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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Your Modern GOP

So, from the hysterical people who claim Mr. Obama and the Libruls are destroying the country, who know without a doubt that Mr. Obama and the Libruls are turning the country into a Fascist/Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Muslim dystopian nightmare, we present their idea of what a free, liberty-loving America should look like.

These people run the state of Kansas.   And we all know what happened to Kansas when it decided Sam Brownback and his ideas would deliver them to freedom and prosperity.

Here's one of those freedom-loving ideas, brought to you by your modern GOP:

Kansas could put teachers in prison for assigning books prosecutors don’t like

A bill approved by the Kansas Senate on Wednesday would enable prosecutors to bring charges against teachers and school administrators for assigning or distributing materials judged harmful to students, the Kansas City Star reports. 

The bill, proposed by conservative state Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook (R-Shawnee), deletes a provision in current state law that exempts schoolteachers and officials from such prosecutions. 

Senators passed the bill 26 to 14. After introducing the bill earlier this month, Pilcher-Cook told the Topeka Capital-Journal that she did so in response to a poster displayed at a Shawnee Mission middle school in 2013. The poster posed the question, “How do people express their sexual feelings?” and listed such examples as oral sex, kissing, intercourse, and talking. 

Media outlets pounced on the controversy after some parents complained, and though the poster was part of a broader sex education curriculum that emphasized abstinence, the school suspended use of the material. Pilcher-Cook and other supporters of her measure also say that it’s necessary to prevent the distribution of pornography in schools — a problem that has not hitherto arisen. 

The Star reports that earlier this week, state Rep. Joseph Scapa (R-Wichita) cited as pornographic a book by Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison.

I wasn't able to determine if this stupid piece of legislation became a law in Kansas.  I wouldn't be surprised if it did.  Because those fascist-hating, freedom loving people in Kansas know all about freedom--who should have it and who shouldn't.


(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Outrageous violations of constitutionally protected free speech, there is no way these laws will pass legal muster.

Shaw Kenawe said...

But...but...these people fetishize the Constitution! So we make an assumption that they know something about it.

They clearly don't.

Think about these people running the entire country.

Ronnie's Raygun said...

Go read any of the wingnut blogs and see how they perceive all evil coming from the liberals and Obama, but ignore the crazies in their own party who are doing exactly what they think Obama is doing.

That's why they're known as wingNUTS!

Jailing teachers for letting students read literature some GOP committee deems impure?

Proposing legislation to force doctors to perform non-medical procedures that require probes inserted in women's vaginas?

Making a legal medical procedure illegal, a procedure that in some cases needs to be performed to save a mother's life. They would end all abortions and institute state-enforced pregnancies.

Claiming that the US is a Christian nation and that our laws are based on the Bible. Pure nonsense.

Insane ideas about allowing gay marriage. Huckabee, a guy who wants to be president, says gay marriage would criminalize Christianity?

Blaming everyone but themselves for contributing to the hot mess in the M.E. They did, afterall, vote for Dubya two times so that he could complete the mess he and Cheney started.

Rational Nation USA said...

Think about these people running the entire country.

I have, it is no longer necessary to think about the nightmare it would undoubtedly be.

When I spent time thinking about it the images of Senators Joseph McCarthy and Ted Cruz popped into mind (they do look alike I think) as well as others and it pretty much closed the issue of thinking about it further.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously all of those statist ideas that conservatives are trying to pass in their state legislatures are the libruls fault. The libruls made them do it!"

*WATB conservative*

Shaw Kenawe said...

More evidence on how today's GOP has no problem with statism, as long as they're the ones controlling social and economic affairs. They're the ones bellowing the loudest about liberals taking over people's lives while at the same time doing exactly that under the con of FREEDOM!

Here's another example, found via Digby, on the right wing's love of statism:

"Michigan's former solicitor general presented against marriage equality before the Supreme Court on Tuesday. John J. Bursch, representing Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee, argued right out of the gate that recognizing same-sex marriage will harm the state's interest in regulating procreation.

Regulation and Big Gummint are blasphemies in red states such as Kentucky and Tennessee. Arguing on their behalf for preserving states' interest in regulating procreation might have been enough to call the rest of Bursch's presentation on account of Godwin's Law or him being a communist. But no one blinked.

Ducky's here said...

Does this mean they're coming after Huckleberry Finn again?

You have to give the fringe credit. They do not stop. They are very well funded and have a well developed media arm.
As bad as Brownback has been for Kansas in general it just keeps on.

Meanwhile, RN, Charlie Baker, a Republican you can live with.

Dave Miller said...

And it gets better...

In an article about GOP attempts to reinterpret the 14th amendment and birthright citizenship, here is a little of what Dana Milbank dug up on the GOP expert witness...

"This would be the Lino Graglia who caused a furor in 1997 when he said that Latinos and African Americans are “not academically competitive with whites” and come from a “culture that seems not to encourage achievement.” He also said at the time that “I don’t know that it’s good for whites to be with the lower classes.”

This is also the same Lino Graglia who said in a 2012 interview that black and Hispanic children are less “academically competent” than white children, and he attributed the academic gap to the “deleterious experience” of being reared by single mothers. When the interviewer, a black man, said he had a single mother, Graglia said that “my guess would be that you’re above usual smartness for whites, to say nothing of blacks.”

Honestly, you can't make this up!

Infidel753 said...

They're the ones bellowing the loudest about liberals taking over people's lives while at the same time doing exactly that under the con of FREEDOM!

They use the word "freedom" as code for cutting taxes and regulations. When it comes to actual freedom, like the freedom to read what you want or do what you want with your own body or form what relationships you want, they're hostile to it -- because ultimately it's all about religion and so enforcing the taboo system of their own religion takes precedence.

The right wing's use of the word "freedom" has as much to do with actual freedom as their incantation of "Constitution!" has to do with what the actual Constitution says, or as much as their cardboard-cutout god "Reagan" has to do with what the actual Reagan did when he was in office.