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Friday, May 13, 2016

Why REAL Americans Support The Trumper


Also:  REAL Americans want Trump to be our American preznit because he has class (just ask his mistresses and wives) and he's a true orange red-blooded American.  

Donald Trump's long-time butler suggested that the POTUS be murdered. And why shouldn't REAL Americans admire a man who associates with someone who advocates treason on the United States of America.  

Afterall, certain TeaPublicans who support Trump have also advocated murdering the president, too!


What's in The Trumper's tax returns that he doesn't want us to see? We, and a lot of other people, are guessing that the tax returns would show that The Trumper's not as rich as he's been bragging he is, or maybe he stashed some of his money bags in overseas accounts? As long as he continues to withhold his tax returns, we can speculate on all sorts of reasons Donald Trump needs to hide the truth.


Ray Cranston said...

Donald Trump Is Weighing Newt Gingrich for Vice President

What a moral family values ticket that would make. Between the two of them, they'd have six wives. Both Trump and Gingrich are serial adulterers -- just the sort of characters the Moral Christian Republican Majority goes for as long as they have an "R" after the names.

President Obama is a model of REAL family values -- a faithful, loving husband and father -- but the Xtian Right hate him and LOVE Trump.

Hillary Clinton kept her marital vow of "for better or for worse" in sticking with Bill after his infidelities and the Xtian Right hate her.

The Xtian Right admires serial adulterers and men who make a mockery of marriage. These are the same people who reject gay marriage because it "wrecks the sanctity of marriage?"

Do you see why so many people say the Xtian Right are complete hypocritical phonies?

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... seriously, is there anything that could be in his taxes that would surprise you? Can there be anything there that will push someone to either vote, or not vote for him? I think most minds on Trump are made up. People either love, or hate him. Now it is all about getting out the vote, or suppressing it. Pick a side.

He did make one comment about taxes that caught my attention... he said he works to "pay as little possible." Isn't that what we all do? I think so. But yes, certainly, to some in our economy, there are more ways to avoid paying taxes... mortgage deductions, kids, carried interest, passive income, etc.

The system is indeed rigged against the simple work-a-day regular guy just trying to follow the rules and live a good life.

No candidate I've seen is gonna change that.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Warren Buffett, another billionaire, said his secretary pays a higher rate of income tax than he does. Rich people can hire expensive CPAs and tax lawyers to ferret out any way to hide income and avoid taxes. Regular work-a-day folks can't do that. By avoiding paying their fair share, we regular folks have to make up for it, don't we. By giving the very rich and large corporations favorable tax breaks, we don't have the money for infrastructure repairs or even to bring our public transportation into the 21st century.

I know more than a few liberals who believe paying taxes is the price of living in this country. Rich people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in dues to join exclusive country clubs, and they continue to pay those dues. Well, shouldn't those rich people who made their fortune in this land of opportunity pay their fair share (this excludes Trump, since he was born on third base, and he thinks he hit a triple. His father gave him millions to start up his businesses -- how many people do you know who started life like that?)

All of Trump's casinos went bankrupt, and those individuals who invested in them got a few pennies on the dollar for what they invested. Trump came out smelling like a stinky rose. How does that make him a good businessman? Do any of his supporters stop to think about the reality of what he is? Something doesn't work out? He divorces or goes bankrupt, and carries on like nothing happened.

He must be hiding something really, really incriminating or bad. And that's the reason he won't let anyone see his tax returns. Every person who's ever run for the presidency in modern times has disclosed tax returns.

The question is: Why won't Trump?

Shaw Kenawe said...

To the Anonymous who keeps coming here and bitching about my blog --

You have to be a special kind of stupid. No one forces you to come here. If you don't like my blog, I have a great idea: Stop reading it.

Simple solution for a simple minded Anonymous.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hi Ray,

I'm hoping Trump names Louie Gohmert as his VP. That'll clinch the Stupid vote for Trump.

Thanks for the email. I'd read that article. Good stuff.

Pierre à Gauche said...

"George Stephanopoulos pushed back on all of Trump’s claims that he can’t release his tax returns until he the audit of his returns is finished. The wheels started to fall off for Trump when he was asked when he released his tax returns when applying for a casino license, but won’t do so when running for president. Trump answered, “Well, at the time it didn’t make any difference to me. Now it does.”

Stephanopoulos said that every candidate since 1976 has released his tax returns, and pointed out that voters can learn a lot from tax returns.

The Good Morning America host finally got an answer when he said that Trump’s financials don’t show his tax rate. Stephanopoulos asked Trump what is your tax rate? He answered, “It’s none of your business. You’ll see it when I release, but I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible.”

Un morceau vrai de merde!

Dave Miller said...

Gohmert? I've seen people pining for Allen West thinking he can deliver Florida...

Ducky's here said...

Has Louie checked in on the transexual use of rest rooms.

Obama's trying to "mess with Texas" and I'm sure Louie has something to say to work the yahoos into a lather over an imaginary problem.

He's going to have to move in pretty mysterious ways to top the North Carolina school board that passed a regulation to allow students to carry pepper spray to protect themselves from rest room attacks.
Puts transexuals in more danger but you can't expect Teabags to be rational.

Kevin Robbins said...

If we're talking VEEP's. How about Orly Taitz? Gotta get them women's vote. And she's a birther besides.

Lady Pinkbottom said...

Who can deny things were better when we were “allowed” to be ashamed of something we did? Who can deny things were better when shame COULD exist because there WAS right from wrong? Who can deny how good things were when we could shame mentally challenged people and call them "RETARDS!" Why can't we go back to slut-shaming young women for having babies out of wedlock. (But let's not dick-shame men, like Donald J. Trump, who impregnates mistresses while married to wives. We don't do that because Donald is OUR alpha-dick, and he shares our values! God Bless him!) I could go on and on as this is one of my very favorite, and most concerning, subjects.

Does anybody wonder why Trump crowds SCREECH when he says “And we’ll have a country where we can say MERRY CHRISTMAS again!”??

No one says MERRY CHRISTMAS! in America anymore! And this is another MOST concerning subject because saying MERRY CHRISTMAS! will make America great again! Ask any person making $7.50/hr.

This is MOST concerning!

Shaw Kenawe said...

"...allow students to carry pepper spray to protect themselves from rest room attacks."

I've been visiting Provincetown for decades, and I've shared the "Ladies Room" with many a transexual. They're in the bathroom to pee, not to attack other females. And believe me, those transgender women are more feminine and glamorous than a lot of the cisgender female tourists walking up and down Commercial Street on a July night.

Kevin, I'd forgotten about Orly! She's a naturalized citizen, so she could serve. And she certainly is an alpha-birther! And -- even better for Trump -- she's a foreign-born blonde! Great suggestion.

Lady P., you are in rare form today. Very funny.

Shaw Kenawe said...


This is an actual headline on the Fox News website right now: an opinion piece by Dr. Keith Ablow, one of Fox's in-house reality twisters. He says the time is nigh for a narcissist in the White House.

But...but...but... Hasn't one of Fox's favorite accusations of Barack Obama for eight years been that he's unfit for the office because he's a "narcissist?" And didn't they insist being a community organizer who "only" served four years in the Senate wasn't enough political experience to be President back in 2008?

So now they're backing a man with ~ZERO~ political experience who's an über-narcissist as the solution for all that ails us?

Everything the FAUX NOOZ yappers and followers have been complaining about Mr. Obama is now perfectly acceptable as long as it's about an orange bloated baboon with no useful experience except for cheating on wives, building casinos, and going bankrupt. But the most important qualifications for the Goopers -- Trump has a newly minted "R" after his name.

We Democrats are grateful he left our party and joined up with a party that welcomes phonies, frauds, and fascists.