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Monday, April 5, 2010


Hey Rush!  You've failed in every single effort you've put forth with your demagoguery since the 2006 elections.  Every one! 

You. Are. A. Failure. 

And you will not succeed in repealing the health care reform.

But go ahead and lure your listeners into believing this will happen. We know what motivates you. 


The more you keep the Tea Partiers/Baggers stirred up and angry, the more they listen and the more money you make.

You are a cynic.  Nothing more.  And you'll fail at this as you have in everything you've pushed your listeners to support since 2006.


It is right in front of everyone's eyes to see.

But you do have a purty mouth.


Sue said...

What a beast!! They were saying on Ed Schultz tonight Limpys ratings are down so he will be even more hateful to rile up the idiots who listen to him. He is calling Obamas administration a military coup. When will people wake up and see he is an entertainer just spewing hate for the money?? Lowlife snake....

Soo Wee said...

One of El Rushbo's fans.

Leslie Parsley said...

As despicable as Limbaugh is, I've never felt he was quite as dangerous as Beck. Stupid, yes.

The J Mopper said...

Shouldn't he be boarding a plane to Costa Rica right about now?

Shaw Kenawe said...

When pigs fly!

dmarks said...

Maybe at least we can get rid of the part of the healthcare plan that forces people to re-arrange their family budgets to divert money from real needs in order to write checks to big health insurance companies for insurance plans they don't need.

dmarks said...

And I just signed a petition in my state to make our citizens not subject to three of the "government bullying patients" provisions of the new healthcare bill.