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Monday, April 27, 2015

Brilliantly funny.

This performance seems to have hit a nerve with the cray-crays on the extreme right. Their panties are all in a bunch because the president said "Bucket!"  

Would Ronald Reagan have EVER said such a thing?  No.  He was a really nice guy who said the Civil Rights Act was an insult to the south.  Reagan would never have said "BUCKET!"  because he was such a righteous gentleman.

Also this:

"The Reagan administration invited senior South African security officials to the United States, violating a U.N. arms embargo, and the United States vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution that would have imposed economic sanctions on Pretoria. Reagan also had Mandela placed on the U.S. international terrorist list, where the anti-apartheid leader remained until 2008." 

See, Ronald Reagan was a gentleman who would never say "BUCKET!"


Ronnie's Raygun said...


Carol M. said...

Glad to see that Re: Prez O: No f**ks were given! Well done Mr. President.

Flying Junior said...

Watched this Sunday night. Absolute comedy gold. Really loved it. Luther is certifiable. He kind of looks like he could be a mischievous alter ego to the president. The thing with the big eyes and the interlaced fingers. Total maniac.

Kevin Robbins said...

RR was also loyal to his friends, a trait not shared by Bush Sr (e.g. Noriega and Hussein).

Rational Nation USA said...

It actually is hilarious.