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Monday, May 23, 2016

Of Bare Arms and Bare Asses

h/t DailyKos:

Hypocritical right wingers trashed First Lady Michelle Obama because she bared her arms..."I guess to get millions of voters, the right has shown that all you have to do is be a bully, threaten violence and have a wife show her ass." --DailyKos

I wonder what Mrs. Trump's official photo will be if she's the next FLOTUS. She does have many dishy ones to choose from.

Mrs. Trump was a successful fashion model, and she had the right to show off all of her feminine assets as part of that job. That was what she did for a living. Good for her and the freedom she had to choose to be whatever she wanted to be. 

But that's NOT what this post is about.

What this blog post is about is the hypocrisy of the Family Values Right who criticized and denigrated everything Michelle Obama wore and how she comported herself in public as America's First Lady. Now there's a possibility of having a First Lady of the United States who has many, many photos like the one below. Should she become FLOTUS, Melania Trump will be a role model for young girls and women, just like Michelle Obama became a role model for our daughters.

My Italian nonna used to say "Never spit in the wind, it'll come back and hit you in the face."

That's what this post is about. The hypocrites who savaged everything about Michelle Obama need to examine what that hatred was based on.  If those hypocrites can accept Melania Trump's past as a highly paid semi-nude fashion model, they need to examine what made them lose their minds over Michelle Obama's accomplishments as a graduate of two Ivy League schools, her law degree, and her fashion choices. 

I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with Mrs. Obama's bare arms.




Anonymous said...

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say the right's hatred of Michele Obama has nothing to do with her bare arms or what she wore or her profession as a lawyer. And i'm gona guess the righties will see Mrs. Trump as a perfect role model for young girls and they'll justify their hatred becausae they're the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

Anonymous said...

The first lady is a beautiful woman; it's no surprise her daughter wants to be a model. I would advise her not to, so she doesn't get mixed up with the Trump crowd. I'm not a fan of beauty contests, but Trump owns Ms. America and Ms. Universe pageants. To me that proves his misogyny, at least partly.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Mrs. Trump is living proof why we need more immigrants. There are some jobs no self-respecting American will do.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"'s no surprise her daughter wants to be a model."

That was a rumor reported in 2014.

Malia Obama is going to Harvard after a gap year. I don't think Modeling 101 is a course offered at Harvard.

Sponsoring beauty pageants isn't necessarily misogynistic, but beauty pageants do enforce the idea men and women, boys and girls that a woman's worth is tied only to her looks.

The Miss America pageant was once one of the most viewed show on teevee. I don't even know if it's still televised, that's how far these beauty pageants have fallen in viewership.

Kevin Robbins said...

Can we be sure that Melania Trump will be the first lady even if husband Donald is elected? There is always the possibility that Mrs. Donald Trump the fourth is already waiting in the wings.

Dervish Sanders said...

Apparently it's the fact that Michelle has toned arms that offends them (and has them convinced that she used to be a dude). As evidenced by this image linked to on Lisa's blog (note: pic, which is actually a cartoon, is not pornographic).

Call Me Hank said...

Well Melania sure has a delectable arse...a quality all Americans and especially Goopers find necessary in a FLOTUS. This is what a Trump presidency will look like a bloviating braggart and a FLOTUS emphasizing looks over real accomplishments.

She may be a nice lady and all but so is Michelle Obama. Remember how the Goops gave Michelle credit for that?

Yeah. Neither do I.

D.K.J. said...

Snopes says this photo is true. That's Trump's wife with her bare ass, and that's Barack Obama's wife with her bare arms. Guess which photo got the Goopers all upset!