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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My cousin, Jack, is blessed with talent in two disciplines--he is a sculptor and he plays the baritone and tenor saxophone [under his "nom de sax", Juan el Mundo] with a local band, The Swamptones. (scroll down to find his photo and write-up). At The Swamptone's homepage, you can click on the link "music" and listen to their sound.
Jack also plays the saxophone in another band, the Guns of Navarone, specializing in Ska and Raggae.

In addition to playing music, Jack has hand-carved, in a variety of woods, sculptures of world-famous jazz musicians such as, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong--a tribute to his love of that genre of music and the artists who make it. The artistry, authenticity, and feeling Jack has perfected in these pieces is stunning in their precision and craftsmanship.

Surf Jack's website and enjoy looking at all of his sculptures.

Also, as a member of New England Sculptors Association, Jack's work is featured in their website.

Check out Jack's two talented sons:


steve simels said...

Very impressive stuff.

But I LURVE Sophia's art. Thanks for the heads up....

And enjoy an adult beverage this evening on me!

Happy New Year, obviously.

Obob said...

Have a safe and Happy New Year. keep pushing the fam

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hey steve,

Thanks for stopping by. And the same to you.

And to you, too, Obob. Happy New Year.

The Griper said...

wow, wow, wow, what a family you have, girl. then hands her an eggnog spiced with a stiff shot of Kahlua in it to give it body and says HAPPY NEW YEAR, GIRL.

then he makes one for all who enter and says, "and the same to all that visit."

dmarks said...

This has been a great series of posts. Happy New Year!