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Friday, May 27, 2016

This Past Week in Wingnuttia

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Jerry Critter said...

There are six reasons not to vote republican.

A Proud Progressive said...

I can think of 6 more. Make that 6 x 10 x 10 more!

The Wank Files said...

I'm here to bear witness to Representative Louis Gohmert (Loonie-Texas) and Proud Tea Party Republican -- and to agree with him. There should never be gay space colonies. Space colonization is serious business, and Louis the Gohmert obviously knows this. Good for you Louie for acknowledging that we, as proud patriotic Americans, will not support gay space colonies.

What would we do without great minds like Loonie Louie?

A Proud Progressive said...

Why are we surprised with idiot clowns like Gohmert and Trump? Stupid, incompetent and corrupt politicians have wrecked the franchise, and this rides upon the dawn of the Age of Trivialities. Just look at where it started: Putting a B actor in the White House, and it all went downhill from there.

Successive generations have known no predators or privations, no existential threats to our very being. So the ISIS and Islamofascist threat is good for this country. We don't suffer enough! Being scared shitless of ISIS, illegal immigrants, transgenders using the bathrooms to do pee-pee, and remember ebola!!!! Without those threats (THANKS OBAMA!) we create a society of fat, stupid, lazy people who think everything is a joke, because we have turned everything into a joke. And Trump is the natural result of this. America's biggest joke, and ya can't thank Obama for that. Thank the nitwits in the GOP who voted for him and who think he'll be a transforming president. Thank those nitwits. Transforming president. He'll turn America into a casino, then bankrupt it. That's what what he does best.