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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Here's Some Stupid For Tuesday


Rick Santorum: Obama Established A Secular Theocracy 

Rick Santorum appeared on Tony Perkins’s “Washington Watch” radio show yesterday to discuss national security threats from ISIS and Iran, but Perkins eventually moved the discussion to the “domestic threats” to the country: namely, gay marriage. Perkins thanked Santorum for working with the Family Research Council on creating a short film about the dangers of marriage equality, which will be shown in participating churches on the Sunday before the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges. Santorum told Perkins that, for the first time ever in U.S. history, religious liberty is under assault from a new secular theocratic system.

Definition of secular:
sec·u·lar ˈsekyələr/Submit adjective 1. denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis. "secular buildings" synonyms: nonreligious, areligious, lay, temporal, worldly, earthly, profane; formallaic "secular music" 

Definition of theocracy:

the·oc·ra·cy:   noun a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.

Epic Stupid, even for Santorum.

A secular theocracy?  Is that sort of like totalitarian liberty?  This sort of fevered rhetoric that makes no sense drives the Dominionists' agenda, which is to turn this secular country into a theocracy, run by idiots like Santorum.

Bachmann: Rapture Imminent Thanks To Gay Marriage & Obama 

In an interview with End Times broadcaster Jan Markell that was aired this weekend, former Rep. Michele Bachmann said that people should “not despair but rejoice” that the world has reached the “midnight hour” and that “we in our lifetimes potentially could see Jesus Christ returning to earth and the Rapture of the church.” The former Republican congresswoman from Minnesota said that President Obama’s policies, including support for marriage equality and nuclear negotiations with Iran, are to blame for the world’s imminent demise. “We need to realize how close this clock is to getting towards the midnight hour,” Bachmann said. “Barack Obama is intent, it is his number one goal, to ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon.” 

She's no longer in Congress, thank Darwin.  But she still captures the imagination of the bottom-feeders who cling to her End Times babbling.  

 Huckabee: Wait To Join Military Until Obama Leaves Office 

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee claimed in an interview with Iowa talk radio host Jan Mickelson yesterday that the Obama administration has “an open hostility toward the Christian faith,” and urged prospective military recruits to wait until the end of President Obama’s term to enlist.

If you have no ideas, no vision, no shame, like Huckabee, you can always appeal to the worst in people and hope they follow you down a path which, in this case, will lead to his induction into the Tea Party Clown Hall of Fame.

Ted Cruz Asks Pastors To Preach And Pray Against Gay Marriage Ahead Of SCOTUS Arguments - 

There you go again, Teddy!  If your fellow Christians aren't praying away the gay, they're praying against the gay.  That's a real winning position for people who aren't paying attention to where America is on this issue.  And America isn't with you or your anti-gay minions.

Keep in mind that the people mentioned in this "Stupid For Tuesday" post all belong to the political party that wants to win the White House in 2016 so that they will have complete control of all three branches of government.  If you will notice, not one of these people have proposed anything or even talked about an issue that is not religion-based.  


Hump Day Quiz: What Is A Secular Theocracy?


Dave Miller said...

Let's not leave out Gov. Scott Roberts going all American in his stand against even legal immigration.

This, after he was for legalizing the status of those here without papers...

Rational Nation USA said...

I'm a conservative Shaw, would you PlEASE stop giving false conservatives the limelight? But maybe even you fail to recognize true conservatism. Not surprising, it seems to be a universal misconception these days.

Ahab said...

First, "secular theocratic system" is an oxymoron. Second, contrary to what the Religious Right believes, it is not being persecuted by some secular menace.

I don't know where Huckabee is getting the idea that the military is hostile to Christians. If anything, the military is biased in favor of Christians, as investigations by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation suggest.

Shaw Kenawe said...

You may call them false conservatives, Les, but the fact is that they are running the GOP, and are making decisions in Congress. The people in this post are supported by the majority of the GOP. Ted Cruz, for example, is quite popular with a large segment of conservatives.

Name a moderate conservative who has any large following in today's GOP.

Calling these people false conservatives may very well be accurate, but the fact is they control the GOP.

Shaw Kenawe said...


This victimhood permeates certain areas of the country, and it seems strongest wherever people like Huckabee are found.

Dave Miller said...

RN, the GOP and yes, conservatives created, promoted and stood by during the Bush Presidency that failure to openly criticize people doing things you did not agree with, was tantamount to accepting and agreeing with them.

See terrorism and Islam as examples.

What is wrong with holding them to the same broadbrush standard with which for years, they painted others?

If the GOP and other conservative leaders do not agree with these folks, they should publicly step forward and say so.

Otherwise, by their own standards, they must agree...


Rational Nation USA said...

It is really about time the moderate conservatives like Charlie Baker take their party back and start to govern and accomplish something.

Hillary is no more "it" than is Ted Cruz.

Anonymous said...

RN, Charlie Baker is. Moderate Republican. If he were a Ted Cruz Repub he would never have been elected in Massachusetts.

Rational Nation USA said...

No need to say sorry, it is what it is and until the many good conservatives take the charlatans to task it will remain so.

Sad and given the current state of things it is unlikely it will change. Being an actual fiscal conservative and very concerned with the growth of the MIC and neo con influence in the GOP there is great consternation.

Rational Nation USA said...

I do believe that was my point. And; Cruz should not and likely will not receive the GOP nomination. As Hillary IMO should not receive the democratic nomination.

Ducky's here said...

Secular theocracy.

I need a drink.
How many are going to pile out of the clown car this year?

Ducky's here said...

Regarding Charlie Baker.
His move to deal with some of the corruption at the T is going to find support. Looks like a centrist you can live with.

Ann Adamsapple said...

Dude, the wingnuts are shi**ing bricks over the thought of Hillary being president. She lives rent-free in their empty little heads.

Who've they got to go against her?

The Kock-Puppett, Scottie Walker?


okjimm said...

Secular theocracy? That's when a guy gets his plumbing altered so he can't produce children. Seemed to work on me.

Ronnie's Raygun said...

Wisconsin Has Seen Largest Middle-Class Decline Of Any State, Study Finds

Imagine what he'd do for the country if he got elected!

Jerry Critter said...

RN, perhaps it is you who are no longer a conservative. Times and hence definitions change.

Dave Miller said...

Ronnie... the Wisconsin Miracle...

Infidel753 said...

The Iranians are probably wondering if they dare trust a United States whose political class is so full of obviously-deranged religious wingnuts.

RN, it's waaaaay too late for that. The Republican party chose this path when it allied itself with Jerry Falwell and similar religious reactionaries in the late 1970s. Now, at the end of the road, it's a theocratic party, period. Trouble is, the country is rapidly getting ever more secular.

They gambled on the Christian Right and lost. Now they're stuck with it.

Rational Nation USA said...

RN, perhaps it is you who are no longer a conservative. Times and hence definitions change

Well Jerry, I've given that much thought. At the conclusion, at least at this point in time, I remain a fiscal conservative, pro defense anti MIC, social libertarian, and can't quite figure out how republicans got so stupid.

Rational Nation USA said...

Imagine what he'd do for the country if he got elected!

Accelerate the journey to neo feudalism?

Rational Nation USA said...

They gambled on the Christian Right and lost. Now they're stuck with it.

Nothing is etched in stone. unless you want it to be. Well, that and death.

Jerry Critter said...

"...can't quite figure out how republicans got so stupid."

My dilemma is why haven't the democrats taken full advantage of it?

Perhaps there is a viable third party we both could agree on, but I don't see it anywhere close on the horizon.

Rational Nation USA said...

Hopefully one day there will be. But if the democratic party nominated a centrist candidate with common sense fiscal sense I could pull the lever for her/him.

Don't see that happening soon either.

Dervish Sanders said...

Gary Johnson, should he decide to engage in the pointless exercise of running for the presidency as a Libertarian again, would likely do a better job of accelerating us toward neo feudalism if he were (unlikely as it may be) elected.