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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Fifth Wheel

The Kremlin-linked attorney, Natalia Vetlitskaya, who met with Trump, Jr., Kushner, and Manafort in June of 2016 in Trump Tower, admitted to NBC news that when she met with them, she was accompanied by one other person. 

The other person, whose name has not yet been disclosed by NBC News, was born in Russia, served in the Soviet military, has dual American-Russian citizenship, and is a lobbyist who lobbies for issues near and dear to Russia, and is suspected of having ongoing ties to Russian intelligence, according to Ken Dilanian of NBC News.

Why was this not reported by Donald Trump, Jr., when the story broke about his, Jared Kushner's, and Paul Manafort's meeting with the Russian lawyer, Natalie Vetlitskaya in June of 2016 to discuss Donald Trump Sr.'s, presidential campaign? 

Former Soviet Counter Intelligence Officer at Meeting With Donald Trump Jr. and Russian Lawyer 

WASHINGTON — The Russian lawyer who met with the Trump team after a promise of compromising material on Hillary Clinton was accompanied by a Russian-American lobbyist — a former Soviet counter intelligence officer who is suspected by some U.S. officials of having ongoing ties to Russian intelligence, NBC News has learned. 

 NBC News is not naming the lobbyist, who denies any current ties to Russian spy agencies. He accompanied the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, to the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower attended by Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort. The Russian-born American lobbyist served in the Soviet military and emigrated to the U.S., where he holds dual citizenship.

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G.G. said...

“This was a bungled collusion. This was amateurish collusion. This was Keystone Kops collusion. But it doesn’t change the fact that it was attempted collusion and it undoes the White House story completely.” That's Charlie Krauthammer, folks. Can you imagine? There's nothing left but the evil and the crazy in the GOP.

Not Shakespeare said...

In the same poll you should have asked how many were OK with Hillary's email server and how many were OK with her selling uranium to Russia!
Where is the approval poll of Clinton campaign aides going to the Ukraine?

Maryanne Ginsberg said...

I for one applaud you Shaw for your marvelous work on this blog.
I am a lesbian who had a quadriplegic life partner. She had multiple sclerosis and could still walk with assistance when we met, but later became paralyzed and then quadriplegic. I was 12 years and four months younger than she was. When we met, it took me all of four days to decide I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Next I had to prove to her I’d read up on what I was getting into, and that I needed her at least as much as she needed me. And then we had over 20 happy years together, despite great adversity, so don’t tell me fairy tale romances don’t happen to lesbians and people with disabilities.

Charles said...

I'm an immigrant myself (a legal one), yet I'm forced to agree that the sort of almost unfettered immigration (legal and illegal) that both Republicans and Democrats have encouraged and fostered over the past two and a half decades may be the single biggest threat facing the USA in the long run. That's because of the cumulative burden it will place on our infrastructure and institutions. It's why President Trump is right to want to get rid of all illegal aliens within our borders - and why he hasn't yet gone far enough, in that he hasn't sought to cut back on legal immigration as well.

Kevin Robbins said...

Eventually we're going to find out that Trump himself was at the meeting the way this is going.

And I can tell that's not Shakespeare. He didn't believe in crazy conspiracy theories. I quit responding to that asinine uranium thing awhile ago and won't even bother with the Ukraine thing. You know who else doesn't care about right wing Fairy Tales? Robert Mueller and crew.

Rational Nation USA said...

Wonder why NBC did not disclose the individuals name. Protecting a source with duel Russian American citizenship who is sympathetic to Russian interests. Hm,gives one pause. At the very least the person's right to lobby should be stopped and his American citizenship revoked. Deportation should be considered.

Jerry Critter said...

Putin is playing Trump and his family like a fine violin. Trump is way out of his league.

BlueBull said...

Exactly, Jerry! The entire Trump bunch are useful idiots for the Kremlin and, in particular for Putin and they're too damn dense to even know it.