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Monday, May 16, 2016

Let this sink in, America!


Limbaugh Says Trump-Palin Team Would Be Dream Ticket, Crush Hillary


According to Kindly Dr. Ben Carson, who heads Donald Trump's "Search for a VP Running Mate Committee" these are the people on the A List: 

 John Kasich 

 Marco Rubio 

 Ted Cruz 

 Sarah Palin 

 Chris Christie 

 Kindly Dr. Ben Carson: “Those are all people on our list.” 

The guy who brags about surrounding himself with only the best people, the smartest people, the GREATEST people in his administration is considering Sarah Palin as his running mate. 

Chris Christie? He's despised in his own state. 

"Lyin' Ted Cruz?" He'd choose a guy he calls a LIAR?

And "Little Marco Rubio." 

Big Donald and Little Marco 2016. What a ticket.

Let's hope he chooses Sarah Palin. Remember how "skeered" we Liberals were of her in 2008? She's still a scary half-wit, half-term governor, but The Trumper has her on his A List for someone GREAT, someone qualified to be next in line to the presidency.

 Let that sink in, America. 

 (Light posting this week.   Out of town.)


Dave Miller said...

To be fair, later the Dr did say "everyone" is on the list, but not everyone is on the shortlist.

So what does that mean? Who knows...

Anonymous said...

The worst name on that list, Newt Gingrich.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I'd forgotten, Anonymous @11:07 about Gingrich. Think about this, if Trump chooses Gingrich, they'd have a total of six wives between the two of them.

Anonymous said...

And I'd forgotten about all those wives.
I remember Newt dumped his first wife after her diagnosis of cancer, then was dating another women while he was still married, during the same time he was having Clinton impeached for lying about a BJ.
They are two alike. Newt might get another chance to publicly call HRC a "bitch" but I'm sure Trump will beat him to it.
Trumps other selections for administrative positions proves him wrong on one point he constantly makes, that he will hire the best people.

Shaw Kenawe said...


That Sarah Palin is even being mentioned shows what a phony Trump is -- he promised only the best, the smartest, the greatest would be in his administration. No mentally sane person would ever include Sarah Palin in that category.

All families have their problem children and disappointments. But can any fair-minded person imagine the Republican Party accepting a Democratic Party candidate for vice president whose daughter had two children out of wedlock by two different men? Whose son and other family memebers get into drunken brawls? Just imagine what the Republicans would have had to say if those unfortunate circumstances happened in Barack Obama's family. Just imagine if an African-American man running for president had had an affair with wife #2 while he was married to wife #1 -- and consider the reports on how Trump's treated women as mere objects and arm candy to be discarded when anything better comes along. But Bill Clinton and The Blue Dress!!!! Trump, it turns out, is a Republican version of Clinton and his Bimbo Eruption problems.

Trump, Gingrich, and Palin are admired and seen as role models and perfectly acceptable leaders. I don't understand it.

President Obama has been a great role model for all fathers and husbands, and yet the TeaPublicans consider him a devil, and they think Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin would be fine examples of American family values and morality to lead this country.

I'm guessing this is what is meant by "white privilege." Those people mentioned above get a pass on this from the Moral Majority and Family Values TeaPublicans, but the same sort of person would be vilified to hell and back if a Democratic African-American or woman politician had the same background.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @11:43, see my comment below yours.

The so-called "Moral Majority, Family Values" Republicans have proved beyond doubt that those values are meaningless trash to be discarded as soon as someone like Trump or Gingrich or Palin or Herman Cain, or any other person the would vilify for low morals comes along to lead their party.

I don't respect them and neither should anyone who looks for consistency in the values they believe in. They're moral cowards -- each and every "Sunday Faith" blogger who's supporting Trump and his choices.

I'm Skippy's Mom said...

Here's another thing the morality-free Tea Party Republicans don't pay any attention to:

Fact Checkers Prove That 91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False

So Trump is a liar, an adulterer, and asked if other men thought his 16-year old teen daughter was "hot." Plus all the other repulsive things he's said about women and anyone who dares to criticize him. This is the monster the morality-free Tea Party Republicans want as a role model for our young people and for the rest of the world to see as an example of the best of America?

What the hell happened to the GOP?

Kevin Robbins said...

That Sarah Palin is even being mentioned shows what a phony Trump is -- he promised only the best, the smartest, the greatest would be in his administration. No mentally sane person would ever include Sarah Palin in that category.

Shaw, you seem to forget how well-read Palin is.

Ducky's here said...

How is it possible that Sarah Palin is even mentioned in a serious fashion.

Somehow Tina Fey must have been appointed to the nominating committee.

Ted Cruz seems like a great choice. He and Drumpf would work so well together.

Primary quality for a Drumpf running mate will be someone who doesn't mind ending
his/her political career.

Mything in America said...

Seriously. If you have to do this:

Donald Trump Challenges Sadiq Khan To IQ Test During Good Morning Britain Interview With Piers Morgan

Then you are without a doubt a stupid jackass. This is the moron the wingnuts want to lead our precious country. This is the moron that they think best represents US. Dear God!

Rusty Old Ford said...

The hypocrisy of the right wing religionists:

Pastor Darrell Scott: Christians Should Forgive Trump, Not Bill Clinton

BB-Idaho said...

We note that Vera Coking
was not on the kindly Doctor's list....

Shaw Kenawe said...

BB-Idaho, I thought right wingers were against Eminent Domain, and yet Trump thinks it's a beautiful thing.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Oops. Forgot the link.

Bluebull said...

Just when you think the righties can't scrape anything else off the bottom of the barrel, they somehow manage to find the slime living UNDER the barrel and then they run it for office. Palin - the dumbest person I've ever heard or seen and Drumpf - the fascist wannabe? What a joy it'll be to beat them in a landslide and rub the right's nose in President Hillary Clinton for the next 8 years!

E. Rosewater said...

doctor carson should pick himself. trump needs a brain surgeon in more ways than one.

Infidel753 said...

I'll be hugely disappointed if the shart-fingered vulgarian doesn't choose Palin. She would firmly re-anchor him in joke-candidate territory where he belongs. I can't see Cruz or Rubio working out. He's insulted both of them so relentlessly that it would actually provide more material for Democratic ads against him. And an establishment choice like Kasich or Christie would be perceived as selling out by at least some of the Trumpanzees, though he still might go that route. But Palin is a perfect fit.

Gingrich is an interesting option. He has a lot in common with Trump -- arrogance, a history of abusive behavior toward women, a history of nutty ideas (how many electoral votes does the Moon have by now?), and, of course, a colossal ego. In fact, the ego clashes between him and Trump would be epic. The next best option after Palin, from our viewpoint.

We shouldn't assume this is going to be easy. Most Republicans seem to be congealing around Trump, even many who said they never would. It's still possible the convention might bring some parliamentary shenanigans that would re-divide them, but we can't count on that. Hillary is preparing for a tough fight, and so should we all.

Anonymous said...

Newt wants it bad:

Bluebull said...

Infidel753 - agreed plus we NEED to work hard for the down ballot Democrats if anything is to get done in Washington. The obstructionists have GOT to GO!

Rational Nation USA said...

Hillary, a less than ideal candidate deserves to be subjected to a tough fight. The American electorate needs to witness a knock down drag em out fight between the narcissistic demagogue Drumpf and a flawed but more honest HRC. When the results are in we will know whether America has lost it's collective mind or not.

The USA ought to revamp out political system and move to a parliamentary system of governance perhaps. Just sayin.

A Proud Progressive said...

I agree. I think Trump should choose Gingrich for his veep. They'd make a perfect team. Who could beat them?

Kevin Robbins said...

The perfect VEEP choice would, of course, be John Miller. He's everything that a vice president should be. There's nothing in the Constitution prohibiting sock puppets.