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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


State Department Deals A Death Blow To The Republican Party’s Clinton Email Scandal

A State Department audit has faulted Hillary Clinton and previous secretaries of state [that would mean Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice] for poorly managing email and other computer information and slowly responding to new cybersecurity risks. 

 The review came after revelations Clinton exclusively used a private email account and server while in office. Clinton is now the likely Democratic presidential nominee. The problem for Republicans is that the basis of their “scandal” is that Clinton did something different and more criminal than previous Secretaries of State. 

The audit shows that the problems with email in the State Department existed long before Clinton and that State suffers from many of the same issues that federal departments face when confronted with a combination of quickly changing technology and outdated policies.

The TGoopers' dreams of seeing Secretary Clinton frog-marched in Orange to jail has been bashed, dashed, and smashed. 

Another instance of the rabid right being rabidly wrong about. They never disappoint.

(Cue the FAUX NOOZ whiners saying the fix was in for Secretary Clinton.)


Dave Miller said...

Of course the fix was in... It was predetermined n many GOP minds that she was guilty, so any outcome different from that has to be tainted...

It's like when certain non Thinke'ing people openly say only Obama can't go to Hiroshima.

Any reality outside of their strongly held notions, is always the result of the fix being in...

Pure partisanship...

Rational Nation USA said...

It's not good to gloat. Turn about can be a bi*ch. Just sayin... :)

Ducky's here said...

Time to fire up the Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi committee.

The poor goops were certain the e-mail scandal would lead to her incarceration. Powell's personal mail server has been a known for some time (I didn't know Rice had one) but that hardly matters. These findings probably mean hearings to expose a coverup.

The tribe that rubs poo in its hair is going to keep tossing it against the wall until something sticks.
They must be worried that time is running out. They are so desperate that there is even talk about Vince Foster.

Dave Miller said...

As more analysis of this report comes in, it should be noted that while saying other Secretarys of State used personal email, none did so repeatedly, going against State Department recommendations.

HRC has admitted this error. What's troubling to me, and to date she has never addressed this, is why she did so, while at the same time signing memos admonishing others for doing the same thing.

Did she think she deserved special privileges? If it was as she claims a simple error in judgement, perhaps it is reasonable to question her ability to lead. If it was deliberate, which it seems, despite her statements to the contrary, then it points to the larger narrative of her veracity and willingness to respect rules and laws when they relate to her.

Either way, it is way more complicated than just who used what email. This is not good for her campaign.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, those are all reasonable observations. Please see the report in Forbes Magazine in today's post. It may answer some of your questions. IMO, Hillary is being held to a different standard, re her honesty.

I'd invite anyone who knows presidential politics to look closely at the candidates and the candidates who, in recent history, have won the presidency, to examine the "honesty" issue.

We could start with Donald J. Trump.

AFAIK, the only two presidency that comes to mind that is apparently squeaky clean is the Obama presidency.

This doesn't excuse Hillary Clinton's poor judgement on her emails. But I also don't believe this issue taints her judgement on everything so much that it would prevent her from being able to be POTUS.

Think back in our recent history to candidates whose judgements were never in question during their campaigns and then look at the egregious misjudgements during their presidencies.

JFK and the Bay of Pigs
LBJ and the Vietnam War
Richard Nixon and Watergate
Ronald Reagan and Iran-Contra scandal
Bill Clinton and Monicagate
George W. Bush and the Iraq War

IMO, those are pretty large errors in judgement compared with what Hillary did as SoS. And don't forget what is largely driving this story: Partisan politics.

Meanwhile, let's take a sobering look at who the TGOP is coming around to endorse -- Trump's egregious errors in judgement have been on display almost every day since he announced last June. I don't see people's hair on fire the way it is over Hillary's emails.

Dave Miller said...

I think the fact that there has been no large Obama scandal, and that he has a stable family life, has really rankled some.

They just can't believe the guy they love to hate has shown himself to be s pretty good Pres, in spite of all of their obstructive efforts.

I hope our next one is as scandal free...