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Thursday, June 9, 2011


A number of senior aides have resigned from the presidential campaign team of Republican former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

"The news will hit Mr Gingrich's hopes of being the Republican nominee to challenge Barack Obama in 2012.

His campaign got off to a halting start when he criticised a plan popular among Republicans to slash and privatise a healthcare programme for the elderly.

Staff were also reportedly concerned after he took a recent holiday cruise.

Mr Gingrich's campaign manager Rob Johnson and his entire senior staff, including strategists in early primary election states, quit on Thursday.

"When the campaign and the candidate disagree on the path, they've got to part ways," said Rick Tyler a longtime Gingrich spokesman, was quoted by the Washington Post newspaper as saying.
With the Republican primary campaign beginning to take shape, the lack of a core team could seriously hinder Mr Gingrich's chances at winning the Republican nomination, analysts say."

Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Sarah Palin Leads Mitt Romney, but Obama Beats GOP Field

"While Republicans are neck and neck, poll finds president holds double-digit lead

A poll released by Reuters/Ipsos Wednesday shows that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has a slight lead over former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts in the race for the Republican nomination for president -- but the Democratic incumbent Barack Obama has a solid lead over every one of the Republican challengers."

Palin, Bachmann Camps Feud Over Who Gets To Be Defined As A 'Serious' Candidate

"Surrogates from the camps of Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin have been a-feudin' this week, because newly-minted Bachmann consigliere Ed Rollins went on the radio and said that Palin "has not been serious over the last couple of years." Which, relative to Bachmann, who has an actual job in politics and is mounting a presidential campaign, is fairly objectively true. But Rollins caught flak for the statement, and yesterday, did one of those limited walk-backs where he apologized for overstepping while simultaneously scoffing at the Palinistas' demand for a "retraction."

Hate Group Touts That Drudge Report ‘Resembles’ Their Website
"Last week, conservative mega-aggregator the Drudge Report caught flack for posting “a slew of run-of-the-mill summer crime stories that happen to involve black people and suggestively weav[ing] them into a nationwide race riot.” Drudge posted 10 separate headlines — including a massive, above-the-logo one — about this supposed violent “urban” crime wave. Meanwhile, crime is at a 40-year low. But it wasn’t just the left that noticed. This week, the white nationalist hate group the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) gleefully reported that the “Drudge Report currently resembles” What is the CCC? A group that opposes interracial marriage, describes black people as “a retrograde species of humanity,” and networks with racist skinheads. “Kudos to Drudge for making friends in low places,” the Southern Poverty Law Center quips."

And finally:

‘Michigan Message To Mitt’: GOP Rep. McCotter Slams Romney For Not Supporting Auto Rescue

"GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is in the state of his birth this week — and receiving an icy reception. Michigan is home to General Motors and Chrysler, two U.S. companies for which the 2009 auto rescue “was seen as a matter of life or death by both parties.” Romney, however, opted for death when the Motor City native penned a op-ed entitled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” and slammed the rescue as “tragic.” This supposed tragedy, however, allowed Chrysler and GM to restructure and repay over $60 billion in taxpayer loans and add about 50,000 jobs nationwide.

As is his nature, Romney quickly switched positions in light of the rescue’s success and actually claimed last month that he “had the idea first.” However, Michiganders are not buying it. Rep. John Dingell (D) said yesterday that he hopes Romney “has answers for Michigan’s working families he abandoned two years ago” and “threw them under the bus.” Former Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm offered a pithier take in her own op-ed titled, “Let Mitt Romney Go Bankrupt.” Now, even Michigan Republican Rep. Thaddeus McCotter is wiping his hands of Romney. McCotter, who “supported the government intervention for General Motors and Chrysler,” sent “a Michigan message to Mitt” on his auto failure:

“Motor City hospitality dictates a Michigan message to Mitt that our struggling families, entrepreneurs and workers think Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama are not rivals, they’re running mates,” McCotter, who is considering his own run for the White House, said in a statement."


Sue said...

one by one they fall like dominoes! The 13th is another Republican debate, I'm so looking forward to the line up! Wonder when the ladies will show, um, I mean Bachmann and Palin. It's all too funny for words!

Dave Miller said...

And this week El Rushbo pronounced DOA the Romney campaign because he dared to believe in science as it relates to global climate change.

I am not convinced the current crop of pretenders is all we are going to see.

I am convinced there will be one or two others trying to get in.

How they negotiate the landmines of GOP purity tests, I do not know.

I loved it this week when one of our better known right wingers was touting that Romney was neck and neck with Obama in some polls. Of course they do not believe he should, or will get the nomination, but for some perverse reason, it gave him hope.

I think Obama's biggest worry is the economy, because I have seen little evidence of a qualified GOP candidate.

Charlene said...

Tonight on Rachel's show she said that if and when Newt withdraws you can bet there will be a chance for his followers to make a contribution. It's all a money making scheme with Newt.

billy pilgrim said...

maybe the gop candidates should start on that show are you smarter than a 5th grader.

if the 5th graders are chinese i'd bet the farm on them.

Jerry Critter said...

LOL! The republican implosion. The stupidity is collapsing on itself, sucked into the black hole of idiocy.

Tim said...

"How they negotiate the landmines of GOP purity tests, I do not know."

I am so laughing at the Republicans, they are self destructing on the presidential level.

Unfortunately, they are making inroads at lower levels.

Dems, come on! Get the economy going! Quit effing around or you will doom yourselves!
And also, get us out of these stupid wars!

Tim said...

McCotter, my congressman (who I shared a plane flight from Washington to Detroit once) is a very nice guy. I have not and will not ever vote for him though. He is also a far right wing crank. Still, he is more realistic than any of the nutjobs shooting for the Republican nomination at this time.

Infidel753 said...

Gingrich never had much of a chance. He's yesterday's man. For the Nutty faction of Republicans, he can't compete with the charisma and clownish colorfulness of Palin and Bachmann, and for the Sane faction, he's not a fresh a face as Romney, nor as genuinely moderate.

Nosferatu will have the same problem, if he gets in.

Surrogates from the camps of Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin have been a-feudin' this week,

We're going to see a lot of feuding between these two, because they're competing for the same bloc of voters. Let's hope they destroy each other, or at least split the Nutty vote.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Please watch it for me and report back to us.


The GOP does have a few serious candidates: Romney, Huntsman, Pawlenty, to name a few. Palin, Bachmann, Santorum, and Gingrich have no chance of getting the nomination. They're wasting their time and their supporters' money.


A money making scheme for Gingrich as well.

billy p.,

We now know that Palin isn't smarter than a 5th grader.

Jerry C.,

There must be an unwritten rule somewhere in the GOP playbook: "If your candidacy is guaranteed to flop, then you must pretend to be a front-runner."


At least McCotter seems to be living in the real world.


I don't think Giuliani has a Palin's chance in early American history to get the nomination.