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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Shock Poll: Trump Drastically Underperforming With Veterans

George W. Bush led John Kerry, among veterans, by 14 percent. 

John McCain led Barack Obama, among veterans, by 22 percent.

Mitt Romney led Barack Obama, among veterans, by 24 percent. 

Donald Trump leads Hillary among veterans by less than half of that, just 9 percent in a new poll,

and there’s every reason to believe that lead will shrink more and more, before election day. The poll ended on May 24, just as news hit that Trump’s sham veterans event in January had shortchanged veterans groups by millions of dollars.

Given that news, there’s every reason to believe that his lead among veterans has become even more meager in the days after the poll concluded.

The other thing to note is that the veterans community is overwhelmingly made up of white men, especially older white men, from past generations of veterans.

Trump’s issues with women, Latinos, and others does not explain the precipitous drop for the GOP nominee. He is undoubtedly under-performing with white men in the veterans community, too.


Rational Nation USA said...

It actually befuddles that he isn't underperforming across the board. I guess it is because a certain segment of America was ready for a narcissistic demagogue that would tell them what they wanted to here. Truth be damned.

Anonymous said...

Obama is not running for president and you never mentioned Clinton's numbers.