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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Another victory in the civil rights campaign to treat all Americans equally under the law!

This is wonderful news for our LGBT citizens and for all of us!

Thank you New York for doing the right thing.


From The New York Times: 
"Supporters of the same-sex marriage bill danced in the streets of the West Village after the State Senate approved it on Friday night.

Crowds gathered, screamed and embraced in Sheridan Square near the Stonewall Inn, where the gay-rights movement began more than 40 years ago. Many stood on park benches to get a better view. Gay and lesbian bars in the neighborhood were packed with patrons, and the neighborhood had the feel of jubilant celebration.

“Equality is what this means; this is our right as people,” said John Huls, 52, standing in the Stonewall with his partner, Jay Hoff, 50. “It’ll be our same relationship. We’re the same people as when we met, except now it’s proper in the eyes of the state, and I’ll be able to look at people and say, ‘This is my husband.’ ”

Washington Post:

"New York joins Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and the District of Columbia in allowing gays to wed. A court challenge to a 2008 amendment to the California state constitution that banned gay marriage after a state Supreme Court ruling made it legal there is wending its way through the federal appeals court process. If marriage-equality proponents succeed in the Golden State, 23.3 percent of Americans will live in states where gay couples can legally wed."
Greg Sargent says it best:

"This is another major defeat for those self-described “conservatives” who hate government except when it’s enforcing a form of legalized discrimination that comports with their prejudices. But this isn’t about them. It’s about everyone but them.
What just happened in New York is not just a big legal breakthrough; it’s an important chapter in a larger story. For the first time this year, majorities of Americans support legalized gay marriage, which means majorities of Americans are not prepared to assign subpar status to the intimate relationships of gays and lesbians. Majorities of Americans no longer think it’s acceptable to tell people they have no right to partake in a basic human ritual that is viewed by the religious as sacred — or viewed by the nonreligious as merely fundamental to life as we live it — on the basis of sexual orientation alone."

I am thrilled to see this country maturing and moving away from the imposition of religious prejudices and hatreds on our citizens by way of unConstitutional laws.  The party that loves to shout FREEDOM! and LIBERTY! has tried to obstruct and challenge the freedom and liberty of our gay and lesbian citizens.  State by state, this will no longer stand.


*Yankees not included.


Infidel753 said...

The party that loves to shout FREEDOM! and LIBERTY! has tried to obstruct and challenge the freedom and liberty of our gay and lesbian citizens. State by state, this will no longer stand.

They've never been interested in freedom except in the sense of being free from taxes. The Republican party is increasingly the party of imposing religious taboos as the law of the land.

The Christian Right, a shrinking minority within American society, is getting more and more hysterical and militant precisely because they know they're losing the cultural war. Twenty years ago homosexuality was considered weird and repulsive because it was condemned by religion. Today fundamentalism is coming to be considered weird and repulsive because it condemns gays.

anniebanna said...

You guys better believe that you let a Republican get in the White House, keep control of the House, and take control of the Senate or stay close, none of you will be dancing in the streets. Look at how the Republicans are still fighting to overturn Roe vs Wade. A woman right to choose. State Republicans have attack the Unions, Immigrants, and in some states they have passed a Voter Id Bill, where you have to have a government ID in order to vote. That is there way of going after certain groups who usually support the Democrats. Trying to turn things back to the days to make it harder for blacks and other groups to vote. I'm thankful my Governor veto the Voter ID Bill which the Republicans passed, but other states have passed it. You know alot of people didn't come out to vote in 2010, the Independents were back to the Republicans, all to send the Democrats a message. Well look at that message, you allow the Tea-Republicans to get control of the House, with a Speaker Boehner in charge and what have they done to make things better? Instead they have been tryning to balance the budget on the backs of the poor and middle class. They are all set to destroy Medicare. They are holding the raising of the debt ceiling hostage, knowing too what it could do to this weak economy. I believe they have been sabotaging the economy, so people will blame President Obama and put them back in the White House. They attack the President for lack of jobs, but what have they done about jobs? In the Republicans you see people who are willing to let people suffer just so they can gain political. Look at what they have done in Wisconsin, Arizona, Ohio, Florida, and even New Jersey. And other states too with Republicans in control. I bring all this up,because there will be a choice for you guys to make in 2012. Some of you question if you have a friend in the White House, then there are some who believe the President have done alot of good things for the gay community. You don't have to wonder what the Tea-Republicans will do for the gay community. You know they would do a dam thing for the gay communities.

Jerry Critter said...

I also heard that New York does not have a residency requirement for a marriage license. That means out of state people can go to NY to get married even if their own state will not allow it.

Leslie Parsley said...

I'm thrilled about it and I'm particularly thrilled with the four Republicans who voted for it. That took some set of balls.

dmarks said...

Good deal!

Pamela D. Hart said...

Congratulations New York!

Malcolm said...

This is outstanding news! I think within the next 20 years at least half of the states will make same-sex marriage legal.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I've temporarily enabled comment moderation because the extremist righties who have infected Pirate Satellite's blog in the past are now so disturbed by the passage of the civil rights legislation in New York that they cannot stop from coming to liberal blogs to make asses of themselves.