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Friday, May 6, 2016

The Republican Party's Presumptive Nominee

The Republican Party's presumptive nominee:


Bluebull said...

Wow. That's quite an ad. Too bad the Trumpsters will either ignore it or call it phony. They do seem to immune to facts, don't they?

Ducky's here said...

There are some ads coming out that are essentially greatest hate quotes.
They are just going to staple him to the down ticket Republican candidates.

His quotes on immigrants are going to do in McCain.
Look for the Senate to swing back.

I'm curious to know who'll be giving the convention speeches.
Best be careful.

Anonymous said...

Don’t kid yourself. This is a divided Republican party in the midst of a civil war. And Donald Trump can’t even get the ex-GOP nominees in his corner, including two former Presidents. The idea that he can now unite the party is complete bullshit. That’s especially important because a divided party will lose to Hillary Clinton,

Kevin Robbins said...

That's it. He's got my vote. Oh wait. I think he endorsed Hillary. Maybe I'll go with her.

Ducky's here said...

So far, the only ones willing to give the Republican convention keynote speech are David Duke and Sarah Palin.

This could be an absolute rout.

An Embarrassed Conservative said...

REPUBLICAN LEADERS NOW EATING THEIR OWN!! — The Party of RED has now turned blue, from oxygen deprivation due to this week’s fatal shock in the Indiana primary.

Trump won, and won BIG, sending GOPers looking for cover. Republican leaders are now OPPOSING their own candidate for president !!!!

This is the inevitable fallout from the undeniable fact that tv’s circus charlatan, Donald Trump, will be the Republican nominee for president. The bombshell fell a week ago when “Washington Post” conservative columnist, George Will, declared that if Trump won the nomination, the Republicans would be obligated to vote against him!! Then, on Thursday, after Trump’s resounding defeat of Ted Cruz and John Kasich in the Indiana primary, Trump became “the presumptive nominee,” according to the RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus.

Trump’s victory sent Republican leaders in a mad dash to the microphones to denounce their own candidate for president! They are emphatic that Trump not become president because his tenure at the top would create a permanent crack in the GOP with the pieces falling in electoral disarray with the down ticket voting.

It is a brutal wake up call when George Will makes such a pronouncement. But let there be no doubt, it is for the GOP that the funeral bell tolls. They brought this on themselves through 30 years of purging their own party of moderates who had always been able to reach across the aisle and compromise with Democrats. By “primarying” these moderates who didn’t toe the radically conservative party line which borders on theocracy, the Republican Party invited the Grim Reaper into their chambers.

And today we see the results of this Moderate Cleansing by the party’s radically right squatters. Zombies everywhere. This is why all hell has broken loose in the Grand Old Party, where it certainly isn’t a party anymore. It’s more like the Walking Dead, marching to the Republican convention where media ratings will be through the roof as the Grand Master of virtual reality tv presides over the GOP’s self induced destruction.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Paul Ryan is presumably telling Trump to "tone it down."


A billionaire who puts his name in gold bling on everything is going to "tone it down?" Trump is incapable of toning things down. He's a Yuuuuuuuge wrecking ball, demolishing the GOP everytime he opens his garish maw.

The best thing the Democrats have to defeat Trump is Trump himself.

NEVER TRUMP! said...

Trump has never won an election. Let's keep his record perfect.

Ducky's here said...

A hint of surprises to come?

Drumpf sure is uniting the party.

Anyone making book on his VP?
Now that he doesn't need Christie's support in NJ he probably throws Chris under the bus.
Who do we have out there who wants to destroy his/her political career?

Rational Nation USA said...

Martinez perhaps.

Personally, why any sane and rational individual would want anything to do with a Drumpf administration is beyond me.

Perhaps FreeThinke is interested, Radical Redneck, Shakelford, Lisa? They all would match well with with the Trumpism agenda and work tirelessly in support of Drumpf's idiocy

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky: "Anyone making book on his VP?"

I heard that Joni Ernst, the pig castrator, is on his short list.

Somehow "Donnie Short Hands" and the "Pig Castrator" would make a unique ticket, n'est-ce pas?

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN: "Perhaps FreeThinke is interested, Radical Redneck, Shakelford, Lisa? They all would match well with with the Trumpism agenda and work tirelessly in support of Drumpf's idiocy."

Yes. That's true. They also were all in for Sarah Palin, so it makes perfect sense that they'd think Drumpf would be a fabulous preznit. They've been wrong on everything. They were sure Mr. Obama wouldn't get a second term. They were wrong then and they're wrong now about Trump. They just haven't the brains to realize it.

Dave Miller said...

Don't worry folks, the GOP will come around. They have to, and as Trump has said, they're politicians, so they'll fall into line.

Look, the big question is whether he can bring the old industrial rust belt into play. I think he can. As Andrew Sullivan has noted, the progressives have not done much, if anything to address the very real income issues with older white, formerly working Americans. And they have given up, seemingly, trying to even communicate with them.

Trump speaks their language. And remember, it's not about a majority, it's about states. Can Trump turn PA, IA, WI, MI and Ohio... of he does, he wins.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Remember, also, that the GOP had the power of the House and Senate, and it did absolutely nothing in the way of legislation to ease the problems facing middle class and working poor voters. President Obama had plenty of ideas, but without the House and Senate to work with him, compromise and pass legislation that would help these groups, he could do nothing. And that's exactly what the GOP wanted. So they could blame the inaction on Obama.

Remember the fact that a presidential candidate needs the votes of the Hispanic and Latino communities, women, African-Americans, and independents. Even Republican women are falling away from Trump.

There's no getting away from the fact that he is temperamentally unfit to hold office. He shows that fact almost every day with his juvenile tweets.

Let's see how Trump measures up to either Bernie or Hillary in the presidential debates.

The past year shows that Trump is incapable of doing anything but yell, bluster, and change the subject on any issue because he knows next to nothing about domestic and foreign policies.

Dave Miller said...

That's all true Shaw, but will it matter to the electorate this year?

I'm not so sure.

It might depend on how HRC deals with Bernie. If she disses him, I think all bets are off.