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Saturday, June 11, 2011


is the fact that Palin ALWAYS depends on a teleprompter even when she's on her friendly FAUX NOOZ show and especially when she's asked pre-screened questions.  Palin made much snark out of the fact that Mr. Obama uses a teleprompter, and her followers thought she was massively cute and incisive by making fun of the president.  But like all hypocrites, Palin mocked while doing EXACTLY the same thing.

The only time we can be sure Palin is NOT using a teleprompter is when she reveals herself in the mangling of the English language and American history.  When that happens, we're looking into the heart of Palin's darkest and most sincere ignorance.

All modern presidents use and have used the teleprompter--even St. Ronnie, The Great Communicator.  Why Palin, who also used the teleprompter when she was governor, felt she needed to denigrate Mr. Obama for doing what she routinely did, is not a mystery.  As surely as patriotic family vacations require national bus tours and media attention, mean-spirited and petty people like Palin try to mask their own inadequacies and short-comings by ridiculing those who are their betters, using lies and misrepresentation to shore up their small-minded deceptions.

Except now we know that Palin was all moose and no antlers when she made fun of Mr. Obama's teleprompter use.

The rest of Palin's emails seem to be, like her, unexceptionally mundane and boring.

"Gotcha: Sarah Palin’s Emails Confirm She Needs Teleprompter For Interviews

Palin’s Emails Confirm PoliticusUSA’s Teleprompter Posts

And now, for a little Friday evening levity in the Palin email saga after the dark seriousness of the earlier revelations regarding Palin’s use of these emails to intimidate critics: It’s always nice to have confirmation in writing from the source. As I’ve been explaining for the last year, Palin uses Teleprompters in interviews and as a “contributor” on Fox News. This isn’t a terrible sin, but since she bashes Obama for it every chance she gets, this is just one more example of Palin’s values failure (of which there are too many to enumerate here).

The worst part about Palin’s use of Teleprompters, though, is that she doesn’t even draft her own answers. Everything you hear her say is scripted. The only time she’s unscripted, we get “Paul Revere warning the British” and the Bush Bailout “so important for the healthcare” type answers."


Anonymous said...

She used teleprompters in her "blood libel" speech.

You can see them reflected in her glasses. So she makes fun of the president for using teleprompters just like she does? That doesn't make sense. Of course, she never has either.

Dave Miller said...

I loved the final line, "nothing says gotcha like your own e-mails."

Infidel753 said...

And this dolt wants to be President? Does she think she's going to have a teleprompter in face-to-face meetings with foreign leaders? I pity some poor interpreter trying to render her usual word salad into Russian or Chinese, to say nothing of the diplomatic consequences.

Joe said...

“Paul Revere warning the British”

Turns out that the most you know about Paul R. is from the poem.

Fact is, he DID warn the British.

SP was right, and you were wrong.

Rational Nation USA said...

She's cute, She's sexy, she's not presidential material, and she ain't gonna run.

And she's pretty adept at keeping herself in the spotlight.

All the while the money keeps coming in.

I'd have to say she'd make a great marketing executive.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Palin already IS a marketing executive: She markets herself and her family and makes millions in doing so.

Politics seems to be a hobby that she picks up now and again when she needs free publicity from the "lamestream" media in order to market more of herself. LOL!

The GOP actually has thoughtful, intelligent women in it, but because they're not ex-beauty contestants, they are ignored, and this airhead is given all the attention she so shamelessly craves.

If she looked like a frump, no one in the GOP would have paid any attention to her.