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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Trump: Hated by America's Allies and Others

Seen in Vilnius, Lithuania:

"The mural called “Make Everything Great Again,” was painted in Lithuania, paying tribute not only to the pervasive terror that most reasonably minded Americans feel, but clearly the rest of the world as well.

‘This graffiti in Vilnius expresses the fear of some Lithuanians that Donald Trump is likely to kowtow to Vladimir Putin and be indifferent to Lithuania’s security concerns,’ continued Kestutis Girnius.' "

Trump is THE most hated American politician on the planet. Remember, the people supporting Trump falsely claimed none of our allies respected or liked Mr. Obama. That was a lie. 

The fact is that every major leader in Europe as well as in other countries see Donald Trump as a threat to world peace -- also they think he's a major jackass.



Bluebull said...

Wonderful new song that perfectly sums up Drumpf and his minions.

Infidel753 said...

A very reasonable fear, given Trump's isolationist rhetoric and admiration for Putin.

Lithuania was the first one of the "Republics" of the USSR to declare independence in 1990, helping begin the eventual disintegration of the USSR the next year. I still remember feeling awed at the courage that must have taken. Trump is just the kind of man to betray Lithuania today.

Improving US-Russian relations is obviously a good thing if handled properly. Obama has worked with Russia on issues like the Iranian nuclear deal, while still imposing sanctions on Russia's aggression in Ukraine. But it would violate American values to seek such reconciliation at the cost of betraying smaller countries which only recently won their independence. In eastern Europe, Trump's rhetoric about Putin undoubtedly calls up memories of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of 1940, when Germany and the USSR divided Poland and the Baltic states -- including Lithuania -- between themselves.

As voting citizens of a superpower, we have a responsibility to the rest of the world. We need to show them this dangerous fool does not speak for us.

Jerry Critter said...

Trump wants to make America great. And, he will! He will make us the greatest assholes in the world.

Call Me Hank said...


The dregs of this country are fighting to be Donald Trump's VP.


Trump promised his supporters his administration would attract the greatest, the best people in the country to work for him!


These are Trump's natural constituents -- the worst of the worst.

Shaw Kenawe said...

OMG! This is the man-child the TGOP thinks is mature enough to be POTUS? Are they all crazy?

STEPHANAOPOLOUS: ‘As you know, Mr. Trump, the audit is not an excuse. The IRS has made it very clear that an audit does not bar the release. It is entirely your choice. President Nixon, President Richard Nixon released his tax returns even though he was under audit and when you were seeking a casino license in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you released your tax returns to state officials even though you were under audit.’

TRUMP: ‘I am under audit now and soon as the audit ends, I will release my returns, it’s a very simple thing.’


TRUMP: ‘And almost every lawyer will tell you the same thing: when you’re under audit, you finish the audit before you release. I have no problem…’

The audit, however, is not preventing him from releasing his returns. So when Stephanapolous continued to point this out and finally asked him to just answer what tax rate he’s paying, Trump finally just had a meltdown.

TRUMP: ‘It’s none of your business.’

Then he attacked Stephanapolous as a friend of Hillary’s, because Donald Trump shouldn’t have to answer questions and when he’s asked to, the journalist must be involved in some kind of a conspiracy against him. Oh, and emails. Remember those emails.

TRUMP: ‘I know she’s a good friend of yours, and that you worked for her, though I know you didn’t reveal it. But there are a lot of emails missing.’

Trump’s tax returns are not going to be excused. It is childish and deflecting of responsibility to continue to say, “She did it first!” Insisting that anyone who dares to hold you responsible is involved in some kind of conspiracy against you is great for soundbites, but is this acceptable for someone competing for the highest office in the land?

This is who the GOP voters think would make a good president?

Anonymous Reader of TeaPublican Blogs said...

Attention America!

The Tea Party Republicans are hysterical about the fact that a little girl was choked by a man in a women's bathroom somewhere in Chicago! They are soiling their tightie whities over bathroom use by transgenders, and this one incident PROVES HOW DANGEROUS transgender people can be!

These same people accept that HUNDREDS of children are killed every year by stupid neglectful parents who leave loaded guns around the house or in cars or young white males with mental problems and guns. Those are HUNDREDS of verifiable deaths that they will tell you we have to accept because SECOND AMENDMENT rights are important and the CONSTATOOSHUN!

Yes, Shaw, they really are that crazy. They can't piss their pants enough over this non-issue.

God Bless President Obama for protecting minorities. The whackos can kiss my ass.

Kevin Robbins said...

Hank, Duke is a possibility since Trump has never heard of him.

also they think he's a major jackass.

Meanwhile, we are totally convinced of it.

Call Me Hank said...


"We are totally convinced of it." Welp, we catch onto these sort of things quicker than a certain group of people in this country. The group of peopl who think Palin would of made a great veep too.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jason Easley on Sat, May 14th, 2016 at 12:46 pm
Donald Trump isn't repairing the damage that has been done to his presidential campaign over the last 24 hours. Instead of fixing things, Trump tweeted an angry message about how CNN was trying to make him look bad.

We have news for The Trumper: Neither CNN nor anyone else can make you look as gawdawful idiotic bad as you yourself. Keep it up, Donnie, you're doing a great job.

Call Me Hank said...

I read that today. Have you seen this:

Creepy Bombshell: Trump Asked Strangers If His 16 Year Old Daughter Was Hot
By Jason Easley on Sat, May 14th, 2016
A New York Times investigation into how Donald Trump has treated women over his life was full of disturbing and alarming behavior, but perhaps nothing is as unsettling as Trump asking strangers if his then 16-year-old daughter Ivanka was hot.

Trump obviously has sexual feelings toward his daughter. What sort of father asks strangers if his daught is "hot"? Hot implies sexy -- sexual attractiveness -- wanting to have sex with someone means they're "hot".

I don't know any father in my neighborhood or family who has those sort of disturbing thoughts about their own daughter. Let's call it what it is: incestuous. It's beyond disgusting. And The Donald is the first one to call other people disgusting? A man who talks about the "hotness" of his teenage daughter?

D.K.J. said...

The TeaPublicans are hoping tRump chooses Newt as his VeeP. Ha.

Between the two of them they have six wives, and both of them cheated on their wives with their mistresses! But none of that matters to these awful hypocrites, as long as they're Republicans who are breaking the Ten Commandments. President Barack Obama is the model of a faithful husband and father, but these religious asshats prefer the fornicaters and adulterers because they're Republicans!

Their Xtian values are phony and the whole country and the world sees that truth.

Frank Jakowski said...

Take heart Democrats:

‘University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato sees a Clinton romp in the making. A year ago, his forecast showed Democrats with an advantage in states adding up to 247 electoral votes, Republicans with an edge in states adding up to 206 and six states totaling 85 votes rated as toss-ups. Today, Sabato sees no states as toss-ups. Instead, he shows Clinton with 347 electoral votes and Trump with just 191.’

Rusty Old Ford said...

Trump is a sick disgusting creep:

A New York Times investigation into how Donald Trump has treated women over his life was full of disturbing and alarming behavior, but perhaps nothing is as unsettling as Trump asking strangers if his then 16-year-old daughter Ivanka was hot.

Mr. Trump frequently sought assurances — at times from strangers — that the women in his life were beautiful. During the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant, he sat in the audience as his teenage daughter, Ivanka, helped to host the event from onstage. He turned to Brook Antoinette Mahealani Lee, Miss Universe at the time, and asked for her opinion of his daughter’s body.

“ ‘Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?’ ” Ms. Lee recalled him saying. ‘I was like, ‘Really?’ That’s just weird. She was 16. That’s creepy.”

skudrunner said...

The unfortunate thing is one of them will win. Can't we do any better than -H- or trump. Is there a Reagan in the wings.

As much as you would like to believe polls, they showed trump had no chance for the nomination and the bern would be gone months ago.

Craig said...

It's all about branding. Trump has the best education from the best school and uses the best words. Any building with the Trump name on it is the most luxurious and klassy. It makes sense that a narcissistic sociopath needs to be reassured that any woman with the Trump brand is the hottest and has the best rack, including his daughter. I don't think Donald wants to do his own daughter but he needs to think everyone else wants to do her. Because TRUMP.

Ronnie's Ray Gun said...

"Is there a Reagan in the wings.

Another deluded TGOPer who thinks RayGun was a great president. Their ability to live with their heads in a very dark moist place never ceases to amaze me. RayGun's the guy who told the gullible to hate government so that private business could rob them blind and the'd feel good about it because RayGun told them to.

Rational Nation USA said...

Perhaps Worth Contemplating and Discussing?
Rather than the usual left-vs-right pissing contest.

Rational Nation USA said...

Ronald Wilson Reagan never told anyone to hate the government. That is hyperbole and you damn well know it. What he said was government is not the solution that government is the problem. Which is not a fallacy as government, while serving a necessary purpose in maintaining a civil society, often creates or further advances existing problems. Both democratic and republican lead administrations are responsible for their own share of problems. Republicans have arguably created a larger number perhaps.

Further, any sensible and contemplative individual realizes that Reagan was the head of the government and that under his stewardship the size and scope of government actually increased rather than shrinking.

BTW, don'tcha all think it is time to let RWR rest in peace. Sheesh!

skudrunner said...

RRG, Much better to have an administration who hates business and has vowed to destroy entire industry's and get rid of that labor force. An administration who is succeeding in regulating small business into extension and taking the middle class with them while spreading the wealth to people who are campaign contributors.
Great plan for the future.

Ronnie's Ray Gun said...

"Ronald Wilson Reagan never told anyone to hate the government.

RayGun told America that government was the problem not the solution. A problem is something bad, something that needs to be corrected -- so from RayGun we evolved to Norquist who said we need to drown the government in a bathtub, to the most ineffective Republican legislature in the history of the U.S. So it is a self-fulfilling warning, government is the problem. Also RayGun made sure Americans blamed the people responsible for the "problems": Negro men and women. He's the one who talked about the mythic fat black woman on food stamps riding in her pink cadillac and the big healthy "buck" on food stamps too. Nice way to blame poor people for all of America's -- and the government's problems. No mention, of course, of the subsidies to the oil companies, the farmers, and corporations that suck billions from the taxpayers only to have them stuff their profits in offshore bank accounts. If there's aproblem, RayGun and his anti-USgovernment lies is responsible for a lot of it.

While Reagan cut taxes drastically on the top income earners, the wealth didn't "trickle down" like Republicans had promised. In 1981, Ronald Reagan signed into law the Economic Recovery Act which was said to reduce revenues by $749 billion over the next five years. After Reagan signed the massive tax cut, unemployment began to increase. In 1982, Reagan needed to gain additional revenue and signed the largest tax increase in American history, the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982. As 1982 came to the close, November and December shared an unemployment rate of 10.8%, the highest unemployment since 1948.

Ronald Reagan raised taxes 11 times, primarily on the middle class, and under the advice of the Chairman of the Federal reserve, Alan Greenspan, Reagan increased the Social Security tax rate and added a gas tax. By the time Reagan left office he had tripled the national debt and left his Vice President, George H.W Bush, to handle the economic mess himself when he took over the presidency in 1989. George H.W Bush ran on the campaign message of ", read my lips, no new taxes," but with the large debt at his feet, he was forced to renege on his promise and raised taxes.

Rational Nation USA said...

AS problem is an OPPORTUNITY for those willing to use their noodle, work hard and honestly, and not expect someone else to always pick them up by their bootstraps.

Most of us never sad RWR was the savior for America or even the best solution to our nation's always evolving problems, er, opportunities.

I just gotta laugh at the constant desire to tear down everything you can that you don't completely like AND
agree with.

What pray tell make YOU any different than the lunkheads on the right RRG?

bluebull said...

Reagan was my very first vote (his second time running) and I've regretted it every single day since and have been working hard to remove that stain from my conscience. I really don't understand the rights love for the man. Seriously, he began a downward spiral for America and is the culprit, imo, for much of what is wrong with America today. Even as bad as I think he was, though, he'd never survive politically among the jackels, morons and overt racists that make up today's right wing. Conservative? Not a chance that any of them are that. They are fascists and drooling morons.