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Thursday, April 1, 2010


backdrop user when, as a student, he dabbled in photography.  The shocking news confirmed what many on the Radical Right already knew. 

Sarah Palin immediately condemned the president's disturbing admission and told FOX News' Chris Wallace that "This is much more of a threat to our freedoms than his Death Panels.  Youbetcha! The president's admitted use of muzzles, while a student at Columbia, should make every American question this man's ability to lead this country, which I can see from Chris Wallace's lap."

Radio hate-talker, Rush Limbaugh told his audience that he hoped Mr. Obama's  mizzens failed and that President Obama's outrageous encroachment on our liberties will not go unpunished. "Do I know this guy or do I know this guy?"  El Rushbo continued.   "I am living rent free in this guy's head. It is just amazing, not only can I live in the failed mizzenhead's thoughts, but I can bellow like a rutting bull while doing so.  I love myself, I really do, and I'm rich.  And absolutely nothing that I've ordered my listeners to defeat has succeeded.  Obama the Magic Mizzen is going down in 2012, just like I predicted in 2008!"

Glenn Beck was prostrate on the floor of his teevee studio, sobbing uncontrollably:  "I fear for my country, I do, I really dooooo! "  After which, he bit his lip violently and bled to death. 

RNC Chairman, Michael Steele, ridiculed Mr. Obama's purchase of a foreign-made automobile--a Maserati--for his personal use.  "The American people won't tolerate this gross abuse of their tax dollars," Mr. Steele said as he ducked into Betty's Bondage and Crochet Club in downtown Los Angeles.

Bibi Netanytahu, during a hastily called press conference in Tel Aviv, offered an enthusiatic "Mazel Tov!"on hearing the news that Mr. Obama has named the blue mussel as America's official food.


Dave Miller said...

Shaw, I am assuming you meant Muslim, and not Muslin, which describes a type of sheet with which a lot of Obama detractors may be familiar.

Infidel753 said...

He also confessed to being a fan of the works of [Groucho] Marx, and to collecting videos of thespians.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, LOL!

Infidel753, we should have collaborated on this!

Helen of Troy New York said...

If you meant it as an April First joke, I have to say it doesn't work, because it all reads like real GOP reality!

But thanks for trying. It all is too real!

dmarks said...

Straight from old Hillary Clinton campaign documents.

Radicle Redneck said...

This seems to be accurate instead of a joke. I think I've heard Limbaugh say exactly what you've quoted.

Are you sure this is a April Fools' Day joke?

Leslie Parsley said...

There seem to be quite a few stupid and mean Fools jokes going around today.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Is that all?

I thought it was bigger news when I found out that the President and his family were practicing "Homo sapiens ".

This spoof does play out like an actual Republican talking point; it goes to show just how low the discourse has gotten- everything reads like an April Fools joke.

Pamela Zydel said...

Shaw: When I first saw your post I thought it said "Muslim" so I raced over here to read your post. Then I saw [in bigger print--my poor eyes] that it says "Muslin" and thought you might have insider info on Obama making curtains for the WH or something!

Happy April Fool's Day!

Gordon Scott said...

Happy April Fools Day, Shaw!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hi Gordon!

Thanks. Hope all is well.

Gordon Scott said...

Doin' fine, sweetie. I'm working, getting ready to head north to open up the cabin for the summer, and bartering barbecue for work on my truck.

How's life your way? You were kind of quiet there, for a week or so. I was concerned.

dmarks said...

The local newspaper actually has used the word, seriously. I remember seeing reference to Muslin clerics in Iraq.

Men of the cloth, indeed.