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Thursday, May 19, 2016


From Booman Tribune:

It's Not Like He's Hitler 

by BooMan 

You know that talk people have with a battered woman about her abusive boyfriend? You know the one. The one where she’s gets her back up and begins defending her tormentor? What is it she always says? Does it sound a little something like this? 

“We know the truth. He’s not Hitler. He wants to help America. He wants to unite people. They think he doesn’t, but he does.” Melania Trump, in an interview with Du Jour. 

 Sorry, but I gotta call bullshit. 

 When your wife is reduced to insisting that you’re not Hitler, it’s time for her to get a protective order and move the f**k out. 

 It’s too late for the GOP, but the rest of us still have time.

TRUMP:  He's not Hitler.


Rational Nation USA said...

Just a bit over the top methinks. Sounds  like something out of the rumor mill.

2016 is going to get nasty with accusations
Aplenty out of both sides.

Distraction is the name of the game these days, and the GOP has learned and perfected the art.

Lets hope the dems don't catch up to them. Seems as though at times they are trying. Just sayin...

Shaw Kenawe said...

The quote came from an interview Mrs. Trump had with the magazine "DuJour"

She also said this:

"I’m not only a beauty, I’m smart. I have brains. I’m intelligent.” She exhales.

Imagine how the heads of the TeaPublicans would explode if Michelle Obama ever said such self-adoring things about herself in a magazine.

And Trump said this about Melania on the Howard Sterns show:

Stern once asked if Donald would stay with Melania if she suffered a horrific car accident, and he replied: “How do the breasts look?”

Trump didn't say that he'd be thankful that his wife were still alive, but he'd want to know if her breasts were okay. Because for Donald, that's the only value a woman has. He even slobbers over his daughters breasts and needs to know if other men think she's "hot."

How can any woman vote for that pig.

Shaw Kenawe said...

More from Melania: She's smart. And she tells us so:

She continues: “To be married to my husband, to someone successful as he is, he needs somebody who will tell him the truth. Somebody smart, you know. It’s not just like I’m there and I’m just doing things for him. People say I’m not on the campaign, [but] I’m very involved from home.”

"Melania traveled to Iowa with Donald earlier this year. Where did you stay? Who did you talk to? “It was kind of a fun experience,” she says. “We stayed in a hotel. It was clean. It was, I think, a Holiday Inn. You do it in a fun way. My husband knows me and how I am. I like beautiful stuff. I live the life."

Yes, she certainly lives the life. If she gets to the White House, it'll be a step down from her Marie Antoinette style of living.

Rational Nation USA said...

Charity work

She has been associated with various charity events, including of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.[24][25] She was Honorary Chairwoman for Martha Graham Dance Company in April 2005; is an active member of the Police Athletic League, which honored her with Woman of the Year 2006; has been an Honorary Chairwoman for The Boy's Club of New York for five consecutive years; and in 2005, The American Red Cross awarded her with the title of Goodwill Ambassador.[15] In 2008, she rang the closing bell at NASDAQ to commemorate the Fifth Annual National Love Our Children Day and the beginning of National Child Abuse Prevention month.[8]

Since Melania is not the candidate perhaps something nice to say about her is appropriate. Eh?

She could very well turn out to be a Jackie Kennedy. Just sayin...

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, I'm pointing out the hypocrisy on the right. Mrs. Obama is a graduate of two Ivy League schools and is a lawyer. The right wingers did nothing but denigrate her, calling into question her academic achievements, insinuating she received her degrees only because of Affirmative Action. I don't recall many people on the right coming to her defense or saying something nice about her. In fact, they've done nothing but insult and vilify her.

Mrs. Obama has already been called a "Jackie Kennedy" type of FLOTUS. But Mrs. Obama has also taken on childhood obesity and physical activity, and was demonized again for that

There is nothing in this post that attacks Mrs. Trump's looks or achievements. I've merely reposted a magazine article where she characterizes her husband as "not Hitler."

I've also pointed out in Donald Trump's own words what he thinks of his wife, and also the fact that MRs. Trump loves living like a French queen -- that's not a dig, that's the absolute truth. The man who decorated their 30,000 square foot penthouse decorated it in the style of a French king. If you look at the photos in the link, you will find that it is true that living in the White House would be a step down in luxury living.

There's nothing in this post that isn't true about Mrs. Trump's life.

She may very well be the next FLOTUS (if the US is totally insane and elects tRump), so it is perfectly fine to learn more about Trump's wife.

I'm sure she's a fine mother to her son, but so is Mrs. Obama a fine mother to her daughters.

Do you suppose the right wingers will call Melania "Marie Antoinette" as they learn about her love of living "the life?"

Historical fact: IF Trump wins the election, Melania will be the first foreign-born FLOTUS since Louisa Adams, John Quincy Adams' wife.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I mistakenly deleted a legitimate comment while deleting several by a sick-minded idiot Anonymous. I didn't catch who the legit comment was from. I apologize.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Also, RN, can you imagine how the wingers would have reacted had Michele Obama said she's not just a beauty, but smart?

Melania may be a nice person, but she seems, like her repulsive husband, to lack any humility.The right wingers made a business out of telling people that Michelle Obama was arrogant, yet here's a woman who keeps telling us how smart she is, and they say nothing.

A wise person once said that if you have to keep telling people how smart you are, chances are you're not.

Rational Nation USA said...

... so it is perfectly fine to learn more about Trump's wife.

Agreed, completely. So, lets be sure to include the charity work and other positives, when they occur.

Further, I suspect Melania is quite sensitive to the remarks made by those on the left about her life path, her modeling, and her stunning beauty. In other words, the implication of all looks and no brains.

We shall see if Drumpf pulls it off. Then her presence and activities as a First Lady can be judged.

As for the wingnuts on the right? Lets just say it has occurred to me of late that it's best not to become like them.

Ducky's here said...

I'm afraid I'm leaning a bit more toward Dave Miller's point of view, Shaw.

This jackass is absolute teflon. It can be made abundantly clear that he's a potential misogynist and general troglodyte but many, many don't seem to care.

The Majority Report podcast ran an interview with an author who wrote a book years ago about Drumpf's so called business acumen. Without his father he would never have closed a major business deal and he just isn't that capable (surprise). The book is getting some renewed attention recently but not a great deal.

He knows how to deflect it all. He has a chance.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky: "He has a chance."

That's true. But so did McCain/Palin and Romney/Ryan.

Yes the political landscape has changed somewhat since 2012, but don't forget Trump's weaknesses with the Hispanic/Latino vote, the woman vote, the African-American vote, Asian vote and the young people vote. He's doing worse in all of those areas than McCain/Palin and Romney/Ryan did.

And his negative a higher than Secretary Clinton's negatives. Trump is also hated around the world. Our closest allies in Europe have a negative view of the jackass.

Also, this will probably come up as the rhetoric and politics heat up over the summer and fall:

Rape accusations against Trump.

I read the right wing blogs, and more than a few commenters never miss an opportunity to call Bill Clinton a rapist, just like Trump recently did. But people who live in glass houses, and all that...Trump should be careful, because of this:

[Trump's] been accused of sexually aggressive and creepy behavior in private, as a recent New York Times story revealed. He's also been accused, in sworn statements, of a brutal 1989 rape by his ex-wife Ivana, and of sexual assault by another woman, Jill Harth.
We cannot ignore that the accusations of Trump’s bullying and potentially unlawful treatment of women are wide and varied

Neither of the women like talking about the incidents publicly, and Ivana explicitly denounced a recent news story about it. But despite backpedaling on various aspects, neither woman has actually recanted the details of her original testimony. Harth has said outright that although she dropped her 1997 sexual assault lawsuit, she stands by her allegations."

The right wingers who are so quick to call Bill Clinton a rapist should look at the candidate their party is jumping in bed with. Look real hard, because if this campaign is going to be as nasty as pundits are predicting, we'll be hearing more about Trump's rape accusations.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Oops. Forgot to link to the bolded text above.

Shaw Kenawe said...

A New York Times/CBS poll shows Clinton with a 6 point lead over Trump. I don't put much faith in these early polls. The more accurate polls will firm up in late summer/early fall.

But the recent NYTime/CBS polls had this:

Among women voters, a whopping 60 percent view Trump unfavorably. A scant 14 percent of voters under the age of 30 view him positively, and nearly 70 percent of nonwhite voters have a negative opinion of Trump – a kiss of death to any candidate hoping to win a national election in 2016.

So there's that.

The right wingers will ignore the poll because it's the NYTimes and CBS, and they don't pay attention to anything from those sources.

skudrunner said...

Dis these polls ask are you going on voting.
They are both pandering to their base. Trump is mellowing about deporting illegals and -H- is going to put hubby in charge of revitalizing the economy and creating good jobs. I thought the current administration said the economy is strong and so is the job market. Seems to be a disconnect.
The concerning thing for -H- is how many of the bern supporters are going to vote for her since she has promised only a partial free lunch.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hey skud, the subject is actually Melania Trump. I brought up the subject of polls and Ducky brought up the subject of Donald. No one here is talking about Hillary.

I have an idea, why don't you copy and paste your comment into the Daddy blog. They love publishing copied work from other people's blogs. Just remember to use a sock puppet name so it looks like you're a newbie.

Dave Miller said...

All true Shaw, but let's remember something... Hillary is not Obama when it comes to campaigning.

She may be worse than Kerry was. She's reviled by many Dems and unlike the GOP, we won't hold our nose and vote for her.

How does she breakthrough? He's gonna pick at her 24/7 which means she'll be playing defense, begging for debates, looking like the underdog.

She needs a transformative VP, but who is that?

He's Teflon and she's hated.

Dave Miller said...

He's not Hitler. He's not a groper.

Such strong endorsements from his family...

Anonymous said...

Is it dumber for her to refute her husband is Hitler, or to accuse him of being Hitler?

Flying Junior said...

Why do you hate Hillary, Dave? Why is that? Why would you have to hold your nose to vote for her? Who are these many democrats that, like yourself, hate Hillary?

I picture Hillary-haters as mostly male chauvinist conservatives who watch television and listen and blog to the right. Should I hate Hillary too? What am I missing?

Aren't we all progressive feminists? Doesn't a vote for the first woman president count as a vote for women's rights?

Shaw Kenawe said...

"He's Teflon and she's hated.

Trump is hated more than she is. Remember that. His negatives are worse.

And the righties think she'"s teflon because she's not in jail for emails and Benghazi.

You may not like Clinton, but she has a hell of lot more knowledge about foreign and domestic issues and how government works than Trump does. And she's not "pie-in-the-sky" politician who's selling nonsense.

The idea of wanting a president who knows nothing about how government works (it's NOT like running a business) is insane.

Trump's plan -- the deportation of 11 million people -- is folly, and everyone (including Trump) but his supporters knows it. The wall he promised to build is folly as well.

People are gullible and foolish and will believe anyone who makes big promises without looking at how those promises will be implemented.

Shaw Kenawe said...


"Is it dumber for her to refute her husband is Hitler, or to accuse him of being Hitler?"

A really smart person would not do either.

Those aren't the only choices. Mrs. Trump volunteered that response, no one asked her if her husband was Hitler.

Call Me Hank said...

If Dave thinks Hillary Clinton can't handle Trump, he hasn't been paying attention for the last 25 years. If Dave thinks Hillary Clinton can't handle Trump the guy with skin thinner than an onion's he didn't see her 11-hour grilling by the Rethuglicans. They looked like jerks and she was cool, calm, and knowledgeable. Trump can get away with childish antics during the primaries and while he's waiting for the Democrats to finish their primaries, but a general election is different, he's going to have to show the country his raisins. So far, all he's shown the country and the world is his small hands.

Anonymous said...

Liberals all over the net and newspapers are comparing Trump to Hitler. Her response did not come out of the clear blue.

Anonymous said...

From a very popular pro HRC blog:

E. Rosewater said...

The question isn't if Hillary can handle Trump. The question is, will Bill be able to handle all the stuff Trump is going to throw at him. Bill looks very frail and his poor old heart might not be up to it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Anonymous said...
Liberals all over the net and newspapers are comparing Trump to Hitler. Her response did not come out of the clear blue."

The smart response to that would have been silence or a stink eye.

Dave Miller said...

Hank and Flying...

To answer the questions, let me first state that I am not a straight ticket kind of guy. I am also not willing to write off whole cloth everything many everyday republicans support.

For example, I do think we need to balance our budget. I don't think the government should be part of whether a woman can get an abortion, but, I would like to see them be safe, legal and, as Hillary used to say, rare. I think as Jesse Jackson said in 1988 and now Trump advocates, that the European countries should be paying us more for their defense. And while I do not support deporting the 11 million undocumented people here, I do believe we need to do something to stem the flow.

As for Hillary personally... she is just not credible to me. She backpedaled on her beliefs about sexual harassment in the workplace when it involved her husband. I understand why, but she still backed away. She lied about the tarmac incident in Bosnia and then when asked to explain it, doubled down. Why? Regarding her email, her public comments have been all over the place, changing and being shaded with every new revelation. Why? Why won't she release the Wall Street speeches? It gives the appearance of something to hide, a charge she levels at Trump regarding his taxes. Finally, why invoke 9/11 to defend her friendliness to the Wall Street banking industry? It's just maddening.

Perhaps it is her lawyerlyness, but I never feel as if I am gonna get a straight answer from her, to any question. I know she's a politician, as is Obama, but from him, I got the sense he had a core... not her.

To me, Hillary is much like Trump in that she will say anything to anybody in order to get elected. I don't respect it in him, or her.

Would she be a better pres than Trump? Of course, but that is not saying much.

I guess I am just done voting against folks. If I cannot vote for them, on their own merits, I'll sit it out. Even if I am in a swing state.

But Nevada is not the danger area for her. Look to PA, Ohio, Iowa and Wisconsin/Minnesota. This is where the election will be won, or lost for the dems. Trump can win those states if enough people get turned off by Hillary.

Shaw Kenawe said...

E. Rosewater:
"The question is, will Bill be able to handle all the stuff Trump is going to throw at him."

I imagine the Clintons will have plenty to throw back at Trump. The Clintons are digging up all sorts of stuff on Trump, I'm sure. Only I guarantee it will be real, unlike the "amazing things" Trump's people were "finding out about Obama in Hawaii."

Remember that pile of crapola Trump spread around in 2012? What a consummate jackass.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Big Trump supporter Ann Coulter today:

"Ann Coulter says she is fine with Jews being in the United States just as long as their numbers remain small relative to the population as a whole.

She made this and other astonishingly bigoted comments against Muslims, Somalis, Mexicans and just about anyone else who isn’t a wealthy Christian of European ancestry, in an interview on BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today program on 18 May.

“Americans don’t want immigration,” Coulter said, demanding a complete halt. “They don’t want any more. Why can’t we have a home?”

BBC interviewer James Naughtie challenged her: “If someone had said that about Jewish immigration into New York a century ago, would you have approved of it?”

“Oh God, not the Jews again,” the exasperated Coulter exclaimed.

“That’s like two percent of the population,” she added. “That did not overwhelm our culture.”

So Coulter is happy to have Jews in the country, just not too many."

Maybe people think Trump is like Hitler because he's supported and encouraged by asshole anti-Semites like Coulter?

skudrunner said...

Aren't you going to admonish Dave for bring -H- into the conversation. That's right he is a leftist.

BTW I do not post under another name or sock puppet as you imply. I don't believe Dave does either. Other than us everyone is suspect.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"I do believe we need to do something to stem the flow."

Actually, there is no "flow."

BTW, skud thinks you're a leftist? LOL!

"To me, Hillary is much like Trump in that she will say anything to anybody in order to get elected. I don't respect it in him, or her."

But the fact is that Clinton is far, far more honest in what she's said than is Trump. She's been fact-checked three ways to Sunday, and her statements are grounded in fact far more than are Trump's.

It is a politician's habit to change his/her positions as the country changes. Abraham Lincoln did it during his presidency. He started out not being unequivocally for the emancipation of slaves, and then he became the Great Emancipator. That's a very BIG change. A very BIG core issue, yet we consider Mr. Lincoln one of our greatest presidents.

Mr. Obama was not for equality of marriage -- another core issue, but he changed. And that was good.

All politicians -- the great and the not so great-- change positions all the time.

Robert Kennedy and his brother President Kennedy weren't exactly great Civil Rights champions in the beginning of Kennedy's presidency because they knew they needed the south for Kennedy's re-election. But they changed. Talk about core value. How could they not support Civil Rights and to hell with what the bigots would do with their votes. Our history is full of this sort of moral cowardice. All for votes. It's awful, but it's reality.

So for me, it comes down to who is the most qualified to lead this country and who has the most experience of the candidates who will be their parties' nominees? There's no question it is Hillary over Trump. Trump has shown too many times he knows diddly squat about our country and its laws. He's a dangerous idiot. A rich dangerous idiot who knows how to rile up the masses. He's what our Founding Fathers feared when they saw the French Revolution.

Hillary is a politician, warts and all. But she is far, far better than the unpredictable billionaire playboy who's the TGOP nominee.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... Clearly on immigration, as I acknowledged in my article, there currently is net zero illegal immigration. I meant we have a right to control the borders and make immigration policy proactively, as opposed to reacting.

Skud... Really? You want Shaw to admonish me? How about this... When the right wing blogs where you can post agree to delete offensive posts from righties, maybe you can expect some love from the lefties...

Anonymous said...

Fine, but to me it's dumber to make the comparison in the first place.

Rational Nation USA said...

When the right wing blogs where you can post agree to delete offensive posts from righties, maybe you can expect some love from the lefties...

I'm betting only from a very few Dave.

Dervish Sanders said...

Shaw: It is a politician's habit to change his/her positions as the country changes.

They also have a habit of running to the Left when seeking election but then moving to the Right after being elected. Bill Clinton opposed NAFTA as the nominee, then signed it as president. Barack Obama said he'd be open to renegotiating NAFTA as the nominee and is now pushing the toxic TPP (which might be passed by Congress and signed by a lame duck Obama after Hillary is elected). Or Hillary might flip back to supporting the TPP. She did say it was the "gold standard" until she was pushed to renounce it by Bernie Sanders. I wish the nominee was going to be Sanders. I trust him. As president he'd at least try to accomplish what he promised (the full "free lunch" skud mentioned).

As for Melania Trump, according to her husband she doesn't poop or fart (none of that disgusting stuff). And she is apparently better at the charity thing than Donald.

skudrunner said...

David, the blog that I think you are referring to is totally uncensored and has to be viewed as entertainment not serious discussion.
I never expect love from the left because we have a major difference in opinion. I don't use a different name because disagreeing is healthy, it scratches the mind. It is not the social issues like gay marriage, abortion or most other social issues that consume peoples lives. These are personal choices the the individual makes. My difference of opinion is personal responsibility. The hand up needs to replace the hand out. The federal government has created more poverty with social give-a-ways than any other action in our society. The answer to government waste and corruption is always raise taxes so they have more to waste and steal. The answer to controlling people and businesses is more regulations not sensible regulation. They have enhanced crime by not legalizing marijuana and prostitution.

Flying Junior said...


Thank you for an honest answer. It is not encouraging to read. But it is educational. You have provided me with some insight that I have not been able to find elsewhere.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "...the blog that I think you are referring to is totally uncensored and has to be viewed as entertainment not serious discussion."

Amazing, skudrunner. You consider a blog that allows commenters to call the FLOTUS and the POTUS gorillas and "n***ers;" a blog that calls women they don't agree with "c**ts;" a blog that ridicules disabled people, a blog that talks about Bernie Sanders (a secular Jew) turning into a lamp shade, and ending up in the ovens; and a blog that regularly links to men committing sodomy on each other as well as other pornography? A blog that regularly features a commenter who makes anti-Semitic statements and who states unequivocally that ALL MUSLIMS, American citizens included, should be deported because they're vermin. A blog that allows and encourages its regular meatheads to steal people's blogging identities and comments?

To you, that's entertainment? You enjoy hanging out with and being part of that? No decent person would respect an overflowing sewer like that run by lizard-brained reactionaries.

My grandmother used to say "Show me your friends and I'll tell you what kind of a person you are.

Need I say more?

skudrunner said...

That was quite a diatribe you posted. It appears that you spend far more time on that site than I do. Perhaps my choice of the word entertainment was incorrect just like the movie titanic, the bulge, hamlet should not be categorized as entertainment because they were about tragedies.
Your grandmother was correct but these are not friends. They are a few people hiding behind the anonymity of the internet to spew hate filled remarks. Their remarks offend you because it is not the way you believe.
One of the country's leaders offends me when he depicts a mass shooting by a Muslim soldier as workplace violence. Another offends when he tells a man in a wheelchair to stand up during his speech. These are not directed at me and it is not how I feel so I consider the source and move on.
We are surrounded by people with disagreeable behavior but I choose to ignore them rather than be offended. I am not even offended when others call me offensive names and say I am silly in my beliefs. BTW that has happened on this site many times but that seems to be OK.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Perhaps my choice of the word entertainment was incorrect just like the movie titanic, the bulge, hamlet should not be categorized as entertainment because they were about tragedies."

The comparison of movies about real historical events and a Shakespearean masterpiece to the the cretinous scribblings of the right wing nutballs and sock puppets that infest that blog is, at best inept, and at worst, risible. One can actually learn something from seeing a film about an historic event or learn something about human nature by watching a classic Shakespearean play. One can only be sullied by spending time with the trogs who agree with the filth presented on that blog.

skud: "Their remarks offend you because it is not the way you believe."

You bet your tushie I don't "believe" in making fun of Jews who died in Nazi death camps. I also don't "believe" in depicting African-Americans, or anyone, as subhumans. And I also don't "believe" in sexual violence against women. All of this can be found on that blog, and the blog owner thinks it's funny.

As long as you continue to mix with the creeps who behave like undescended adolescent boys, we have no choice but to believe you approve of their loathsome antics.

When people act like conscienceless lice in their writing and speech, it's up to decent people to be offended and counter their defamation .

Silence means approval.

Anonymous said...

"totally uncensored"
That seems a pretty honest way to do it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Totally uncensored has nothing to do with honesty. Would you allow anyone to come into your home and insult you and use foul language? Those are the sort of people who would be hear if I didn't use some discretion In what gets published. This is my blog. I make the rules, and I'm not obligated to allow any creep to stink up the place. You are at troll who is p.o.ed because you're not allowed to disrupt my blog.

Only a fool would allow a free-for-all on his/her blog.