Fed Up said.

And this: Obama never had this headline about him anywhere:

President Trump asked a New York judge to dismiss an allegation from a woman who claimed he raped her in a department store dressing room 20 years ago.

Trump’s lawyer said in a court filing Friday that E. Jean Carroll, an advice columnist, cannot sue the president in New York because the statements at issue were made in Washington.

Trump denies Carroll’s claims and said New York courts lack personal jurisdiction over him “even when the purported statements were published to New York readers/listeners, or were directed towards or caused harm to a New York citizen.”

How dare the Trumpers talk about Klintoon when their guy is credibly accused of rape, sexual assault, harassment and even rape of a child? How dare those two-faced hypocrits say anything about Obama?

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, Why is it when shifty and the swell guy tell a lie he misspoke and when any republican tells a lie it is a lie. All politicians lie but the press lets the dems off the hook. I don't like trump and never did. Unfortunately he was the better of two horrible candidates and for that the blame is on the DMC and the RNC.

The part about you pity me is over the top. Dislike, disagree OK but pity no.

Rational Nation USA said...

Time has PROVEN in all ways (possible exception the eeconomu) Trump has been and continues to be FAR worse than his challenger in 2016 and worse than ALL possible 2020 candidates.

Why you accept and support Tromp's dishonesty, misogyny, whoite nationalism, his immorality, his cozy relationship with tyrantshh, and the list goes on escapes reason.