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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Auschwitz Memorial Just Defined The Current Republican Pary


The Auschwitz Memorial slammed a Fox host [Lara Logan] for comparing Fauci to a Nazi doctor, calling it a 'sad symptom of moral and intellectual decline'

"A sad symptom of moral and intellectual decline."

I couldn't have defined the GQP better.

Just look at the ongoing quarrel between U.S. Representatives Boebert and Ilhan Omar. Boebert labeled Omar a "terrorist," and part of the "jihad squad," implying a U.S. Representative is an enemy of the United States, all because she's a Muslim.

This is part of the "moral decline" stench permeating the current Republican/Trumpublican Party. The party that has been against an investigation into who and what was behind the worst attack on the U.S. Capitol since the War of 1812!

Why do you think that is? Could it be that some of the top dogs in Congress were involved? Or that the biggest one of all was?

The only time Trumpublicans make the news is when they're defying a legal subpoena; viciously maligning a fellow colleague, even one of their own party; or putting out a video showing them murdering a fellow colleague.

When they laid down with Donald J. Trump, we knew they'd be infested with his degeneracy and moral and intellectual decline.


Dave Dubya said...

Boebert went from being a white trash petty criminal, to a radical Right narcissistic bigot, to a fascist insurrectionist. Textbook "moral and intellectual decline".

The fascist radical Right are emulating Nazis again.

Congresswoman Debbie Dingle tweeted:

I’m deeply concerned about the break-in & vandalization of my Dearborn office today. Our door & windows were smashed & memorabilia – especially John’s items – was broken. Thankfully, my staff & I are safe & no one was hurt, but we must also recognize the impact attacks like this one & constant threats have had on my staff & all Congressional staff.

This needs to stop now. The motive for today’s incident is unclear, but what I can tell you is that the disrespect, violence, & division need to end in this country. We need to practice civility and kindness, not divisiveness and anger. My office has been receiving threats for months & we take them very seriously. This vandalization really hits home.

Regardless of if your views differ from mine or from your neighbor’s, we need to learn to hear each other out & work together to solve the issues facing our nation. Violence & vandalism aren’t the answer. I’m grateful for the Dearborn Police & United States Capitol Police who keep us safe. We are working with them to identify who is responsible & hold them accountable. In the meantime, please be safe & please spread a little kindness.

Her appeals to decency will fall on deaf ears on the Right.

This isn’t the first time the radical Right has emulated Hitler’s 1938 “Kristallnacht” (Night of Broken Glass) antisemitic terrorism.

Back in 2010 when Obamacare was passed, militia member Mike Vanderboegh wrote on his blog, “If you wish to send a message that Pelosi and her party cannot fail to hear, break their windows. Break them NOW.”

Within days, across the country, Democratic Party office windows were broken.

Eighteen months after this, he was an invited guest on FOX News.

Democrats, Blacks, progressives, and the press are now being targeted in the same ways as Jews and Socialists were in Hitler's Germany, just before they filled the camps. We are all "Commies" and "enemies of the people".

Their hate and racist demonization has really infected our country. If not for our Constitution, they would absolutely be working on their "final solution" for us.

It seems like only yesterday when Glenn Beck said Obama is "A guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people, or the white culture...This guy is, I believe, a racist."

Mike said...

Hillary was right to call them "The Deplorables".

Bluebullamerica said...

It will be interesting to watch the splitting of the GQP in Pennsylvania now that "Dr. Oz", the well known TV conman and huckster of fake cures and defender of conspiracy theories is running for the Senate in Pennsylvania. The 'base' won't mind that he's a con artist, nor that he lies daily. No, what will drive them nuts is that he's a practicing Muslim. I can't wait to see the infighting!

Rational Nation USA said...

Decline has become the republican/conservative/trumpublican direction for some time. Anticipate a worsening of the downward spiral. Trump and sycophants are in waiting to launch the next offensive against democracy.

Jerry said...

Dave is always comparing Trump to Hitler and Republicans to Nazis. Who is on the high ground?

Infidel753 said...

The AJC also condemned Logan for that comment, and in even more forceful terms. It really is the epitome of evil to compare the one guy who has probably done the most to save people during this pandemic to one of the very worst Nazi monsters. There's no defending that.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jacqueline Alemany, Congressional Reporter for the Washington Post reported this:

".@IlhanMN just played a voicemail she received a few hours after she got off the phone w @RepBoebert:

“There’s plenty that would love the opp to take you off the face of the earth… you’re a fucking traitor, you will not live much longer bitch. I can almost guarantee that.”

Lady Pinkbottom said...

Did you ever notice Jen Psakis eyes and President Biden’s eyes.. Black eyes. Lifeless eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. Or maybe Satan’s eyes.

I’ve noticed! With President Biden, it could be that “nobody’s home” [snort, snort] But with Psaki? Those eyes and that condescending smile? We’re seeing sociopathy, IMO. And my opinion is based on hatred for all things that don't agree with moi! Giggle, giggle!

Rational Nation USA said...

If ANYTHING "happens" to llhan? Looks like boebert will be a prime suspect.

boebeet certainly is an ignorant and hateful piece of human excrement.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lady P, good to see you here again.

I bet I know who actually wrote those words. I'm guessing it's the same Trumpette who said Kyle Rittenhouse was a "nice young man"

Talk about sociopathy!