Paul Revere by Cyrus Dallin, North End, Boston



Tuesday, November 2, 2010


"The fight between the left and right is never over. I'm not referring to the cable news face-offs, but to the struggle between those who advocate communal government action to better society and those who consider such collective cooperation a threat to individual liberty, between those who question the prerogatives of powerful economic interests and those who side with forces of unrestrained capital, between those who champion tolerance and diversity and those who seek to protect or advance their version of fundamentalism. It's not always black or white, us versus them. There are issues and moments that transcend or defy the usual divides. But there are basic conflicts. Politics in America is a long war. On Election Day 2010, it will get longer."  --David Corn


Unknown said...

I adore David Corn. He tweets too damn much, but I follow him there anyway, long winded fucker that he is... But it's a great quote.

Going to vote in an hour, just wanted to stop by and toss some verbal support to someone that has the most beautiful skyline in the world on her site. I so miss Boston! ;)

Sue said...

I love David Corn too. Great quote...I'm the optimistic one in blogland today, it's what keeps me sane...

Unknown said...

I bitch a lot, thats what keeps me sane! ;p