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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Good News!

ECONOMY   Jobs report blows past expectations as payrolls boom by 916,000 in March 

Via Democratic Underground: 

 “White House senior adviser Anita Dunn is making the case that Democrats can’t lose by rallying around President Biden’s infrastructure plan because its individual components poll even higher than the $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus passed last month,” Axios reports. 

“Dunn cites public polling showing between 74% and 87% support among Americans for seven elements: new job training for coal miners, highway and bridge work, increasing affordable childcare, expanding broadband access, expanding family and medical leave, upgrading public transportation, and investing in clean energy.” 

Business Insider:  "A Morning Consult/Politico poll found that over half of voters support paying for President Joe Biden's infrastructure package with tax hikes. Of the 2,043 voters polled, 54% said they supported infrastructure improvements with tax increases on corporations and Americans making over $400,000, and just 27% of voters supported infrastructure investments without tax hikes. 57% said they would be more likely to support a $3 trillion plan funded by tax increases on Americans making over $400,000; 17% said they were less likely to support it." 

Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin: “The media, it seems, are caught in a Republican framing of policy that does not match reality. There is not a hue and cry over a mammoth infrastructure bill. To the contrary, it is super popular. And Republicans might want to stop harping on the tax increases: Those make the bill even more popular.”


During the last Republican presidency, the Republican POTUS tried to overthrow a free and fair election; incited an attack against his own government; incited an armed mob to "Hang Pence!;" incited that same mob to find the Speaker of the House and harm her; incited an armed mob that was responsible for the deaths and injuries to Capitol policemen; incited the armed mob to desecrate and damage the Capitol Building of the USA.



Bluebullamerica said...

I've been saying this for years. Even though the Republiconartists have a reputation for being good for the economy, they are FAR from it, in reality. 7 of the last 8 recessions have happened when Repubs were in control. Every recovery in modern history happened when Democrats controlled the spending. It's time to once and for all put an end to this absurd notion that Republiclowns are anything but bad for our country and our people.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Bluebullamerica Can ou imagine the outrage had a Democrat been president on January 6th?

I rarely see any mention of the insurrection on any right wing blogs. I imagine they just want to forget that the Republican president wanted to overthrow the government and stay in power even though the American people by a landslide kicked his repulsive orange posterior OUT!

I will never forget it. And I will continue to remind people of what Donald Jobless Trump did to America.

Grey One talks sass said...

Good morning Shaw. Glad to see you up and active. After moving it takes me a week and a half to recover! I hope your special guy appreciates your amazing gift.

Everything I witnessed from the insurrectionist stew distills into an annoying teenaged whine about everything (toddlers have an innocence-these folks do not). If I was pushed to recommend a solution for such folk I'd have to recommend mental health classes focusing on critical thinking, learning how to exist in the here/now, and emotional management.

The jobs numbers are amazing and when the new infrastructure package is enacted, I have a suspicion We The People are going to burst out of our cocoon like some freaky red white and blue butterfly. Humans across our nation are tired of being pent up. They need Something To Do. STAT!!!! Infrastructure is the perfect vehicle to get the USA moving.

The jobs numbers today (IMHO) are priming the pump. Infrastructure will keep us going. Best investment ever.

Anonymous said...

So Liz Cheney gets censured for voting to impeach Former Guy, but Matt Gaetz can have a sexual relationship with a minor, transport her over state lines with campaign funds, show porn on the House Floor, pay for prostitutes, and the GOP has nothing to say?

QAnon said...

I KNOW I AM NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY NUT but I OFTEN wonder if a LOT of these shooters (white ones) aren’t like Jack Ruby….cancer patients who were going to die anyway, so the Left pays them to do awful things TO PROVE THEIR POINTS AGAINST GUNS… so their families get money later…when all is calm and nobody will find out.
How’s THAT for a nutty theory?

Rational Nation USA said...

So, not a conspiracy theorist eh? Good to know.

BTW, I've a bridge in Kentucky I'll sell ya. Cheap. It's in need of a great numbers of repairs. Thanks to revenue starvation by republicons.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Bill Madden

This bears repeating:

What Ghislaine Maxwell was to Jeffrey Epstein — Joel Greenberg is to Matt Gaetz.

The sex crimes that Gaetz is under investigation for are every bit as serious as the the sex crimes Jeffrey Epstein was charged with.

Mike said...

Q-anon is a CONSPIRACY THEORY NUT to the max.

Bluebullamerica said...

Sprays Kook-away liberally where QAhole posted his craziness . . .

Shaw, I couldn't agree more about the attempted coup by the Republiscumbags. Not a mention by them ever.

Jerry said...

I would add that during the Democratic presidencies they had to deal with a Congress largely controlled by Republicans. The country has been under Republican rule for 40 years, which explains why the country is in such bad shape and broke.

skudrunner said...

With the outstanding jobs report and more jobs available than people to fill them why do we need all of this "stimulus" money unless it is designed to increase the greatness of joey. The infrastructure money is something we do need as long as it is spent on infrastructure. Just so you know, which some don't, the green new hoax is not infrastructure but fixing leslies bridge in kentucky is.
Now Ms Shaw, what does maxwell and epstein have to do with the stimulus package. I am more concerned with swalwell and fang fang.

Bluebullamerica said...

So Skid, let me turn this around on you then; With such a shortage of people to fill the jobs, as you said, what's the beef with granting asylum to people fleeing Central American gangs, drugs, and poverty?
Btw -- Fuel IS part of infrastructure!!!!
Did Rep. Swalwell ever buddy up with both a pedophile and Trunp? Did Swalwell ever lie to the country about his relationship with Epstein? Nope. So, of course you'd be more worried about him than about a known pedophile and his accomplice. And who the Hell is 'fang fang' supposed to be? ((shakes head and looks for the closest wall))

Grey One talks sass said...

The new infrastructure project is focused on, gasp, wait for it, infrastructure.

Climate Change is a very real threat and it behooves We The People to address it now rather than later. And yes, I know the tired trope We Liberals used to call it global warming. Ugh - it's as if one side has no clue how science works. As data is collected ones understanding increases. That would be why theories in science are constantly revised as a hypothesis is either proved or disproved.

But back to climate change and the need to prepare for it now: the power companies in TX were warned of extreme weather events linked to climate change and advised to weatherize their equipment. An expensive endeavor to be sure but a fraction of what it will end up costing the energy companies (didn't a couple go bankrupt recently?) when their system failed during the polar vortex. Spend money now or spend a lot of money later. Which is the wiser choice for those grandchildren we are constantly reminded to include in our decisions?

Tornado season starts earlier each year. There are warnings of six month summers. Change is coming. The Biden administration is wise to heed the warnings and to implement best practices to help We The People meet the future prepared.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That's my motto.

skudrunner said...

Grey, You do make sense but should preparing for armageddon be part of an infrastructure bill. Should money for caregivers and people with disabilities be part of an infrastructure bill or should research, development and manufacturing. I realize our elected elite try to wrap up everything imaginable in a bill regardless if it applies or not but develop a separate bill for social programs and shove it down the taxpayers throats.

So far the two massive spending bills biden has presented less than 40% goes toward the title of the bill.

Blueballs, We have needed an immigration law for years that truly addresses the immigration issue. Several administrations have said the were going to put one forward and W did but was defeated by his own party. OTG only put a band aid on one and kicked it down the road and donnie was openly hostile so nothing was done.

If you don't know who fang is you need to read something and educate yourself.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass

Here's the scoop on "Fang."

It all came to nothing.

PS. Again, here's skud trying to stir up dirt on Dems, but never once did he ever come here to talk about the Republican Congressmen and women and THE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT who encouraged and incited an attack on their own government. That's called treason. But skud would rather talk about "Fang."

Rational Nation USA said...

skud is but one in an army of Trumpublicans living their own "special" reality.